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Posts In 2022
November 2022
Nov18A Superficial Introduction to Japanese Traffic Signage for Bicyclists
Posts In 2021
November 2021
Nov17Photos Appearing in 2021
Nov17Photos Appearing in 2020
Nov17Photos Appearing in 2019
Nov17My First Visit to the Suzuka Circuit Enduro Races
July 2021
Jul15Demolishing an Almost-New Building, Because Why Not?
June 2021
Jun16Konpira: Checking Out One of the Most Difficult Climbs in Japan
May 2021
May24A Very Unintended Gravel Ride
March 2021
Mar12Serendipitous Surprise: Running Into My Own Photography in Kyoto Station
Posts In 2020
September 2020
Sep1New Lightroom Feature to Compare Photo Edits
March 2020
Mar12My Second-Longest Ride: Double-Century Ride to Ise City
Posts In 2019
December 2019
Dec1The Quiet, Lovely Kotokuji Temple in Shiga
November 2019
Nov28New Lightroom Plugin: Collection Mechanic
October 2019
Oct29A Few Autumn Photos From Last Year
May 2019
May28My Second-Longest Ride: 304km Adventure with Gorm
April 2019
Apr19Commemorative Saké for the Rugby World Cup in Japan
March 2019
Mar24Final Construction, Japanese Style
February 2019
Feb23GPS-Settings Info for Bryton Rider 450 Cycling-Computer Users
January 2019
Jan27Temple Overlooking a Frosty Kyoto
Posts In 2018
December 2018
Dec17Native Languages
Dec17Photos Appearing in 2018
Dec12Wigglegram of a Tea House at the Shugakuin Imperial Villa in Kyoto
Dec9Another Visit to the Shugakuin Imperial Villa in Northeastern Kyoto
Dec2Abstract Art from the Archive
November 2018
Nov30Valerie Wigglegram at the Eigenji Temple
Nov22A Peek at Not-Yet-Peak Autumn Colors in Japan, To Pique Your Interest
Nov15Kyoto's 2018 Fall Foliage Season is Upon Us
September 2018
Sep20Surveying Supertyphoon Jebi’s Damage North of Kyoto, Part 2
Sep10Surveying Supertyphoon Jebi's Damage North of Kyoto, Part 1
Sep7SUPER FUN!! Cycling in Supertyphoon Jebi (2018 Typhoon #21)
Sep3Discovering and Cycling Japan's Biggest Climb
August 2018
Aug4Josée Houle's Milk Ninja
July 2018
Jul31Cycling Mt. Fuji
Jul14Climbing Mt. Fuji at Night
Jul8A Minor Warning About WhatsApp: The PC Version Doesn't Work If Your Phone Breaks
June 2018
Jun7Announcing my Upload-to-Google-Photos Plugin for Lightroom: Prepare to be Disappointed
May 2018
May31Finally Back on The Road, Exploring Roads Near Hiyoshi Dam
April 2018
Apr27Nghia and Minh in Kyoto, Part 3
Apr25The Miniature-Life work of Tatsuya Tanaka
Apr20Personalizing Lightroom's Amazing New "Auto Tone" Feature
Apr6Cherry-Blossom Portraits with Monet and May
Apr6Short but Lovely Hike on Mt. Daimonji
Apr3Okinawa Ride Day 1
March 2018
Mar29Cherry Blossoms are Quite Early in Kyoto This Year
Mar10R.I.P. My Beloved 2½-year-old Rose X-Lite
Mar6Perfect Itineracy Gets Dorked by Delta, Sort of Fixed; Keeping Fingers Crossed
Mar2Riding in Okinawa
February 2018
Feb28My "Ride" to Okinawa
Feb23Test Ride to Osaka Airport
Feb10Delta Airlines: Gauging the Quality of Your Customer-Service Representatives, Done Right.
Feb9Jason and Yukikaze at the Kyoto Cyclocross Race
Feb5Jason and Joey in Kyoto
January 2018
Jan24A Compliment or an Insult? One of the Costs of Apple Ownership....
Jan22Kafe Kosen: Quite the Unique (and Delicious) Coffee Experience in Kyoto
Posts In 2017
December 2017
Dec24Announcing a New Plugin for Adobe Lightroom: Smart-Collection Sync to Adobe's Lightroom CC Cloud
Dec24Photos Appearing in 2017
Dec19Impromptu Portraits at Horseshoe Bend
Dec8Curiosities and Discoveries While Searching for the Eisho-in Temple
November 2017
Nov30What I'm Sure Won't Be My Last Wigglegram from the Eisho-in Temple
Nov28Lovely View from the Konkaikomyou-ji Temple's Cemetary
Nov25On Government's Use of Force, and Net Neutrality
Nov23A Few Views of Kyoto's Spectacular Eisho-in Temple, and More
Nov22My First Ride to Kyoto's Deep-Mountain Soren-ji Temple
Nov18First Taste of Kyoto's Fall-Foliage Season, 2017 Edition
Nov5Because It's There: a 400km Ride Around and Around Lake Biwa
October 2017
Oct282017's Typhoon #21 (Lan) was Quite the Doozy for Kyoto
Oct17An Enkoji-Temple Fall-Foliage Preview
Oct7Minh and Nghia Wigglegram at the Murin'an Garden
Oct6Finally Venturing Inside Northern Kyoto's Kurama Temple
September 2017
Sep26Joshua's Eclectic Birthday Ride
Sep23Nghia and Minh in Kyoto, Part 2
Sep23Fun Exercise to Try at Home: Suicide by Squats
Sep9Alexis's Tour de Kyoto
Sep6Minh and Nghia Photoshoot Preview
Sep4Exploring the Nooks and Cranies of Ohara on a Fine Summer Day
August 2017
Aug27My Cycling is All "Fasted" Recently, and I Don't Know Why (But I'm Not Complaining)
Aug20An Unforgettable Dinner at AIC Akitsushima Kyoto
Aug16Taran and Kate at the Heian Shrine, Part 3
Aug13The Silliness of Japanese Medicine-Dosage Rules
Aug11Taran and Kate at the Heian Shrine, Part 2
Aug9Taran and Kate at the Heian Shrine
Aug5Revisiting That Mountain Roller Slide From Years Ago
July 2017
Jul17Pleasant Boat Ride on a Pleasant Arashiyama Evening
Jul5The Sagan/Cavendish Crash Aftermath: Irresponsible Journalism
Jul4Quick Test Photoshoot at Kyoto Tea Ceremony Camellia GARDEN
Jul2Disgusted with Apple's Deceptive Marketing for Their "Beats" Headphones
June 2017
Jun24Looking for Cycling Wear With a Little Protection Built In
Jun17Kyoto's "Happy Bicycle" Craft Shop
Jun11March's Higashiyama Hanatoro Lightup, 2017 Edition
May 2017
May31Pulling Out Your Own Hair, and Other Joys Of Cell-Phone Contracts
May23Volunteering at the Tour of Japan Pro Cycling Race
May20Century of Wazuka Climbs, Part 2
May15Fall-Foliage Wigglegram from Kyoto's Flower Temple
May13A FIT-to-GPX Converter that Understands FIT Version 2
May11Lovely Century Ride Into Hyogo
May4Nigel's Birthday Craziness: Ascending Hanase Pass on a Mamachari
April 2017
Apr30Century of Wazuka Climbs, Part 1
Apr24Wild Cherry Blossoms and Fun Fast Descents
Apr21ROTOR Valiantly Succeeds in Avoiding my Money
Apr10Cycling From Kyoto to Amanohashidate and Back
Apr7Putzing Around Kyoto on a Fine Spring Day
Apr3Moriyama Criterium: The Category-4 Races
Apr1Some Gritty Drizzly-Dusk Shots in Kyoto
March 2017
Mar31Youth Races at the Moriyama Criterium
Mar31Visiting That Temple I Saw From The Bullet Train Last Week
Mar27Meeting Ram and Krish Kulkarni in Tokyo
Mar24My Most Brutal Ride: Round Trip to Mt. Rokko
Mar21First Bigish Group Ride in a Long While
Mar20Watching My First Cycling Road Race
Mar12Behind Suntory's Yamazaki Whisky Distillery
Mar3Exploring the Steep Nooks and Crannies Near the Suntory Yamazaki Whisky Distillery
February 2017
Feb28Suntory Yamazaki Whisky Distillery Tour (2017) Preview
Feb28Plum Blossoms and Some Mountain Climbs
Feb25Kyoto Marathon 2017
Feb23Insanity!? Shopping Trip to Costco by Bicycle
Feb19Winning the Kyoto Marathon 2017 (Papa Division)
Feb16Enjoying Delicious Nankotsu at Torikizoku
Feb12Snowy Cycleversary Mountain-Ride Challenge, Part 2
Feb10Snowy Cycleversary Mountain-Ride Challenge, Part 1
Feb3Heian Shrine Setsubun Burn, 2017: Lackluster Photos of a Visually-Exciting Event
Feb2Snowy Ride With Lots of New-Expressway Construction
January 2017
Jan23Discovering a New Cycling Route from Kyoto to Osaka
Jan20Revisiting Kyoto's Big Snow from Early 2015
Jan18Rest in Peace, Rob Cole
Jan12Cycling Through Bamboo Groves and Up Steep Mountain Slopes
Jan3Reflections on my 2016 Cycling Year
Posts In 2016
December 2016
Dec28Updating Maps for Cycling, Including Japan's Pseudo One-Way Roads
Dec28Photos Appearing in 2016
Dec25Jolly Hat
Dec16Reports of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
Dec11Meeting my Match on a Long Iga-Nara-Osaka Cycling Adventure
Dec6A Deeply-Red "Wisdom King" at the Ushio Kannon Temple
November 2016
Nov29Benefits of Cycling #27: Freeing Yourself from the Coffin of Electronics Our Modern Lives Have Become
Nov28Rear Courtyard at the Eigenji Temple
Nov26Victoria Bampton's Lightroom-Misunderstandings Article
Nov25The Back Entrance to Shiga's Eigenji Temple
Nov24Group Hanase Climb, and Full Carpet at the Ochiba Shrine
Nov23Anatomy of a Selfie
Nov22More on Friday's Fall-Foliage Outing to the Ochiba Shrine
Nov18Checking On the Carpet of Yellow at the Ochiba Shrine
Nov16Ninth Anniversary of my Lightroom Plugin Work
Nov8Update on my Bike-Mount Failure: K-EDGE Comes Through
Nov7Approaching Onyu Pass
Nov5200km Fast Sprint to Onyu Pass + Obama + Gonami
Nov1A Solo Version of The Recent Social Ride to Onyu Pass
October 2016
Oct29Bad Experience with Amazon Fire TV, and Unhelpful Amazon Response
Oct26Pleasant Social Ride to Onyu Pass
Oct23Congratulations to Tetsuo for his Restaurant's Michelin Star
Oct17A Visit (or Four) to Kyoto's Ushio Kannon Temple
Oct15Social Ride to the Quaint Mountain Village of Miyama, With a Twist
Oct13Some Solo Exploration Beyond Mt. Atago
Oct9Sort of Silly Cycling: Covering the Full Length National Routes 367 and 162 Just for the Sake of It
Oct2What an Adventure: a Slow but (Mentally) Grueling Century Ride
September 2016
Sep25Feeling Good: Leg Healing Well, and Good Deeds Done
Sep20Looking Ahead To Fall with a few Shots from Last Season
Sep19Last January's Chilly Ride To the Middle-of-Nowhere Sokushoji Temple
Sep17More Exploring Uji by Bicycle, and Exploring my Cycling Psychology
Sep15Adding Your Own Custom Photo-Metadata Fields to Lightroom
Sep15Out of Action For a While with a Ripped Calf Muscle )-:
Sep9Visiting and Abandoned Thatched-Roof Restaurant
August 2016
Aug31Getting Garmin Software (VIRB Edit, etc.) to Work with Your GPX Files
Aug29Lovely Bicycle Ride Revisiting Uji Countryside Photographed Five Years Ago
Aug22Returning to Kyoto, to Hot Summer Cycling and Destroying my iPhone
Aug15Strava Segment Tutorial: Removing Suckage and Promoting Quality
Aug13A Couple of Autumn Wigglegrams for My Niece Jena
Aug8More Summer Fun
Aug6Toolin' Around on a Mini Baja
July 2016
Jul27Kyoto to Ohio, Summer 2016 Edition
Jul14Monday's Norikura Big Loop Ride
Jul13Norikura: Cycling Japan's Highest Road (Three Times)
Jul6Rainy Tiring Fun-Descent 213km Round Trip To Obama with Gorm
Jul4Tea Tour with Manseki and Gorm
June 2016
Jun29Making Shimano SPD-SL Cleat Covers Not Suck
Jun27Grueling "Rooftop of Kyoto" Ridge Road Gravel Grind
Jun24Unintended Gravel Adventure with Gorm
Jun20Cycling to Nagoya for Coffee
Jun12A Visit to Kyoto's Northern Mountains, This Time By Car
Jun9Half-Hearted Welcome For Gorm's Return to Kyoto
Jun4My First Climb up Kobe's Mt. Rokko
May 2016
May31My Day of Many Flats
May30NORU Group Ride and a Visit to Hiyoshi Dam
May29Revisiting Last Year's Young-Adult Archery Ceremony
May23My Better-than-Standard Cycling-Toward-Osaka Route out of Kyoto
May20Getting Back in the Saddle with a Challenging Ride
May14Back In Japan After Three Months Away
April 2016
Apr15Yahoo! Requires a Dancing Pony to Open a New Account, but I Don't Have a Dancing Pony
Apr9Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
Apr4Poking Around Miyajima Island and its Daisho-in Temple
March 2016
Mar17Looking for a US-Based Phone Number for my Japanese iPhone
Mar1430 Pounds of Microsoft Office
Mar4Feeding the Bluebirds
February 2016
Feb24The Frustrating Fallacy of "Next Day Air"
Feb24Snowy Ohio Morning, Take 2 (Part 2)
Feb22The Fix for Missing Apps After an iPhone Restore from Backup
Feb22A Fix for Apple Watch Apps Not Showing Up
Feb21Snowy Ohio Morning, Take 2
Feb17A Warmer Version of That "Warm" House Photo
Feb16Kyoto Cyclocross Bicycle Race: Final Roundup
Feb14Snowy Frigid Ohio Morning
Feb7Falling in the Mud: A Cyclocratic Medaphore for Life
Feb5Muddy Kyoto Cylocross: The First Two Races
Feb2Cyclocross Races: Practice at the Mud Bath
Feb1New Lightroom Plugin: "Bag-o-Goodies" Collection of Tools
January 2016
Jan31Watching My First Cyclocross Bike Race
Jan19More Details on the Insidious iOS Snap-to-Road "Feature"
Jan10Great Excitement in Small Pleasures: A Starbucks Opens Nearby
Jan5Lightroom Resource Utilization: On Setting Up a Machine for Lightroom Usage
Jan4Lazy New-Year Break and Reflections on Last Year's Cycling
Posts In 2015
December 2015
Dec26Cycling with Kentaro Kataoka on His First "Real" Ride
Dec26Photos Appearing in 2015
Dec22Surprises With New Caledonia Traffic Signs
Dec20Superficial Thoughts on New Caledonia After a Week's Visit
Dec17A Hint For the Bicycle-Sign "What am I?" Quiz
Dec15A New Caledonia No-Bikes-Allowed "What am I?" Quiz
Dec12A Bit of Cycling in Nouméa, New Caledonia
Dec12Returning from Lunch, New-Caledonia Style
Dec10Deep Into New Caledonia's South Province
Dec9Visiting New Caledonia
Dec4Revisiting Fall Colors: Kyoto Mountain Cycling Two Weeks Ago
Dec3The Scourge (or Beauty) of "Snap To Road" with iPhone Location-Tracking Apps
November 2015
Nov29Bicycle Ride to Osaka with Paul Barr
Nov28A Past-Its-Prime Visit to Kyoto's Ochiba Shrine
Nov27Confused Kyoto Cherry Trees Bloom Five Months Early
Nov26Cycling to Kyoto's Ochiba Shrine Amid the Fall Colors
Nov25Flat, Windless Trip to Osaka; Blustery, Hilly Trip Back
Nov18Wigglegram of a Pleasant Couple Among the Fall Colors at Kyoto's Enkoji Temple
Nov17Paul Barr in Kyoto Day 1: the Tenjuan Temple (Fall Colors and a Wigglegram)
Nov15Mini Review: Skilhunt H02R Head Mounted Flashlight, For Cycling after Dark
Nov13Great Day in Kyoto's Colorful Northern Mountains, and at Strava's Kyoto Office
Nov8Social Ride Among Kyoto's Fall Colors
Nov6A Heatmap of All My Cycling In and Around Kyoto
October 2015
Oct28Bridget and Sarah's Tour-de-Kyoto, Stage 2
Oct20The New Bike Is Fast; I'm Just Going Along For The Ride
Oct18Last Month’s Particularly Epic Cycling Adventure, Part 2
Oct16Last Month's Particularly Epic Cycling Adventure, Part 1
Oct15A Visit With Rick and Lily Hancock
Oct10My "Metadata Wrangler" Plugin for Lightroom Can Now Add/Overwrite Metadata
Oct9Yuba Lunch in Kyoto with Jim Breen
Oct8Touring the Countryside of Otsu City with its Mayor
Oct4So, I Finally Bought a Road Bike
September 2015
Sep24Bridget and Sarah’s Tour-de-Kyoto, Part 3
Sep21Comfy British Cycling Shirts in Japan at NORU
Sep21Fumie's "Swanilda" Tutu
Sep20Update On My Fear and Trepidation of Cycling Clipped In: It's Mostly Gone
Sep19Photoshop Calendar Templates for 2016 (through 2020)
Sep17Bridget and Sarah's Tour-de-Kyoto, Part 2
Sep16Epic Preview of an Epic Cycling Adventure with Andy and Nigel
Sep15Cycling with Manu and Manseki to Osaka Castle and Back
Sep14Mini Review: Axgio Bluetooth Wireless Sports Headphones
Sep13Bridget and Sarah's Tour-de-Kyoto, Part 1
Sep9Visiting Horseshoe Bend in Arizona
Sep8Scoping Out Portraiture Locations with Eric and Gigi at the Kiyomizu Temple
Sep3Riding Clipped In: Baptism By Fire, But Feeling Well Satisfied
Sep1Gave The Cycling Shoes a Try; Wasn't So Bad
August 2015
Aug31Trepidation and Anticipation: Moving Up to Cycling Shoes
Aug26Heading Into Antelope Canyon
Aug24Ping Pong Rematch Against Vernon!
Aug22I Played Ping Pong with a 91-Year-Old, and Almost Didn't Lose
Aug19A Hazy Visit to Onyu Pass with Arthur and Neil
Aug17Delight and Dismay at the Apple Store
Aug10Bike-Fitting Session at Vincent Flanagan's PedalForth Fitting in Kyoto
Aug3Morning Calm at Kyoto's Hirosawa Lake
July 2015
Jul30The Solemn Uniqueness of Kyoto's Kuginuki Jizo Temple
Jul25Obama Hosts My First Bicycle Visit to the Sea
Jul17My First Ascent of The Most-Heinous Momoi Pass East
Jul11Riding Kyoto's "Heart Loop" With Friends
Jul6Bicycle Ride Around Japan’s Largest Lake, Part 2
Jul4That Kyoto Temple With the Many Whimsical Statues
June 2015
Jun29Many Lessons Learned on Yesterday's Group Ride
Jun26Cycling Along the River from Kyoto To Osaka Castle
Jun25Manseki on the Attack: Serendipitous Camera Mistake
Jun19Cycling to Miyama with Gorm
Jun18Fixing a Fuzzy Viewfinder on a Panasonic LX100
Jun16Informal Camera Comparison: Panasonic LX100 vs. Nikon D4
Jun14Bicycle Ride Around Japan's Largest Lake, Part 1
Jun5Conquering Kyoto's Seryo Pass with Manu Mohan
Jun4Miyama Cycling Tour with Joshua and Manseki, Part 2
Jun1Miyama Cycling Tour with Joshua and Manseki, Part 1
May 2015
May30Happy Birthday To Me: Reviews of Some Toys I've Recently Gotten
May28A Day of Vertical-Climb Cycling Torture in Western Kyoto
May25Kyoto's Nasty 21% City-Bike Hill Climb
May22Photo-Development Challenge Results #2: Statues
May20Discovering Kyoto's Wonderful Toji-in Temple on a Tour with NORU
May20Looking for Modern Bifocal Sunglasses....
May19Little Surprises on a 500-Yen Coin
May18Architectural Details at the Kyoto Imperial Palace
May16Shocking Discovery at the Top of a Kyoto Mountain
May15More GPS Cycling Tests: Things are Pretty Bad and There's Little Hope
May13Visiting Kyoto's Fushimi Inari Shrine with Matt Campagna and a Super-Wide-Angle Lens
May12Gray View of Kyoto from Mt. Otowayama
May9The Voodoo of Elevation Gain and Strava (and How I Get Around It)
May2Awesome Cycle Outing: Revisiting My First Real Mountain Ride
April 2015
Apr30Automatic Face Tagging Now Supported in my Upload-to-Facebook Plugin for Lightroom
Apr29Coffee at Cowbell: Short but Intense Bike Ride in Northern Kyoto
Apr26Potential Privacy Issue with Lightroom CC/6 and People Keywords
Apr26Pleasant 105km Bike Ride From Kyoto, Along Lake Biwa, to Takashima's Shirohige Shrine
Apr23Matt Campagna Wigglegrams Kyoto
Apr22My Thoughts on Lightroom 6
Apr19Highly-Visible Cycle Ride Though the Mountains of Northern Kyoto
Apr19A "Flowers Among the Flowers" Wigglegram at Kyoto's Haradanien Garden
Apr17Lunch in a Small Mountain Farming Hamlet in Japan
Apr12Making Tofu in Japan with an 80-Year-Old Farmer's Wife
Apr12Photoshoot with Ting Ting at the Murin'an Gardens
Apr10A Soft Not-Foam-Filling "What am I?" Quiz
Apr9Photoshoot at the Peak of the Haradanien Garden's Awesomeness
Apr5Soggy Blossoms in Kyoto
Apr1Happy 10th Anniversary to My Blog
Apr1Back in Kyoto (Spring 2015 Edition)
March 2015
Mar29Ohio Amish Farm
Mar25Vacation Update: Crossing the Rockies
Mar23Vacation Update: Bryce Canyon Hike
Mar22Vacation Update: Bryce Canyon National Park
Mar21Vacation Update: Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend
Mar20Vacation Update: Grand Canyon
Mar19Vacation Update: Vegas to Williams
Mar17Vacation Going Well... Just No Time to Write...
Mar11A Crazy Couple of Days in Silicon Valley
Mar7Anthony Graduates from Elementary School
Mar7Photo-Development Challenge Results #1: Hillside Temple Buildings
Mar5Another Nice (Tough!) Bicycle Ride in the Mountains Around Kyoto
Mar3A Bicycle Ride to the Kuuya-taki Waterfall in Western Kyoto with Manseki Kanemitsu
February 2015
Feb27Performing Minor Surgery on a Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 Zoom Lens
Feb26Thoughts on the Venus/Laowa 60mm f/2.8 Super-Macro Lens
Feb24An Otherworldly "What am I?" Quiz
Feb22Photo-Development Challenge: Inspire Me and Others With Your Artistic Interpretation
Feb21Filming a TV Segment about Mochi and Shiga
Feb19Facebook Engineering Opens a Satellite Office in Kyoto (For a Few Hours)
Feb152015 Kyoto Marathon
Feb14A Dark, Striated "What am I?" Quiz
Feb13Fantastic Video for Photographers: Get Inspired From Stu Maschwitz's Artistic/Lightroom Agility
Feb11Attempting a 100km Bike Ride in the Mountains of Kyoto, Part 2: The Last 70km
Feb9Attempting a 100km Bike Ride in the Mountains of Kyoto, Part 1: Hanase Pass
Feb3Shopping in Kyoto: Gigi and Eric Buy a Kimono
January 2015
Jan30Unexpectedly Snowy Photoshoot at the Joshokoji Temple
Jan26New Lightroom Plugin: People Support
Jan25Exploring The Mountains of Northern Kyoto by Bicycle
Jan18The 2015 Young-Adult Archery Event at the Sanjusangendo Temple
Jan17Inside the "New" Temple Building at Shogunzuka Overlooking Kyoto
Jan12Kyoto At Night During a Heavy Snow, Part 3
Jan6Advice for an Across-the-USA RV Trip?
Jan3Kyoto At Night During a Heavy Snow, Part 2
Jan3Kyoto At Night During a Heavy Snow
Jan2More From That Big New-Year's-Day Snow in Kyoto
Jan2Kyoto's Biggest Snow in 58 Years
Jan1Silly Family Photoshoot for the New Year
Posts In 2014
December 2014
Dec31Andrei Zmievski Wigglegrams Kyoto
Dec31Photos Appearing in 2014
Dec28New Views of Kyoto from Shogunzuka's New Observation Deck
Dec24Quality Time Among the Fall Colors
Dec19The Building at the Main Garden of the Kongorinji Temple
Dec15The Art and Science (and Complex Frustrations) of Creating my Wigglegrams
Dec12Slightly Queasy Wigglegram
Dec11A Deep, Dark "What am I?" Quiz
Dec8Inside The Shodensanso Villa, Part 1
Dec3A Quick Peek at Kyoto's Hanadera Temple
Dec1Smooshed Glasses as a Psychological Indicator
November 2014
Nov29Photographer Introspection Amidst the Serenity at Kyoto's Rurikoin Temple
Nov27Catching a Selfie Among the Fall Colors
Nov26Approaching the Shodensanso Villa
Nov23Oppressive Crowds at the Shodensanso Villa in South-Eastern Kyoto
Nov22An Among-the-Fall-Colors "What am I?" Quiz
Nov19Autumn 2014 Trip to Kyoto's Yoshiminedera Shrine, Part 2
Nov19Learning Japanese Slang For Ridiculously Large Portions, at Restaurant Kasuga in South-Western Kyoto
Nov18The Whole Gamut of My Blog In One Spectacular Visit to the Yoshiminedera Temple
Nov15Boat at Kyoto's Shugakuin Imperial Palace
Nov12My First Fall-Foliage Outing for 2014: Temples in the Takao Area of Kyoto
Nov10A Few Photos From The Start of a Visit to the Kyoto Imperial Palace
Nov6Huge Main Gate at Kyoto's Chion'in Temple Now Shrouded in Scaffolding
Nov6A Wigglegram of Three Lovely Ladies in Kimono at the Kyoto Imperial Palace
Nov4How To Keep a Japanese Washing Machine Clean
October 2014
Oct31Rediscovering the Chion'in Temple, Part 2
Oct30Rediscovering Kyoto's Chion'in Temple via a Short Mountain Hike
Oct25Oodles of Cheerful Little Men at the Sekisanzen-in Temple in North-East Kyoto
Oct24Entrance to Kyoto's Jojuji Temple at its Fall Best
Oct20Teppanyaki Lunch at The Garden Okazaki in Eastern Kyoto
Oct20Fixing Lightroom Problems Caused by the POODLE Security Vulnerability
Oct16Odd Things in Western Kyoto
Oct15Finding a Rainy 25-Year-Old Memory on Miyajima Island
Oct13Colorful Precipitation Radar Five Hours Before the Typhoon
Oct13Bland Pre-Typhoon Views of the Sky from Kyoto to Hiroshima, at 300kph
Oct12Pre-Typhoon Low-Tide View of the Itsukushima Shrine Gate at Sunset
Oct9A Black-on-Black "What am I?" Quiz
Oct6Populating The Drive Bays of a Synology NAS Unit: Lessons Learned
Oct2A Really Gross Discovery On The Way Into an Otherwise Beautiful Temple
Oct1What I Learned on My Personal-Best Mt. Hiei Climb #6 (just how stupid I am)
September 2014
Sep28That Imperial Bridge, Funkified in Lightroom
Sep27Back in the Saddle With Another Mt. Hiei Climb (and Thoughts on Under Armour Clothes and Stock)
Sep24Revisiting a Graveyard of Abandoned Temple Monuments in the Mountains of Kyoto
Sep22An Autumn Visit to the Sento Imperial Palace in Kyoto
Sep20Filling the Time Between Imperial Villas
Sep17Revisiting Kyoto’s Fall Colors: Shugakuin Imperial Villa Last November (Part 2)
Sep15My Best (and Last) Score in the 2048 Game: 76,936
Sep13Celebrating the End of My Cold With Some Pretty Photos From 2008
Sep6Gargoyle-Tile Workshop Visit Part 2: Crafting the Clay
Sep5Gargoyle-Tile Workshop Visit Part 1: Factory Tour
Sep1A Fork-Like "What am I?" Quiz
August 2014
Aug31Tasty Yakiniku Near Kyoto: Hieidaira's Nanzan
Aug29A Day with Sergey Kolychev in Kyoto
Aug24Sand Sculptures at Kyoto's Silver Pavilion Temple
Aug22Testing a Couple of Watches: Stührling and Citizen
Aug19Sigh, Lost All Email For the Last Day
Aug18Back in Kyoto (with some Cousin-Play Pics from Ohio)
Aug11Ohio-Trip Roundup: Misc Fun Photos
Aug10More Summer-Trip Fun: Zipline in the Backyard
Aug10Boatride in Ohio: Two Photos of Each Kid, and One of each Pair
Aug9Visit to Milwaukee, Day 2
Aug8Visit To Milwaukee, Day 1
Aug5A Pointy "What am I?" Quiz
July 2014
Jul30Trampoline Dodgeball
Jul26Too Good To Be True: a United Airlines Flight That Almost Went Smoothly
Jul20Rich Wood Views Inside Kyoto's Zuishin Temple
Jul10Invicta Watches: Lowering the Average I.Q. of Humanity One Watch at a Time
Jul7Photo Shoot with Alice Gordenker in Kyoto
June 2014
Jun27A Few More Off-Season Spring Blossoms
Jun26Lightroom Catalog Maintenance: Clearing Out Edit History For Potential Performance Gains
Jun23Revisiting Kyoto's Fall Colors: Shugakuin Imperial Villa Last November
Jun19Milestones: Twenty Five Years Since First Coming to Japan, and More
Jun16Unearthly Steak in Japan at Awaji Island's "Beefland Prince"
Jun13Okay Views From Kyoto's Shogunzua's Overlook Today
Jun12Screw It, I Did My Next Annual Mt. Hiei Hike 51 Weeks Early
Jun8My Mt. Hiei Climb Challenge 2014, Part 2
Jun1My Brother Just Finished a 55-mile UltraMarathon!
Jun1My Mt. Hiei Climb Challenge 2014, Part 1
May 2014
May29The Mountain Claims a Sign, But Doesn't Claim Me
May28Lunch Report: Exquisite Teppanyaki Steak at the Kyoto Brighton Hotel
May23The Lazy Photographer: Exposing for Single-Shot HDR (Sort Of)
May22Heian Shrine Gate From a New Perspective
May19Kendo Masters Tournament in Kyoto, Part 2
May18My First Look at Kendo: Masters Tournament in Kyoto
May14Obeisance To Tradition
May8Mini Rant: Disappointed in Netflix Video Streaming
May7The Thrill of Japan's Biggest Waterwheel
May5In Case You Weren't Fully Aware of Just How Stupid I Am...
May2Dark, Brooding Camellia
April 2014
Apr26Not Recommended: Best Western Newcity Hirosaki (Hirosaki, Japan)
Apr25Just a Lighting Test Shot, but it Looks like an Advertisement
Apr24Shirahama Trip Day 2: Adventure World
Apr20Weekend in Shirahama, Japan: Day 1
Apr17Quick Update: Visit To Shirahama, a Minor Heart Arrhythmia, and the End of Lent
Apr8A Few Cold/Blustery/Rainy Cherry-Blossom Pics from Southern Kyoto
Apr4Controlling Exercise Sweat in a Hot Climate: Under Armour HeatGear Sonic Compression Long-Sleeve
March 2014
Mar31Photoshoot with Ikuko Among the Plum Blossoms, Part 2
Mar30Modern Progress: Japan's First Utility Wires Coming Down After 120 Years
Mar28Photoshoot with Ikuko Among the Plum Blossoms, Part 1
Mar27One From Yesterday's Portraiture Session
Mar20Finally Inside the House at the Seifuso Villa in Kyoto
Mar17Scenes from the 2014 Kyoto Higashiyama Lightup
Mar16A Few from the Plum Blossom Orchard at the Kyoto Imperial Palace Park
Mar15A Red, Squiggly, Fairly Blotchy "What am I?" Quiz
Mar13"Photographer-World Problems": Renewing a Passport
Mar10Inside the Roof of Kyoto's Chion’in Temple
Mar7Heading Up To See The Naked Roof of Kyoto's Chion'in Temple
Mar4Plum Blossoms are Coming in in Kyoto
February 2014
Feb28A Few Desktop Backgrounds from the Delightfully Whimsical Otaginenbutsuji Temple in Northwestern Kyoto
Feb23The Many Lanterns and Overwhelming Sumptuousness of the Kitano Tenmangu Shrine
Feb22Kyoto Plum-Blossom Preview: Scenes From a Year Ago Today
Feb20Congrats to Jan and Brian: From Zero to $19 Billion in Five Years
Feb19Huge Main Gate of Kyoto's Chion'in Temple
Feb18From the Garden to the House at the Seifuso Villa
Feb12It's All About the Big Lens: Garnering Attention at the Kyoto City Marathon
Feb9An Apprentice-Geisha Photoshoot Quite Unlike Any Other
Feb8Making the Best of Lackluster Snow in Kyoto by Heading North
Feb4Ugh! Recovering From the Accidental Deletion of an Important iPhone App
Feb4Environmental Portraits in the Gion Entertainment District of Kyoto
January 2014
Jan31On the Approach to the Todaiji Temple in Nara
Jan30A Couple of Mini Bluetooth Reviews: Braven 710 Speaker and Mpow Sport Headphones
Jan28Sipping Sake and Seeing Silly Signs: Visiting Kyoto's Sake-Brewing Area
Jan25A Woven(ish) "What am I?" Quiz
Jan23Continuing with the Seifuso Villa: Between the Tea House and the Garden
Jan20A Few Close-Ups of a Wasp's Nest
Jan15Finally Back in Kyoto, January 2014 Edition
Jan14Halfway Home: Overnighting in San Francisco
Jan12A Textured, Layered "What am I?" Quiz
Jan12To No One's Surprise, United Blames My Non-Weather Cancellations on Weather
Jan11More Frost Patterns from Arctic Ohio
Jan11Continuing Saga of My Return to Japan: Flight Canceled Again
Jan10Frozen Lake Play from Last Year
Jan9Pretty Frost Pattern on a Window
Jan8Finally Got My Return Flight Rescheduled
Jan7Freezing Bird Movement with a Fast Shutter (and Arctic Temperatures)
Jan6Doh! Got to the Airport a Day Early to Find my Flight Delayed Four Days.
Jan6Bunch of Goldfinches, Google "Auto Awesome" Version
Jan5Anthony Catching Air on a Snow Sled
Jan5A Day Of Snow Play for Cousin Felicity
Jan3Fun Day of Snow Play, Snowflake Photography, and Birds
Jan2Flight from Kyoto to Ohio, Winter 2013 Edition
Jan2Goldfinches in a Light Snow
Posts In 2013
December 2013
Dec28Photos of Farming in Japan for Captain Bill
Dec28Photos Appearing in 2013
Dec26Recovering from an OSX Format of your Garmin Device
Dec25Holy Cow, iOS 7 Has Some Really Horrible Design
Dec23Recommended: Osaka Airterminal Hotel
Dec18Thank You Skype for Not Sucking, and For Saving my Afternoon
Dec9Geometric Views from the Miho Museum
Dec6Visiting the Miho Museum an Hour out of Kyoto
Dec4My Forgetfulness is Getting Worse: Forgot the Whole Camera This Time
November 2013
Nov29Not a Good Day for Photography in the Friedl Household
Nov28Approaching the Tea House at Kyoto's Seifuso Villa
Nov25A Temple with Extra Restrictions on Photography is Now My Favorite Kyoto Temple
Nov24Fall Foliage at Kyoto Arashiyama's Hokyo-in Temple (with a wigglegram)
Nov23This Season's First Fall-Foliage Outing in Kyoto: Northern Arahiyama
Nov22Entrance Foyer to the Seifuso Villa in Kyoto
Nov21A Simple "What am I?" Quiz with a "Why am I?" Addendum
Nov16The Photogenic Kintai Bridge in Iwakuni Japan
Nov13The Most Important Rule to Follow When Giving a Presentation or Teaching a Workshop
Nov13iPad Photography: This Guy is Doing it Right
Nov11Why Does Photography with an iPad Look so Silly?
Nov10Well, At Least There Were Crows
Nov9Lr5.3RC Fixes That Ugly Publish Bug (I think)
Nov8The Hope Imbued in a Dull Sunset
Nov5Hand-Picked (Hand-Grilled) Mushrooms in Japan, and a Tarzan Rope
Nov3Sliding Down a Mountain Slide, In Style
October 2013
Oct30Setting a Custom Search Engine in Firefox
Oct28The Richness of Miyajima's Itsukushima Shrine at Dusk
Oct25Possible Workaround for that Nasty Lightroom Publish/Selection Bug
Oct22Canopy of Bamboo
Oct22Getting Back Out with the Camera a Bit
Oct16Worst Typhoon Since Godzilla About To Strike Into The Heart of Tokyo!!
Oct14Flower-Arranging Show at the Shouren'in Temple, 2013
Oct11The Joy of a Fast Photo Proximity Search in Lightroom
Oct3Random Shots from a Kyoto Countryside Tour
September 2013
Sep23Lightroom Plugin Update #2,800
Sep22Pretty Little Pink Flowers
Sep16A Bit More Rain in Kyoto Than Normal
Sep11Thanks To Apple, Those Hard Times are Behind Us Now
Sep11New Lightroom Plugin: Smart-Preview Support
Sep9Revisiting the Ryouanji Temple's Cherry-Blossom Garden
Sep5Another Festival of Läkerol Licorice Goodness
Sep4A Visit to the Jikkouin Temple in Rural Kyoto
Sep3Another "Tea and Sweets in Front of a Temple Garden" Shot (or 10)
August 2013
Aug28The Effect of a Polarization Filter on Wet Rocks, Etc.
Aug25Views at the Honen'in Temple in Eastern Kyoto
Aug24Entrance Path to Kyoto's Honen'in Temple
Aug21A Bunch of Old Men Hitting Baseballs With a Little-Kid Bat
Aug19Back in Kyoto Following an Uneventful Flight
Aug12Don't Use "Guest" WiFi Hotspots for Local Multiplayer Minecraft
Aug11Kicking Around a Soccer Ball with Anthony and his Cousin Josh
Aug11More Airline Fun: the Impressive Price for Checking In Just a Bit Too Slowly
Aug4Tasty: 14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon
Aug3Slice of Americana: Anthony's Cousin is Bat Boy at a Local Baseball Game
Aug2Oops, I Was Wrong: Lr5.2 Beta Does NOT Fix That Nasty Publish Bug )-:
Aug1Lightroom 5.2 (beta) Fixes That Nasty Publish Bug
July 2013
Jul31Pleased with Online Shoe Retailer
Jul26A (Slightly) Better Aperture-Comparison Presentation
Jul25More Shots from Last Month's Visit to Kyoto's Heian Shrine
Jul22Giving Dropbox Competitor "Copy" a Try
Jul21The Effects of Aperture on a Subtle, Tranquil Cluster of Cherry Blossoms
Jul21New Lightroom Plugin: Export to ipernity
Jul17Subtle · Pastel · Tranquil
Jul13Hiking From Kyoto's Kuuya-Taki Waterfall to the Tsukinowa-Dera Temple
Jul11Photo Workflow: Lightroom Sometimes Deletes More Than You Ask, But This Plugin Can Help
Jul7The Effect of Shutter Speed on the Appearance of Flowing Water
Jul5A Drenched Visit to the Kuuya-Taki Waterfall in Western Kyoto
Jul1Hoverfly and Hydrangea
June 2013
Jun25Photoshoot with Yuko at the Fushimi Inari Shrine, Part 4
Jun23Photoshoot with Yuko at the Fushimi Inari Shrine, Part 3
Jun20Photoshoot with Yuko at the Fushimi Inari Shrine, Part 2
Jun18Anatomy of a Photoshoot by Someone Who Has No Clue About Them: Yuko at the Fushimi Inari Shrine
Jun15Quick Portrait: Zak Braverman in a Coffee Shop
Jun12An Update on the Lightroom 5 Publish Grid Bug
Jun12Experimenting with Depth of Field: Interactive Scene of Towering Bamboo
Jun10Lightroom 5 has been Released, but it comes with an Important Warning
Jun9One Meal in Nagasaki: Shippoku Cuisine at Hamamatsu
Jun6Quick Trip to Nagasaki
May 2013
May30Kyoto's Aoi Matsuri Festival, Part 3
May29My Mt. Hiei Climb Challenge 2013, Part 3
May27My Mt. Hiei Climb Challenge 2013, Part 2
May26My Mt. Hiei Climb Challenge 2013, Part 1
May19Kyoto's Aoi Matsuri Festival, Part 2
May18Quick Peek from Kyoto's Aoi Matsuri
May12Last Year's Kurama Fire Festival
May7Kyoto's Amazing Haradanien Garden, Part 4
May6Kyoto's Amazing Haradanien Garden, Part 3
May2Kyoto's Amazing Haradanien Garden, Part 2
April 2013
Apr30"Hot Yoga"
Apr26Bento for a Big Boy
Apr25"Idiot for Noodles", Kyoto Ramen You Won't Forget
Apr25Dinner at Kyoto's "Kiev" Restaurant: Highly Recommended
Apr20Kyoto's Amazing Haradanien Garden, Part 1
Apr19Photo Shoot at Kyoto's Haradanien Garden: John and Ai
Apr16Lightroom 5 Public Beta
Apr15Subtle Pastel Blossoms at Kyoto's Haradanien Garden
Apr14A Wigglegram from Kyoto's Stunning Haradanien Forest Garden of Blossoms
Apr9Cherry Blossoms at Kyoto's Ryouanji Temple, Part 1
Apr6Weeping Cherry at Kyoto's Ryouanji Temple
Apr2More Dynamic Views of Kyoto From Shogunzuka
Apr2More Folks Enjoying Spring Blossoms, Via 300mm @ f/2
Apr1Temple Hopping with Katrin: Kiyomizu Temple and its Environs
March 2013
Mar31Enjoying the Blossoms at the Kyoto Imperial Palace Park
Mar29Impromptu Kimono Photo Shoot Near the Kiyomizu Temple
Mar27New Lightroom Plugin: Exporter to Google Drive
Mar27Temple Hopping in Kyoto with Katrin Philippar
Mar26More Early Cherry Blossoms along the Kamo River
Mar25Early Cherry Blossoms along Kyoto's Kamogawa River
Mar18The Buds and Blossoms are Just Peachy at the Kyoto Imperial Palace
Mar18More Japanese-Garden Desktop Backgrounds from Kyoto's Enkoji Temple
Mar13Plum Blossoms in Full Bloom at Kyoto's Kitano Tenmangu Shrine
Mar10The Gorgeous Enkouji Temple of North-East Kyoto
Mar7Yet More Early Plum at Kyoto's Kitano Tenmangu Shrine
Mar4New-Year Trip Recap: East Finally Meets West
Mar2Priceless: Candy and Pottery in a Surprisingly Tasteful Display
February 2013
Feb28Hosen-in Temple Roundup: To and Fro
Feb27Cute Snaps: Birds Lined Up
Feb25More Budding Plum From the Kitano Tenmangu Shrine
Feb24Plum Orchard at the Kitano Tenmangu Shrine: Not Quite Prime Time
Feb22Plum is Starting to Blossom in Kyoto
Feb19My First Visit To Kyoto's Shugakuin Imperial Villa
Feb17Elementary-School Water Polo
Feb16Kyoto's Housen-in Temple Part 3: Rock Garden Desktop Backgrounds
Feb14Candid Portrait of an Athlete
Feb14Kyoto's Housen-in Temple, Part 2
Feb13A Few Better Pics of Anthony
Feb12Slice of Kid Heaven: Pick-a-Brick at a LEGO Store
Feb11First Visit to Kyoto's Housen-in Temple
Feb9Nishimura Stone Carvers in a Light Snow
Feb9The Colossal Battle of Pageviews: xkcd vs. Reddit
Feb8Views of Kyoto From Shogunzuka Over The Years
Feb7Visiting My Photo Archives: Random Pretty Shots #1
Feb5Cherry Blossoms in November: Looking Back to Autumn To Get Ready For Spring
Feb5Disappointed in Wholesale Copyright Infringement as a Business Model
Feb3Impossible Shot at Kyoto's Enkoji Temple: Garden *and* Garden-Viewing Room at the Height of Fall Colors, Devoid of People
Feb2More From November's Visit to Kyoto's Tenjyuan Garden
January 2013
Jan29Revisiting Flower Arrangements at the Shoren'in Temple
Jan26Portraiture Practice: Ray (and Jill)
Jan26In Kyoto and Want to Get Rid Of Stuff? Call This Guy.
Jan26More Thin Depth Of Field: Retrospective on My First Months with a 300mm f/2
Jan23Thin on the Depth of Field, Thick on the Cuteness
Jan22Suntory Yamazaki Distillery Photogenic "Whisky Museum"
Jan20Kyoto's Souren-ji Temple at f/1.2
Jan20Cherry Blossoms in a Sticky Situation
Jan19Revisiting December's Arashiyama Outing: Dynamic Vistas and the Suzumushidera Temple
Jan17That Massive Column in Nara's Todaiji Temple Is Nothing To Sneeze At
Jan15Super-Impromptu Portrait: Aeron in Nara
Jan15Japanese Candles, Followup
Jan14Elementary-School Shoe Rack
Jan13Massive Support Column at Nara's Todai-ji Temple
Jan11Cornucopia of Tasty Läkerol Licorice
Jan10Japanese Candles
Jan8The Mysteries of Jetlag
Jan4Snow Play
Posts In 2012
December 2012
Dec31Today's Rant: United Airlines Thinks Flights Arrive Before They Leave, and Other Ways United Shows Disregard For Their Customers
Dec31Photos Appearing in 2012
Dec30Kyoto Arashiyama Bamboo Forest Lightup, Part Three
Dec26Seriously Unimpressed with GoPro's Pathetic User Experience
Dec25Thank You Anonymous Hero at Chicago O'Hare's Gate E2a
Dec21Kyoto Arashiyama Bamboo Forest Lightup, Part Two
Dec19One Last Portraiture-Practice Post for the Year
Dec18Something Peaceful After a Long Day
Dec12A Few From Kyoto's Shisendo Temple Last Month
Dec11More Portraiture Practice: I Shoot Paul Barr
Dec11Kyoto Arashiyama Bamboo Forest Lightup
Dec10A Curved-Wire "What am I?" Quiz
Dec7A Few Non-Fall-Foliage Pretty Pictures For a Change
Dec6Portraiture Practice: Paul Barr Shoots Me
Dec5Creamy At f/0.95
Dec5Pretty and Colorful Public Path in Arashiyama
Dec4A Few More Shots of That Amazing Kyoto Rainbow on Saturday
Dec4A Long But Photogenic November in Kyoto
Dec1Intense Rainbow Over Arashiyama
November 2012
Nov30A Post For Damien Douxchamps' Parents in Belgium
Nov30A Wigglegram from the Well-Named "Fallen Leaf Shrine" in Northern Kyoto
Nov28Tea and Sweets Among the Fall Colors at Kyoto's Daihyouin Temple
Nov27A Quick f/1.2 + f/5.6 Pair from the Sourenji Temple
Nov26A Few Pretty Pictures from Kyoto's Middle-of-Nowhere Sourenji Temple
Nov26Kyoto's Road to Somewhere
Nov25That Amazing Entrance Path of Kyoto Koutouin Temple
Nov23Another Pair of Lovely Ladies in Kimono, Another Wigglegram
Nov21Elegance in Kyoto's Tenjyuan Garden
Nov21My Camera is Exhausted
Nov21Beyond Shouzan's Main Garden (Including a Wigglegram)
Nov20Solution To Time-Machine Failures After Having Replaced a Symbolic Link with an Actual Directory
Nov19A Few More Initial Wigglegram Attempts
Nov17A "Wigglegram" From The Garden at Kyoto's Shouzan Resort
Nov17A Somewhat Lackluster Day of Photography at Kyoto's Shouzan Resort
Nov16Portrait Practice Among the Fall Colors, with Paul Barr
Nov15Annoying or Interesting? "Special" Photos From the Iwato Ochiba Shrine
Nov14A Slightly Early Visit to Kyoto's "Fallen Leaf" Ochiba Shrine
Nov13Last Day on Naoshima
Nov12Uncountable Sorrows: Path of Statues Dedicated to Children who Passed Before Their Parents
Nov12A Few More General Shots from the Kongorinji Temple
Nov9Very Tiny Flowers Among the Moss at the Kongorinji Temple
Nov8Vertigo-Inducing Views in Google Maps (Sort Of)
Nov7Another Exhausting Day of Photography: Shiga Prefecture's Kongorinji Temple
Nov5Temple-Hopping with Damien Douxchamps: a Few Desktop Backgrounds from North-East Kyoto
Nov3A Bunch Of Over-Processed Desktop-Background Photos from Kyoto's Myouhouin Temple
Nov2Kyoto Fall Foliage 2012 Preview: A Few From Last Year
Nov1Kyoto Dinner Buffet Recommendation: Kyoto Royal Hotel
October 2012
Oct31Kyoto's Jidai Matsuri 2012, #2
Oct29Melting Willpower with the Melty Goodness of Matherz' Truffles
Oct28A Few Shots From Day Two at Benesse House
Oct26First Look at the Ultra Modern (as in "Modern Art") Benesse House Museum Hotel
Oct26Failing a New Portraiture Challenge: Reflective Pottery
Oct23My Approach to Shooting With Two Camera Bodies
Oct22Catching the Fringe of Two Famous Kyoto Festivals
Oct19More Pleasantness From The Shoren'in Temple Ikebana Event
Oct19New Lightroom Plugin "Data Explorer": Like the Grid Filter on Steroids
Oct14Cute and Colorful Scene at the Shoren'in Temple
Oct10Viewing Anthony's New Shoes with My New X-Rite ColorChecker Passport
Oct10New Lightroom Plugin: Export to Tumblr
Oct10Jeffrey's "Export to Tumblr" Lightroom Plugin
Oct9Serene Photos to Calm the Nerves
Oct8Quick One From Today: Busy Hallway at Kyoto's Shoren'in Temple
Oct6How Shooting Raw Saves Me (In This Case From a Fritzing Lens)
Oct6Putting Up With Amazon Japan's Delivery-Schedule Problems
Oct6Rich Rainbow Leaf
Oct4Low-Quality Photographic Lighting Has Me Seen Green
Oct3Picturesque Bridges Leading to the Nagaoka Tenmangu Shrine
September 2012
Sep30Revisiting Last Year's Nara Mountain Drive
Sep28More Portraiture Post Processing: Stéphane Barbery's Interpretations of That One Shot of Me
Sep26Portraiture Post-Processing in Lightroom: How Many Faces Can One Portrait Have?
Sep25New Lightroom Plugin #30-something-or-other: Creative Commons
Sep25Jeffrey's "Creative Commons" Lightroom Plugin
Sep24Pleasant Sunset in Kyoto This Evening
Sep23Cute Little Melodrama in Five Photos
Sep22Flowers for a Job Well Done
Sep21Razor Wire in Nagoya: Revisiting my Funky Lightroom Tone-Curve Presets for Lr4
Sep20Optical Illusion Above Nagoya Station
Sep18Portrature Practice Round Two, First Results
Sep16Really Annoying: Laptop Keyboard With a Few Bad Keys
Sep12A Few Fall-Foliage Desktops To Get In The Autumnal Mood
Sep11My "Mastering Regular Expressions" Book Makes a Cameo In a Very Strange Music Video
Sep9My Kyoto Summer: Another Rain Cloud, Another Beer/BBQ Feast
Sep7Angry Cloud over Kyoto
Sep7New Old Plugin: my Preview-Extraction Plugin Now Works in Lr4
Sep6Diary of Gluttonous Excess: Last Night's Visit to the Kyoto Avanshell BBQ Beer Garden
Sep5New Lightroom Plugin for Personal Workflow Tracking: Folder Status
Sep2Last Chance For the All-You-Can-Feast Beer/BBQ at the Hotel Avanshell Kyoto
August 2012
Aug29Tooting My Own Horn: eBook Version of "Mastering Regular Expressions" Half Off This Week
Aug28Pregnant Cloud Over Kyoto
Aug22My Idea of a Nice Evening: Pleasant Sunset and Delicious Chicken
Aug20Special Celebrations: My Mother-in-Law's 'Kanreki'
Aug20Another Look at a Dusky Orange Osaka Skyline from Kyoto
Aug19Daimonji Fire Festival Up Close and Personal: Yaron Silberberg's Photos from Last Year
Aug17Calling It Like I See It (But Do I See It Correctly?):
Aug16Daimonji: Kyoto's Least-Photogenic Festival
Aug15Adding an Extra Half-Terabyte SSD to my MacBook Pro
Aug14On The Way Into Kyoto's Northern-Mountain Joshoko-ji Temple
Aug13Cooling Down at the Kuuya-taki Waterfall
Aug11Uniqlo Dry Color T: My New Summer Wardrobe
Aug10Brick of Cash
Aug7Anatomy of a Nice Kyoto Sunset
Aug6Norman Rockwell-esque Scene in Kyoto: Watching Curiosity Land on Mars
Aug6This Evening's Sunset in Kyoto
Aug4A Bendy-Line "What am I?" Quiz
Aug3McDonald's LEGO Scene
Aug2Water Lilies and other Botanical Highlights at the Kajuji Temple
Aug1Kyoto's Kajuji Temple In Summer: Alive
July 2012
Jul31A Few More from the Kajuji Temple in Winter
Jul30Kyoto's Kajuji Temple at its Most Bleak (is Still Very Nice)
Jul29Why Can't Nikon Do Software? A Rant About Nikon's Moronic Implementation of Focal-Length-Aware Auto ISO
Jul27Took My New Nikon D4 Out For A Spin At Night (Before Reading The Manual)
Jul26Going Max Cliché While Learning About Off-Camera Flash
Jul24Revisiting the Fall Foliage Behind Kyoto's Jingoji Temple
Jul23On The Way From The Kuuya-taki Waterfall
Jul22Beyond The Staircase Ruins at the Kuuya-taki Waterfall
Jul21A Few Snapshots From This Year's Gion Matsuri in Downtown Kyoto
Jul19Kyoto's Quasi-Annual Flash Flood
Jul13Impromptu Portraiture Practice: Bill in Kyoto
Jul10More From the Gioji Temple: Lotsa Moss and Bamboo
Jul8Finally Reaching the Kuuya-taki Waterfall in Western Kyoto
Jul6Interesting Bark Near the Kuuya-taki Waterfall
Jul5Nicolas Joannin and His Bugs
Jul5A Bit Of Blog Drama with PetaPixel and The Jerks at Gizmodo
Jul4Discovery On The Way to The Waterfall
Jul2A Few Desktop Backgrounds from the Shouseien Temple
Jul1Taking It Easy With Some Flowers From Kyoto's Gioji Temple
June 2012
Jun29Gioji Temple Photoshoot Continues: Little Orange Mushrooms and Depth-of-Field Comparisons
Jun28Pastel Fall Foliage, Courtesy of Lightroom and my Plugin Testing
Jun27First Peek at the Shouseien Temple in Downtown Kyoto
Jun26Prucia Plum Wine from France, and Some Dramatic Lighting, and Rolling-Stones Beer
Jun25Trying a Little Formal Portraiture, Round 1: Stéphane Barbery Shoots Me
Jun24Returning From the Mt. Hiei Hike: Taking The Easy Way Out
Jun24Polarizer Examples With the Moss and Ferns of Kyoto's Gioji Temple
Jun22Gioji Temple Photo Shoot: Nicolas's White Little Mushrooms
Jun21A Typhoon Makes for a Good Sunset (But It's Me That Makes It Great :-)
Jun20A Snapshot From Today's Hike: Kuuya-taki Waterfall in Western Kyoto
Jun19Tag Along With Me on a Photo Shoot at Kyoto's Gioji Temple
Jun18Rich Colors: A Good Start to an Amazing Day in Kyoto
Jun18More Low-Hanging Photographic Fruit: Passion-Fruit Flower in Downtown Kyoto
Jun17Father/Son Photo Shoot: Tetsuo and Issei
Jun15Happy Ordination Anniversary (54!) to Kyoto Institution Fr. Graham McDonnell
Jun15A Visit to Suntory's Kyoto Beer Brewery
Jun14A Visit To Kyoto University's Kwasan Observatory
Jun13Today's Cardiologist Was Not as Cute as Last Year's
Jun12Bland Sunset Over Kyoto: They Can't All Be Amazing
Jun11Another Informal Location-Logger Test, Including Google Latitude
Jun9A Dual Photo Ying-and-Yang-ish "What am I?" Quiz
Jun8Some Desktop Backgrounds from Kyoto's Koumyou-in Temple
Jun6Amazing Solar Video from NASA
Jun6An Oh-So-Obvious "What am I?" Quiz
Jun6Transit of Venus: Not Too Exciting
Jun3A Slightly Hazy Photographic Mystery from Kyoto's Mt. Hiei
Jun2Yesterday's Hike: The Agony Where Bravado Yields, In Spectacular Fashion, To Painful Reality
Jun1Giving Up, Sadly, on Adding A CPU Chip To My Voigtländer 125mm f/2.5 Lens
May 2012
May30Hidden Gems in Lightroom 4.1; Hidden Gems in Lightroom Plugin Development
May30The Conundrum of Cleaning Lenses
May29This Japan Guidebook Should Prove Useful (assuming nothing has changed in the last 111½ years)
May28Asking Your Opinion on The Size of Photos on My Blog
May27Fumie's New Pointe Shoes
May25Lifehack: Keep Cut Flowers Fresh With a Splash of Bleach
May22Insidious Extortion: Ongoing Pitfalls of My Lightroom Plugin Development
May21A Few More Eclipse Photos from Kyoto
May21The Eclipse from Kyoto
May17Another Kyoto Stroll: Seeing (or Not Seeing, as the Case May Be) Reds
May15A Few Over-Process Under-Thought Photos From Lunch
May13Unconventional Camera Bag: Repurposing a Think Tank Photo Retrospective Lens Changer
May9A Bunch Of Blurry Pictures of Folks Pouring Wine
May6Returning From Lunch: New Discoveries Close To Home in Eastern Kyoto
May2Anthony's LEGO Battle at an Abandoned Castle, Made Possible by
April 2012
Apr30Delicious Yuba Lunch at Junsei, Near Kyoto's Kiyomizu Temple
Apr29Happy To Have Discovered the Galileo Offline Maps iOS App
Apr28Pretty As a Peach Blossom
Apr26On The Way To Lunch: Eastern-Kyoto Stroll
Apr25Second-Annual Disaster-Relief Charity Sale in Kyoto, May 5 and 6
Apr25Cleaning Out iDevice Cruft From My Mac
Apr24Huge Towering Burger at Kyoto Cafe "Hagi"
Apr22A Bit of Wine Tasting at Kyoto Station
Apr20Some Kyoto Domesticated Flora
Apr19More Early Shots From the Ishiyama-dera Temple
Apr18At the Entrance to Otsu's Ishiyama-dera Temple
Apr16Photographer's Low-Hanging Fruit: a Pretty Flower
Apr14Cherry-Blossom Season Winding Down in Kyoto
Apr11Lots of Stairs in Eastern Kyoto
Apr9A Few Blossoms From Kyoto's Chishaku-in Temple
Apr8Japan's First Whisky: Suntory's "Yamazaki" Distillery
Apr6A Feeble but Fun "What am I?" Quiz
Apr2Cliché Incarnate: Lame Formulaic Pictures of Plum Blossoms and Those Enjoying Them
Apr1Your April-Fool's Joke is Not Good Enough if I Don't Regret Having Trusted You
March 2012
Mar31Cherry Starting To Bud in Kyoto
Mar30Adding a CPU Chip to a Nikon-Mount Voigtländer 125mm f/2.5 Lens
Mar28A Golden Bumpy "What am I?" Quiz
Mar27So Much For That Glorious iPad Screen: iOS and its Apps are Not Even Color Managed
Mar24Small But Tasty Party at Uroko
Mar20Apple's Dividend: a Windfall for Non-Shareholders
Mar18Funky Kyoto Marathoners: More Lightroom Processing Fun (and a mini challenge)
Mar16Some Random Japan Desktop Backgrounds From the Past Year
Mar15Kyoto Marathon: First Runners
Mar14Kyoto Butsugen College of Massage
Mar12Kyoto Marathon: In Search of a Photogenic Spot
Mar11Today's Kyoto Marathon
Mar10A Somewhat Parallel "What am I?" Quiz
Mar10Life Can Be Tough: Bath, iPad, Spitballs, and Quality Time
Mar7Setsubun Festival at the Heian Shrine: Intense Burn Continues
Mar6Lightroom 4.0 is Out!
Mar1A Few Colorful Kyoto Desktop Backgrounds from November
February 2012
Feb22Traditional Japanese Archery: the Instructors' Turn
Feb17Getting Photos from Lightroom to iPad: a Much Smoother Workflow
Feb17My Lightroom-to-iPad Workflow: Now a Lot More Refined
Feb16Intense Burn: A Few More Looks at the Bubbling Cauldron of Boiling Air
Feb14Looking for a Good Photo-Viewing iPad App
Feb14Setsubun Festival at the Heian Shrine: Intense Burn Begins
Feb13Two New Lightroom Plugins: Folder Publisher and Collection Publisher
Feb10Setsubun at the Heian Shrine: Beans of Good Fortune
Feb5Setsubun at the Heian Shrine: Attack (and Repulsion) of the Evil Spirits
Feb3A Few Shots From Today's Setsubun Festival at the Heian Shrine
January 2012
Jan31Traditional Japanese Archery: More Ladies, Part 2
Jan27Traditional Japanese Archery: More Ladies, Part 1
Jan23Badass Japanese Archery: Now It's The Ladies' Turn
Jan23Colorful Ladies' Wardrobe at the Japanese Archery Event
Jan21More Badass Japanese Archery
Jan18Milling About Ouside the Japanese-Archery Event
Jan17Flip Side of the Japanese Archery Rite-of-Passage Event: Way, Way Too Crowded to Enjoy
Jan17Lightroom Plugin Development: Adding a URL Handler to a Lightroom Plugin
Jan16Total Discipline: Anatomy of a Japanese Archer's Shot
Jan15Traditional Archery Like a Boss
Jan15Informal GPS Logger Test: iPhone 4s GPS is Shockingly Good
Jan11Great (and in Some Ways Important) "Fotoshop by Adobé" Spoof by Jesse Rosten
Jan10Rediscovering Kyoto's Mt. Yoshida with Friends
Jan10Adobe Has Released a Public Beta for Lightroom 4
Jan8Charcoal Preparation: Monochromatic Work of a Japanese Swordsmith
Jan8In-Camera Geoencoding and the Nikon D4: Case Study In Product-Development Costs, Ignorance, and Naïveté
Jan6Nikon Marketing's Amazing Feat: Overshadowing The Launch of the D4
Jan5Simple Temple Sliding Wall
Jan4Inspired Artistic Temple Shot By Paul Barr
Posts In 2011
December 2011
Dec31Kyoto Dynamic Weather, Rainbow, and Panorama
Dec31Photos Appearing in 2011
Dec30Safety Last: Shockingly Unsafe Preparations For the New Year Holiday
Dec29Big, Moody Space of the Kosan Temple in Northwest Kyoto
Dec27That Particularly Amazing Tree at the Imakumano Kannonji Temple
Dec26From What I Can Tell, The Japanese Economy Is Heating Up
Dec23Skipping Rocks with Kenny
Dec18Blessing in Disguise: Rained out at the Fushimi Castle
Dec14Context for the Bamboo-and-Leaf Photo, and Some Crazy Post-Processing
Dec14Trey Ratcliff's Print-Ad Experiment Is Revealing (But I Won't Be Trying It)
Dec13Lightroom 3.6 Released
Dec12A Cold, Wet, Photogenic Visit To The Ryoanji Temple
Dec10On The Path To (and From) Northwest Kyoto's Jingoji Temple
Dec7Another Short Stroll in Kyoto, Another Set of Pictures
Dec6Update for Nikon D3/D700/D300 Shooters Who Use Lightroom or Photoshop
Dec6Rainbow and Helicopter over North-East Kyoto
Dec3What Knots Should I Teach My Son?
Dec2My Turn: A Few of My Shots From Yesterday's Trip to the Eikando Temple with Anthony
Dec2Well, That's Surprising, It Seems that I Have Written a Plugin for 500px
Dec1Anthony Shows Some Photographic Brilliance at the Always-Brilliant Eikando Temple
November 2011
Nov30Spectacular Colors at Kyoto's Shinnyodo Temple
Nov28Another Day of Amazing Fall Colors in Kyoto
Nov28More Fall Foliage From the Yoshiminedera Temple
Nov25Entering Kyoto's Yoshiminedera Temple
Nov25Finally Over a Cold, Some Rustic Temple/Shrine Visits in Western Kyoto
Nov17Unusually Dynamic Views of Kyoto from Shogunzuka
Nov15Bride at Sunset
Nov12Not a Petroleum Refinery, Silly, it's an Aquarium
Nov9My Day Walking Aimlessly in Kyoto
Nov7A Few Okay Shots From Last Year's Visit To Kyoto's Yoshiminedera Temple
Nov7Heading Out To Photograph The Fall Foliage? Don't Forget The Polarizer Filter
Nov5A Dark, Moonless "What am I?" Quiz
Nov4Getting Photos from Lightroom to an iPad is a Lot Harder (to Do Well) Than You Think; Here's How
October 2011
Oct31A Few Stylized Shots from Bunny Island
Oct30Japan's Bunny Island
Oct28Leaving Rabbit Island
Oct24One More From Last Year's Eikando Temple Fall Colors
Oct2223,692-Pixel-Wide Panorma of Kyoto, in Five Minutes
Oct20Kyoto's Eikando Temple Continues To Amaze
Oct19Kyoto Fall-Color Preview With Impact: Impressionism in Lightroom
Oct12A Few More From the Ikebana Show, 2011
Oct11Haphazard and Defocused: Elusive Lesson in Photographic Composition
Oct10Low-Hanging Fruit: Flower Detail from Kid Ikebana
Oct7After the Rice Harvest
Oct7On Why the iPhone 4s is a Disappointment, and on Steve Jobs' Greatest Failure
Oct5More From the Rice Harvest
Oct2Calendar Template PSDs for 2012
September 2011
Sep29Stages of the Rice Harvest
Sep28Highlight of Yesterday's Mountain Ride: Friendly Farmer Lady
Sep27Perfect Flower in the Mountains of Nara
Sep20Mike Bennett's Last Day in Kyoto: Arashiyama Bike Ride
Sep20Saga of Frustration: Developing (and Abandoning) a Lightroom Plugin for 500px
Sep18Visiting the Stonecarvers' Gardens with Mike Bennett
Sep13Wrapping Up Last Week's Fushimi-Inari Shrine Posts
Sep11Visiting the Fushimi-Inari Shrine with Mike Bennett and Friends
Sep9Kyoto's Dazzling Fushimi-Inari Shrine is Now Even More Dazzling
Sep8Typhoon Was Mostly a Non-Event in Kyoto
August 2011
Aug27More Wandering Around The Fringes of the Sennyuji Temple
Aug27In Other Hurricane News: Two Typhoons (and Us) Bear Down on Japan
Aug23Update to my Data-Plot Lightroom Plugin Adds More Kinds of Plots
Aug19A Couple of New Lightroom Export Plugins: to Twitter, and to ExposureManager
Aug16A Few Pink Blossoms at the Sennyuji Temple
Aug15Picturesque Side Entrance to the Sennyuji Temple
Aug13Roofs and Rock Gardens at Kyoto's Sennyuji Temple
Aug12Did Some Big Server Maintenance
Aug11Visiting Cousin Felicity
Aug5Mild River Rafting in West Virginia
Aug2Gion Matsuri: More From Day Three
Aug1Fun Stops for an 8-Year-Old Boy Along Route 77 Between Cleveland and Charlotte?
July 2011
Jul29Slightly Mysterious Stairs Into Mountain Overgrowth
Jul24A Few Shots of Me at Gion Matsuri
Jul19Gion Matsuri's Shinkousai Event
Jul19The Kind Of Shot That Ultra Thin Depth Of Field Was Made For
Jul18One Quick Photo from the Gion Festival's Shinkousai Event
Jul17A Few Shots from Gion Matsuri Festival, Day 3
Jul16Gion Festival Street Shots: More From Day 2
Jul15Gion Matsuri Festival: Ruining Every Photo Before It's Taken
Jul14A Thin Slice of Big Crowds at Kyoto's Gion Matsuri Festival
Jul13The Innocent Honesty of a Child
Jul9Anthony Welcomes His Cousin Nao
Jul7Uji-City Rural Mountain Drive #2: Ice-Cream Girl, Fruit Pizza, and More
Jul5Anthony Lego Battle: Clones vs. Droids
Jul4Pleasant Little Village in Uji, Part 2
Jul4Fireworks Photos Like You've Never Seen, from Mark Sirota
Jul3Mountain Ravine in Northern Kyoto, Part 2
Jul2Mountain Ravine in Northern Kyoto, Part 1
Jul1The Very Red Zaobashi Suspension Bridge in Wakayama Prefecture
June 2011
Jun29Final Wrapup From My Earlier Remote-Mountain Trip in Uji City
Jun28Searching for Mountain Vegetables
Jun26Itami Sky Park, Next to Osaka Airport
Jun25A Keto Harvester Head in Action is an Impressive Sight
Jun23Revisiting April's Eastern-Kyoto Temple Stroll
Jun22Scenes From Mountain Roads in Northern Kyoto
Jun21What's the Point of This "What am I?" Quiz?
Jun20Trying Some Hard-Edged Black and White
Jun19A Photographic Challenge of Monumental Scale
Jun18Kyoto's Shimyouin Temple: Exceedingly Remote, Bashful, and Serene
Jun16Deep In The Mountains Above Kyoto's Kumogahata Village
Jun16A Few More From Our First Rural Uji Trip
Jun15Rainy Tranquility at the Sanzen-in Temple
Jun13Pleasant Little Village in Uji
Jun10What It Looks Like When Tiered Rice Paddies Go to Seed
Jun7Rural Uji's Kiyotakigyuu Shrine
Jun7Scenes From Rural Japan: Mountain Village in Uji City
Jun6A Good Day, Courtesy of Suntory and a Cute Cardiologist
Jun4Not Meant to Be: Trying My Hand At Metalsmithing
Jun3A Bumpy-on-the-Bottom "What am I?" Quiz
Jun3Exquisite Beauty Growing Like a Weed by the Side of the Road
Jun1While Crossing the Great Seto Bridge
May 2011
May28LEGO/Train Play with Gen
May28Views Near the Top of Wakayama's Mt. Oishigamine
May27The Aragishima Terraced Rice Paddies of Wakayama
May26One Last Towel-Museum "What am I?" Quiz
May25Exploring a Glass of Dainty Flowers With the Voigtländer 125mm f/2.5
May25The Challenge of Comment Moderation in a Spiteful World
May24The Unexpected Culinary Delights of Roppongi's Le Grand Soir
May23Descending Into a Volcanic Crater (sort of)
May22Terrace Dining Over Kyoto's Kamo River, at Yakiniku Hiro
May21A New Twist on Playing Catch
May20The Kongourinji Temple: Main Garden, and Beyond...
May19Revisiting Imabari's Colorful Towel Museum
May18Old and Odd Tools at the Smithy
May17Pierre Nadeau, Japanese Swordsmith
May16Swordsmith Workshop "What am I?" Quiz
May13Big Lens at the River: Focusing on Disappointment
May11Me and My Little Lens
May10A Little Cold-Forging Metal Work
May10Disaster-Relief Charity Sale in Kyoto, May 28th
May9Kyoto Station Evening at 300mm f/2
May8More Street Photography at 300mm f/2
May7This "What am I?" Quiz Will Stump You
May7Street Photography (Sort of) In Roppongi Hills
May4A Bit of Summer Volcano Skiing
May4Scott Kelby Responds, Dazzling With His Marketing Magic
May4Misty Evening in Rural Japan
May2Red, Green, and Black "What am I?" Quiz
April 2011
Apr30Imabari Day 2: Dougo Onsen Hot Springs
Apr28Class Trip to Enjoy the Views at Shogunzuka
Apr26Exploring the Sharper Side of the Voigtländer 125mm f/2.5
Apr25My New Lightroom Plugin: as Close to "Layers in Lightroom" as You're Going To Get
Apr23The Amazing Marketing Power of Scott Kelby
Apr22Imabari Trip Day 2: Bridge Bicycle Ride Part 2
Apr21Imabari Trip Day 2: Bridge Bicycle Ride Part 1
Apr19New Pet, New Ordeals
Apr18Revisiting the Road to Imabari: The View from Mt. Takanawa
Apr17Another Cherry-Blossom Stroll on a Lazy Kyoto Sunday
Apr16Important Note for Nikon D3/D700/D300 Shooters Who Use Lightroom or Photoshop
Apr15Revisiting the Road to Imabari: Stops #1 and #2
Apr14Cherry Blossoms Fall and the Kids Play
Apr12The Towel Museum in Imabari Japan, Part 2
Apr11Exploring the Edge of Creamy Macro Bokeh with Lily of the Nile
Apr11The Towel Museum in Imabari Japan, Part 1
Apr10Lunch Under the Cherry Blossoms
Apr9An Amazing Day of Photography at Some Eastern-Kyoto Temples
Apr8Mountain Play with Monet and Friends
Apr7Cherry Blossoms Welcome Us Back to Kyoto
Apr6More Challenging Imabari "What am I?" Quiz
Apr5Simple Imabari "What am I?" Quiz
Apr5On The Road to Imabari
Apr2More Blossoms in Kyoto, More Quakes out East
March 2011
Mar29It Has Begun: Cherry Blossoms Appear in Kyoto
Mar27Anthony Finishes Second Grade
Mar27Anthony's Sleeping Giraffe
Mar26Camo Duck in Black and White
Mar25Kyoto Cherry Blossoms on the Verge
Mar24Anthony Lego World #27
Mar21Our Little Fish
Mar18Tough Week in Japan: Earthquake Timelapse March 11-17
Mar17Scaremongering in the Western Press
Mar15Another Quake in Japan, This Time Near Mt. Fuji
Mar15Inspiration in the Midst of Indescribable Heartbreak
Mar14Simple Beauty in the Japanese Countryside
Mar13The Hope of Cherry Blossoms in Japan
Mar12Google-Earth Locations For Some of the Japan Quake Photos
Mar11Today's Quakes in Japan
Mar10Finally: My Faux-Mat Photoshop Script is Out
Mar4Surprising Early Cherry-Blossom Preview Hits Kyoto
Mar3Dual-Orientation "Wall of Relaxation" Desktop Background
Mar2Orbitz is Pure Evil
February 2011
Feb26Simple Wood Carving on a Rural Shrine's Gate
Feb25Stark Tree
Feb23Signs of Spring Start to Bud in Kyoto
Feb22Exploring Kyoto's Northern Mountains with Vaughn Hart
Feb21Still a Bit Of Snow In Kyoto (Sort Of)
Feb18Lookin' Stylish for an Eight Year Old...
Feb16Dabbling in Some Fine-Art Printing for My Office
Feb14Without Fate: Dumping Ground of Monumental Proportions
Feb8A Bridge, and a Couple of Non-Bridges, in the Snow
Feb5The Unassuming "Ice Room" Himuro Shrine
Feb4Is There Some (Blending-Mode?) Magic to This Photoshop Problem?
Feb3Pretty Flowers as Filler
January 2011
Jan29Wrapping Up Shoudoshima Island and 2010
Jan26Rainy Day on Shoudoshima Island
Jan21Moonrise & Sunrise over Shoudoshima
Jan19Overstuffed Leafy Snow Tacos
Jan18The Great Kamo River Battle for the Bread
Jan17Feeding Frenzy on the Kamo River
Jan13Hotel Aqua, on Shoudoshima Island in Japan's Seto Inland Sea
Jan11Balmer's “There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance.” Quote
Jan10On The Way To The Kongourinji Temple's Main Garden
Jan7A Belated Christmas Post
Jan4When You Tempt Fate, Sometimes You Lose
Jan2An Aquatic "What am I?" Quiz
Jan1Our 2011 New Year's Card
Posts In 2010
December 2010
Dec31One Week as a Microcosm for the Year
Dec31Photos Appearing in 2010
Dec24Shogo and Namiko's Wedding Wrapup
Dec21Sort of New Lightroom Plugin: Major Update to my Picasa Face-Recognition-Data Import Plugin
Dec17Deep Sorrow at the Kongourinji Temple's Path of Jizou
Dec16Only in Japan? It Boggles The Mind To Wonder What Laws Allow This To Happen
Dec13Shockingly Wasteful Packaging from Amazon
Dec12New Lightroom Plugin: JPEG Export Quality Tester
Dec12Visiting "Yama no Ie Hasegawa" with the Family
Dec8Kyoto Mountain Restaurant "Yama no Ie Hasegawa"
Dec6Carpet of Yellow at the Iwato Ochiba Shrine, Deep in the Mountains of North-West Kyoto
Dec3Fun With Mirrors at the Kyoto Science Museum
November 2010
Nov30Zipping a Lock on Cheap, Simple Waterproof Protection For Your iPad/iPhone
Nov29Photo Shoot Among the Fall Colors at Shouzan in Kyoto
Nov28Going Vertical: Portrait-Mode Desktop Backgrounds
Nov26Colorful Carpet of Leaves at the Koutou-in Temple
Nov26Nishimura Stone Carvers, Autumn 2010 Edition
Nov23Short Family Visit to the Middle-of-Nowhere Sokushouji Temple
Nov21Beating the Crowds at the Middle-of-Nowhere Sokushouji Temple
Nov20Another Look at the Bazillion Offering Statuettes at Kyoto's Sanzen-in Temple
Nov18Another Amazing Trip To Kyoto's Yoshiminedera Temple
Nov16Visiting The Eikando Temple's Evening Foliage Lightup with Sergey Kolychev
Nov15Creating Photo Books with Lightroom, InDesign, and Blurb
Nov14New Photoshop Templates for 2011 Calendars
Nov12Autumn Colors Desktop Background, and a "What am I?" Quiz
Nov11A First Visit To Kyoto's Koutou-in Temple
Nov10Today's Most-Excellent Adventures: Temple Hopping in the Mountains of South-Western Kyoto
Nov9First Taste of Fall Colors at Shiga's Amazing Kongourinji Temple
Nov8Bridges Across a Small Valley in Konan
Nov7Namiko Candid Bride Portrait
Nov7Yodobashi Camera Opens in Kyoto
Nov2KidZania Visit #3, Part 2
Nov1KidZania Visit #3, Part 1
October 2010
Oct31Kyoto's Slightly Odd Tanukitanisan Fudouin Temple
Oct31Federal Express is Useless in Japan
Oct29Around the Kyoto's Daitokuji Temple Complex
Oct28Couple'a New Lightroom Plugins: Bulk Develop, and Order Prints Locally
Oct28Jeffrey's "Bulk Develop Settings" Lightroom Plugin
Oct27Well, Well, Well, a Small Self Portrait
Oct27A Bit of Tai Chi at the Heian Shrine
Oct25Flower Arranging Exhibition, Revisited (Part 2)
Oct24Anthony's Eighth Birthday, Sponsored by LEGO™ Toys
Oct15Shogo and Namiko's Wedding: Reception, Part V (Entertainment)
Oct14Lunch Along the Kamo River, Try #2
Oct13Lunch Along the Kamo River
Oct12Kids Flower Arranging Exhibition, Revisited
Oct11Shogo and Namiko's Wedding: Reception, Part IV (Mingling)
Oct10Happy Anniversary to Fumie's Folks: When 10-10-10 is 36
Oct9Shogo and Namiko's Wedding: Reception, Part III (Interlude)
Oct7Shogo and Namiko's Wedding: Reception, Part II (Cutting of the Cake)
Oct6Reading with the iPad: iBooks, Kindle, and Nook, oh my!
Oct5Shogo and Namiko's Wedding: Reception, Part I
Oct4Shogo and Namiko's Wedding: Hors d'Oeuvre Reception
Oct3Fumie's Brother Shogo Weds Namiko
September 2010
Sep29Anthony and His Tree, 2010
Sep27Bonking the Biggest Mokugyou In the World
Sep25Straight Lines of Crunchy Round Herring
Sep25Crossing the Komaki Dam
Sep23Still More From Our Visit to Sunainosato in Shiga
Sep22Highly Recommended: GGS Glass Screen Protector, and GreenLife Style eBay Store
Sep20Bowling with Gen
Sep20Underwhelmed With Northern Kyoto's Jakkoin Temple
Sep18Breakdown: When Good Intentions Don't Scale
Sep11A Couple of Striking Photos
Sep4No Posts for a While
August 2010
Aug31Clearing Vines
Aug29Back In Kyoto 2010: Big Clouds (and a Big Bird Poop)
Aug26Rocky "What am I?" Quiz
Aug2540 Years of Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 Lenses
Aug23Rock Climbing at Katie Patterson's Birthday Party
Aug22The Surprise of Queen Anne's Lace
Aug21Swimming-Pool Play With Friends
Aug18Little Flowers, Little Context
Aug16Goldfinches on a Feeder
Aug15A Bit of iPad Air Hockey
Aug14Aren't There Any iPad Apps to Help Japanese Kids Study Kanji?
Aug13"Uzu" iPad App Reviewed By 23-Month-Old Jena Kreta
Aug12More Josh-and-Anthony Water Play
Aug11Jogging with Grandpa, 2010 Edition
Aug11Squirt Gun Water Fight
Aug10Random Summer Fun
Aug10Jeffrey's "Order Prints Locally" Lightroom Plugin
Aug9Anthony By an Old Tree
Aug7Monster Marshmallow
Aug7Torture Spelled “ S · i · s · t · e · r ”
Aug6Impromptu Chickadee Portraiture: Better Luck Next Time
Aug5Late-Night Tower Destruction Play
Aug5Fallen-Tree Removal, Day Two
Aug4Cousin Jena at the Lake
Aug3Anthony's Home Run Derby
Aug3Monster Play
Aug3The Search
Aug2Doing a Puzzle
Aug1Anthony's Cousins Josh and Jena
Aug1Cousins Josh and Jena Arrive
Aug1Just Released Some Simple JSON Encode/Decode Routines in Pure Lua
Aug1Simple JSON Encode/Decode in Pure Lua
July 2010
Jul30KidZania Visit #2 Wrapup: Construction and Health-Care Aid
Jul30New Lightroom Plugin in Beta: Tree Publisher
Jul30Jeffrey's "Tree Publisher" Lightroom Plugin
Jul28My Morning: Birds, Flowers, Coffee, and my Camera
Jul27Clearing Away the Fallen Tree, Part 1
Jul26Oh Deer, What Happened Here?
Jul26Medium Tree, Big Mess
Jul25Rich Colors at Dusk
Jul25Uncle Alan's Birthday Cake
Jul25Feeding The Birds (at Their Behest)
Jul25A Visit From Cousin Felicity
Jul23The Location May Be Different, But....
Jul22A Few Japanese Swords of Note
Jul20Just-Arrived-After-a-Long-Flight "What am I?" Quiz
Jul17Golden "What am I?" Quiz
Jul16Kyoto Kamo River Flooding: Sanjo
Jul14Kyoto's Kamo River Goes a Bit Wild
Jul13Cosina Voigtländer Macro APO-Lanthar 125mm F2.5 SL
Jul12New Writeup: Analysis of Lightroom JPEG Export Quality
Jul9Note to Papa
Jul4Night Shift at the Bakery
Jul2Fighting Fires, KidZania Style
Jul1Snowy New Year Trip Day Three: Dam Snow
June 2010
Jun28Appliance Repair at KidZania
Jun26More From Sunainosato in Shiga
Jun26Disorienting "What am I?" Quiz
Jun25Geometric Awaji
Jun25Back in the Saddle With a Wonderful Sunset
Jun23This is Getting Silly: New "Metadata Viewer" Lightroom Plugin
Jun23A Bit of Color and Thunder
Jun20New Lightroom Plugin, "PhotoSafe", Guards Selected Photos Against Accidental Deletion
Jun8Lightroom 3 Released; Update on my Plugins
Jun4Brad Kremer's “Hayaku: A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan”
May 2010
May30Driving a Train at KidZania
May28Anthony's Radio Show
May28First Shots with a Cosina Voigtländer 125mm f/2.5
May24Cafe at Sunainosato in Southern Shiga, Japan
May24Doggy Funeral
May21A "What am I?" Quiz at 1000mm
May19Late Afternoon on Awaji Island's Matsubara Beach
May17Anniversary Lunch, at Kyoto's Quarirengué Cafe
May15Got My Lens Back From Sigma
May14Awaji "Hyakudanen": 100 Terraced Garden Squares
May12Haircut: Second-Grader is Easier than a Two-Year-Old
May11The Westin on Awaji Island
May9Pretty Flowers to Brighten the Day
May9Shaver Recommendation: Gillette Fusion Power
May8Egg-Slicer "What am I?" Quiz
May7Lies, Damn Lies, and Photographs
May7An Unfortunate Sigma "Bigma" Enigma
May5Children's Day Cake
May5Akashi Straights Bridge: Longest Parking Lot in the World
May4Yabusame Mounted Archer, Revisited
May4"Yabusame" Mounted Archery Rite at the Shimogamo Shrine
May3Jeffrey's "Export to KODAK Gallery" Lightroom Plugin
May1Beware of Wild Boar
May1Morning Rush Hour on Osaka Bay
April 2010
Apr30Sunset from Awaji Island
Apr28Daimonji Hike 2010, Part 1
Apr28Automatic Lens Correction Coming to Lightroom 3!
Apr26Sigma Bigma's New Optical Stabilization
Apr25A Bit of Drama on Mt. Daimonji
Apr25Freaky Wavy Lines Quiz Answer
Apr23Heron at the Canal
Apr21Walkabout with the Sigma Bigma: Versatility Galore
Apr21I Laugh at Your Puny 500mm Lens: Sigma Bigma at 1,000mm
Apr19Keeping Sextuplets in Line is Like Herding Cats
Apr18Amorphous Wavy Lines Quiz
Apr17My New Sigma "Bigma", Day 2
Apr17So, Just How Bigma is the Sigma?
Apr16Sigma's new "Bigma" 50-500mm Super-tele Zoom, Part II
Apr14Sigma's new "Bigma" 50-500mm Super-tele Zoom (now with OS)
Apr13New Camera! Now I Can Finally Dump Nikon
Apr12Bridge Over Icy Water
Apr6Fistfuls of Blossoms in Urban Kyoto
Apr5Anthony Growing Up: the Tipping Point
Apr5Just One More and We'll Call it a Wrap
Apr3Finally, a Sunny Day in Kyoto for the Blossoms, Tourists, and Cameras to Come Out
March 2010
Mar30Night River Cherry Blossoms, and a Movie Shoot
Mar29Cherry Blossoms in the Driving Snow
Mar29Gettin' Freaky With Lightroom Tone-Curve Presets
Mar27Stupid Tone-Curve Tricks: A Half Dozen Develop Presets for Lightroom
Mar26Kyoto Cherry Blossoms Off to a Cold, Wet Start
Mar25The Limestone Caves of Ishigaki Island
Mar23Lightroom 3 Beta 2 and My Plugins
Mar21Anthony Finishes First Grade
Mar19Fumie's Birthday Cake
Mar16A Visit to the Yaeyama Palm Reserve on Ishigaki Island
Mar14Snowy New-Year Trip: Start of Day Three
Mar10Zachary Braverman Shakuhachi Concert
Mar9Most Evil Snack: Boukun Habanero
Mar5Snowy Goodbye to Shirakawago Village
Mar3Clearing Roof Snow in Shirakawago
Mar2First Look at Snowy Shirakawago Village
February 2010
Feb28Snowy Quiz of Questionable Appeal
Feb27Speed Trap, Japanese Style
Feb26Short Hike in the Mossy Forest of North-East Kyoto
Feb24“Wild Boar”, Free Audio Book by Anthony Friedl
Feb21Snowy Farewell to Gokayama Village
Feb20Rich Colors Amid the Dull of Winter: Earnest Barr's February Cherry Blossoms
Feb19Batting Practice on the Slopes
Feb18A Bit More Sledding
Feb13Bed of Moss and Ferns, Revisited
Feb12More Sledding at Makino Ski Area
Feb11Self Portrait at a Distance
Feb10Road to Now: My Long Path To Lightroom Plugin Development
Feb10Woo-Hoo, Apple Releases Aperture 3!
Feb8A Visit to the Makino Ski Area, Part 2
Feb7A Visit to the Makino Ski Area, Part 1
Feb6Today's First Photo...
Feb5"How's the Economy?", Japanese Style
Feb5Stone Sphere
Feb3Deceptively Clear: Snow-Covered Mountains in Exquisite Detail
Feb1Steep Steps in Gokayama Village
January 2010
Jan31Anthony Makes His First Communion
Jan31Hot Noodles in Gokayama
Jan29Snowy Gokayama Village, Part II
Jan29Disappointed with the iPad's Unveiling
Jan27Snowy Mountains
Jan27On the Permanence of One's Online (and Offline) Presence
Jan25Shutter Speed's Effect on Falling Snow
Jan24Rosy Cheeks
Jan23Japan's Deep-Rooted Ethos of Fire Prevention
Jan22Introduction to a Snowy Gokayama Village
Jan21Some Kind of Snow & Face Picture
Jan20Anthony's "Idea Award"
Jan18Some Things Are The Same The World Over
Jan17Driving Snow
Jan15Anthony Art Project: A Fish That Can Suck In Anything!!!
Jan12First Taste of Snow on Our New Year's Trip
Jan9Anthony's Sports-Day Drawing
Jan8Theme For Our New Year's Trip
Jan7Back Home After a Short Trip
Jan3Breakfast in Okinawa
Jan3Four Generations for New Year's Dinner
Jan2Saw Avatar This Evening
Jan1Our 2010 New Year's Card
Posts In 2009
December 2009
Dec31Cherry Blossoms Amid the Fall Foliage
Dec31Photos Appearing in 2009
Dec30Smoothly Curved Water Basins: To Moss or Not, That Is The Question
Dec29Anthony Gets Crabby at the Shore
Dec28Taketomi Island Roundup
Dec27Zany Roof Guardians on Taketomi Island, in the Far South of Japan
Dec25A Calm and Pleasant Christmas
Dec24All Ready for Santa
Dec24Stone Carvings: Curves, Crowns, an Ouchie, and More...
Dec22Another Stone "What am I?" Quiz: Star Destroyer!
Dec21On Darwin and the March Toward Winter
Dec20Answer to the Stone-Puzzle "What am I?" Quiz
Dec19Thatched Roofs and Colored Canopies at the Himukai Shrine, Kyoto Japan
Dec17Changing Seasons, Changing Lenses
Dec16Layers, Strata, and More: Thanks for the Captions
Dec16Visiting the Back-Mountain Hiyoshi Shrine with Jon Van Dalen
Dec15Released the Picasa Face-Recognition Plugin for Lightroom, FWIW
Dec15Sleeping with Curious George: A Short Timeline
Dec13Photo in Need of a Caption
Dec12Crafty Clay Play with Mommy
Dec10A Superficial Overview of the Gardens Behind the Nishimura Stone-Carving Workshop
Dec9Stone Puzzle "What am I?" Quiz
Dec9How to Make an Entire Day Evaporate
Dec7Stonecarver Daizo Nishimura at Work
Dec7Giving Up on Picasa Face Recognition
Dec5The Boundless Potential of Nishimura Stone Lanterns' Back Garden
Dec4Paul Barr + Stonecarver's Garden + Lightroom
Dec3Nishimura Stone Lanterns: Garden Preview
Dec2A Few Outtakes from the Nitenji Temple
Dec2Nishimura Stone Lanterns: the Workshop
Dec1Fairly Dirty "What am I?" Quiz
November 2009
Nov30Mysterious Cut Stones in the Mountains of Kyoto
Nov29Fall Colors in Nature, as Nature Intended
Nov28Gate of Disrepair: Kanda Inari Shrine (at the Himukai Shrine, Kyoto)
Nov27NASA Meets Kyoto: Zoom with a View
Nov27Badminton in the Park: Bikeride to the Kyoto Imperial Palace
Nov26Anthony's New Plush-Toy Friend: Welcome Buta-chan!
Nov26And so 6½ Becomes 7: Welcome Claire Ann Friedl
Nov25Apple Time Capsule: Be Sure To Use Good Cabling
Nov25Teeming Throngs Enjoying the Colors at Kyoto's Eikando Temple
Nov24One More Lightroom Plugin: Focal-length Sort
Nov24More From Yesterday's Trip to the Eikando Temple
Nov23Holy Cow, the Gardens at Kyoto's Eikando Temple are Gorgeous!
Nov21Family Bike Outing on a Brisk, Blustery Kyoto Afternoon
Nov21In Search of Yoshida Shrine
Nov19Anthony-Designed Three-Seater StarWars™ Figher Ship
Nov17Serendipity: Pleasant Sunday Morning at Kyoto's Yoshida Shrine
Nov17New WordPress Plugin: "Time Since"
Nov16Box of Birthday Presents From Aunt Natalie and Uncle Alan!
Nov15A Couple of “Cozy” Houses in the Neighborhood
Nov15Purple Glowing Flower
Nov14A Few "Autumn in Kyoto" Mood Shots
Nov14A Fall-Foliage Visit to the Hakuryuuen Gardens (sort of)
Nov13Anthony's Birthday Presents
Nov12FYI: 2010 Calendar Photoshop Files
Nov11Tokyo Disneyland: Riding the Roller Coaster By Himself (sort of)
Nov10Windows Woes on my Mac
Nov9Anthony Is Starting To Read English
Nov9Visit to Tokyo Disneyland: the Second Day
Nov8Visit to Tokyo Disneyland: the First Night
Nov7Off on a Short Trip (a week ago)
Nov6Web-Browsing Sluggishes on Mac: Disable DNS IPv6 in Firefox
Nov3My New Mac: Behold the Awesomeness!
Nov1Interactive Map of My Blog Photos
October 2009
Oct28Starting to See Splashes of Fall Colors in Kyoto
Oct28Ditching the Ball and Chain and Escaping From the Windows™
Oct26Kyoto Jidai Matsuri Photos by Stéphane Barbery
Oct25Anthony Turns 7: Birthday Cake
Oct22Plate Full of Autumn
Oct22Adobe Lightroom 3: Beta Plugin Info
Oct21Anthony Turns 7 (a couple of days early)
Oct19Anthony's Shichi-go-san Event: Family Portrait
Oct18Laundry Day
Oct17Anthony's Shichi-go-san Event: First Steps
Oct17Yet Another New Lightroom Plugin: Extended Search
Oct16New Lightroom Plugin: Focal-length Plot
Oct15Getting Ready For Anthony's Shichi-go-san Event
Oct13Anthony Gesture in B&W at the Heian Shrine
Oct12Anthony's Shichi-Go-San Hakama Portrait
Oct11Sukiyaki at Kyoto's Moritaya Restaurant
Oct10Busy Photo Day: Stairs, Duds, Sabers, and Cheers!
Oct9Anthony Coming Home From the Bus Stop
Oct7Anthony Rowing the Boat... Sort Of
Oct5Anthony's First Grade-School Sports Festival
September 2009
Sep28Two Sides of the Same Photo
Sep28More Discoveries with Nils: Mountain Roads and Spooky Forests
Sep24Anthony's Diary: Praise for Teacher
Sep23Nils Ferry, and Japanese Wedding Ceremonies
Sep22Delighting in a Chasm Between Artistic Senses
Sep21Eclectic Photo Geeks at the Eclectic Music Concert
Sep20An Evening of Eclectic Music Fusion
Sep17A Bit of Paragliding in Kyoto's Northern Mountains
Sep16The Hakuryuuen Gardens (Sort of)
Sep15Well, That Wasn't Fun
Sep11A Visit to Rengeji Temple with Nils Ferry
Sep10Final Images from the Toganojaya Restaurant
Sep9Toganojaya Restaurant, Part 2
Sep8Toganojaya Restaurant, Kyoto Japan
Sep7Table with a View
Sep5Three Blades of Grass, and Friends
Sep2Quicky Passport-Photo Photo Session
Sep1Back in Kyoto, 2009 Edition
August 2009
Aug29Anthony and His Tree, 2009
Aug29Jogging with Grandpa, 2009 Edition
Aug28Disappointed with Bill Bryson
Aug28Santa-Clause Wishes, and Photography Practice
Aug27Grace and Luke's Turn in the Boat
Aug27Boat Ride for Anthony and Josh
Aug26Hosing Down a Dirty Boat
Aug25Final Approach into Tokyo Narita
Aug24Katie's Birthday Party: Curls 'n Bowling
Aug23Geese in Final Approach
Aug22Painting T-Shirts with Aunt Natalie
Aug21Letter to Mommy
Aug16Four Siblings Easier than Six Cousins
Aug15Six Cousins: Thoughts on Kid Group Photos
Aug12Wide-Angle Summer Fun
Aug11Rockets Away: Two Model-Rocket Launches
Aug11Cousins Driving Each Other (Crazy)
Aug10Aunt Chickee and the 6½th Cousin
Aug9Can't Get Any Work Done With Birds on my Laptop
Aug9Big-Boy Anthony: Sans One Tooth
Aug8Luke's Eyes
Aug8Pretty (and Mysterious?) Water "Shadows"
Aug8Kiddy Pool
Aug8Life without the Internet: Living in the Stone Age
Aug6Basics of Life: A Bit of Real Appreciation
Aug6Loose Tooth
Aug5Other World Computing On-The-Go Pro External Disk Housing
Aug3Tractor Ride
Aug2Throwin' Rocks
Aug1Joe Cool Anthony and a Toad House
Aug1More Cousins 'n Such, #2
July 2009
Jul31Conflagration of Cousins
Jul31Visiting with Cousin Felicity
Jul29Baseball With Uncle Alan
Jul29Keeping the Geese in Line
Jul28A Bit of Water-Hose Play
Jul28In Ohio for the Summer
Jul28More Corrupt Memory-Card Woes
Jul24Ishigaki Day 3: Coral Beds Near Taketomi Island
Jul23KidZania Wrapup: Graphic Design and a Pizza Dinner
Jul22Today's Total Solar Eclipse, and a Rant about Japanese Culture
Jul21New Lightroom Plugin: Export-to-Photobucket
Jul21Kidzania Flight School
Jul20River Play and Kana-chan's First Bike Ride
Jul18Ishigaki Day 3: A Coral Wall's Plants
Jul17New Lightroom Plugin: Export to Expono
Jul15Ishigaki Day 3: Floral Quiz on Taketomi Island
Jul12Ishigaki Day 2: Through Anthony's Eyes
Jul11Investigative Reporting, KidZania Style
Jul11Curious George's New Passport
Jul10Serenity: a New Old Desktop Background
Jul8Driver's License for a Six-Year Old
Jul6Playing in the Rain
Jul3Anthony's KidZania Job #2: Construction Work
Jul1Getting a Little Banking Done at KidZania
Jul1Anthony's First "Job" at KidZania
June 2009
Jun29They Grow Up So Quickly (but are still a bit green)
Jun28The Wonder of "KidZania"
Jun26Anthony's Sunflowers
Jun25Small Glimpse into Japanese Elementary School
Jun24Ishigaki Day 2: A Lively Dinner
Jun22New Lightroom Plugin: Video-Asset Management
Jun19Ishigaki Day 2: Winding Down with a Sunset Swim
Jun18Ishigaki Day 2: Mild Sunset
Jun16Ishigaki Day 2: Dynamic Weather at the Hirakubo Lighthouse
Jun16Anthony's First Test
Jun15Saturday Play in the Park with Monet and Gen
Jun14The Fruits of Saving: Spending Your Allowance
Jun13Tree With Really Thick, Crackly Bark
Jun10Anthony At "Bunny Island" With His Grandparents
Jun7A Bazillion Offering Statuettes at the Sanzen-in Temple
Jun5Secluded Beach on Ishigaki Island, Part II
Jun4Milk Drops
Jun3More Geekdome: Twitter OAuth Authentication Routines for Lightroom Plugins
Jun2A Better Center-Crosshair Target for Google Earth
Jun2Programming in the Stone Age: SHA-1 and HMAC-SHA1 in Pure Lua
Jun1Serenity at the Sanzen-in Temple
May 2009
May31Pleasant Sunday: Family Bike Ride in Kyoto
May29Shocking! IE8 Is Just a Rebranded Version of Firefox
May28Insights from a 6yr old: Youth is Wasted on the Young
May27A Visit to Kyoto's Sanzen-in Temple, Part II
May25Desktop Backgrounds from Kyoto's Sanzen-in Temple
May25A Visit to Kyoto's Sanzen-in Temple
May22A Wii Bit of Trouble as the Swine Flu Engulfs Kyoto
May21Secluded Beach on Ishigaki Island, Part I
May18Ishigaki Day 2, Morning: Pineapples and the Tamatorisaki Lookout
May17Life is Tenacious: Tiny Ocean Flowers
May16Pitch-Black Photography: Moon over the East China Sea
May15First Dinner on Ishigaki: Ishigaki Steak Over Hot Coals
May12Rough Teas Ahead: Answer to the Linguistic Quiz
May11Big Ferns on Ishigaki Island
May10Ishigaki: Sunset from the Oganzaki Lighthouse
May8Linguistic Quiz: Japanese-to-English Translation Gone Bad
May7On The Road to Ishigakijima
May4Anthony's "Adventures of Craneman", #1
May4Back from Ishigaki
April 2009
Apr29Heading South for a Few Days...
Apr27Discovering Kyoto's Mt. Yoshida
Apr26Query Current Location from Google Earth?
Apr24School Prep, and Another Bento
Apr23Simple Bamboo Fence
Apr21Cherry Blossoms in the Rain at the Heian Shrine, Part 2
Apr19Cherry Blossoms in the Rain at the Heian Shrine
Apr18Geometric "What am I?" Quiz
Apr18Very Green Ferris Wheel
Apr17"What am I?" Quiz, Monochromatic Edition
Apr15Ram Kulkarni at Kyoto's Shogunzuka Overlook
Apr14More From the Awaji Flower Review
Apr14Growing Up Quickly: Off To First Grade On His Own
Apr13I'm Not Really Sure What To Say...
Apr12Little Tamaki-chan in a Field of Violets
Apr12A Visit to Western Kyoto's Konzou Temple
Apr10A Pleasant Cherry-Blossom Morning in Kyoto
Apr9Anthony Starts First Grade
Apr8Strange Image Effect that I Don't Understand... Any Ideas?
Apr8A Few Flowers in Awaji
Apr7A Few Blossoms, A Few Friends
Apr5Evening Cherry Blossoms, and some White-Balance Gymnastics
Apr5Wet and Gloomy Cherry-Blossom Lightup in Kyoto
Apr4Fir Cones (Whatever Those Are)
Apr3"What am I?" Quiz: Nature Version
Apr1Cherry-Blossom "Snow", and Some So-So Desktop Backgrounds
March 2009
Mar30Sneak Peek: New Lightroom Plugin
Mar29All Dressed Up in Kinosaki
Mar27Baking Birthday Cookies for Mommy
Mar25Ice Skating, Shopping, and an Important Bus Ride
Mar23Raising Crane in Otsu
Mar22Solid Steel "What am I?" Quiz
Mar20A Pleasant Day on Yabasekihantou, Part II
Mar19A Pleasant Day on Yabasekihantou, Part I
Mar18"Looks Like a Bunch of Bars" What-am-I? Quiz
Mar16Anthony's Kindergarten Graduation
Mar15Bigger than the Biggest Grapefruit You've Ever Seen
Mar13Kyoto Cherry-Blossom Preview, 2009
Mar10“Untitled, 2009”
Mar8Katz Eye Focus Screen Now Available for the D700!
Mar7Happy Birth Day, Felicity Jane Friedl
Mar4Kyoto's "I Fall" Tower
Mar3What am I? — Industrial Version
Mar2Takashima's Shirohige Shrine (sort of)
February 2009
Feb28Overexposure and Underexposure, and the Compensation Thereof
Feb25Okinawa's Atta Terrace Hotel
Feb23Curious George All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go
Feb22More Thin-Depth-of-Field Fun
Feb20Another Milestone on the Road to Growing Up
Feb19Anthony's Mad Soccer Skillz
Feb15Lightroom Plugin Development: Now With Added Encouragement
Feb14Anthony's First Solo Outing
Feb14Scenes from the Slopes
Feb12Main Gate of the Shirohige Shrine
Feb11It's Coming: Time on a Roll
Feb10Answer to the Previous "What am I?" Quiz
Feb10Anthony's First Ski Experience
Feb8Today's (Second) Quiz: What am I?
Feb8Spot-Metering Quiz
Feb8Spot On: Camera Metering Basics
Feb6Another Shogunzuka Sunset over Kyoto
Feb4More Bamboo
Feb3Lightroom Plugin Development: What To Do When a Hobby Becomes Work
Feb2Western-Kyoto Mountain Drive: Bamboo, Nostalgia, and More
Feb1Google's "My Maps" : Hidden Trove of Useful Treasures
January 2009
Jan31Setsubun Mamemaki: Throwing of the Beans
Jan31A Visit to Okinawa's Kouri Island
Jan29Where Has the Basic Sense of Right and Wrong Gone?
Jan29Hello Kitty Restaurateur
Jan28Kyoto Plum-Blossom Status Report: Kitano Tenmangu Shrine
Jan27Cold, Wet, and Slippery in Kinosaki
Jan27Lightroom Plugin: Run-Any-Command Export Filter
Jan26Lightroom Plugin: Catalog Preview-Image Extraction Tool
Jan25Quiz: What am I?
Jan24Wall-E, a Spoon, a Bear, and a Kid
Jan21Coming of Age Day : Final Roundup
Jan19Lots of Crows at Kyoto's Shogunzuka Overlook
Jan16Late-Afternoon Sun from Kouri Island
Jan15Pushing Lowlight-Photography Limits: The Atta Terrace Hotel at Night
Jan13Coming of Age Day : Portraits
Jan12Japan's Coming of Age Day Holiday Spectacle
Jan112009 Kyoto City Fire Department New-Year Parade (sort of)
Jan10In the Ballpark of Hope: Okinawan Grave In the Dark
Jan9Japanese Attention to Presentation
Jan8Thanks, Sony
Jan8Lonely Island in Okinawa (Desktop Background Bonus)
Jan6Japan's 2009 Cherry-Blossom Season Off to an Early Start
Jan3Common Sense: Blinded by Math
Jan3Grab-n-Go Meal
Posts In 2008
December 2008
Dec31Kyoto's Haunted Hua Huan Museum
Dec31Photos Appearing in 2008
Dec29A Few Kyoto Entrances
Dec28Life and Death of a Small Wooden Tower
Dec27New Year's Tangerines on Cars, and More....
Dec23Kyoto Winter Preview, Part II
Dec21Snowy Quiz: What am I?
Dec20Trace of Fall Colors Still Remains in Kyoto
Dec18Kyoto Winter Preview (Sort Of)
Dec16LensAlign Focus-Calibration System
Dec15The Wonder of Japan's Open-Air Urinals
Dec13Japanese Shirts and Nonsensical English
Dec12No Motorcycles Allowed..... Sometimes... Sort of
Dec11Today's Photogenic Adventures in Kyoto
Dec11Autumn Colors Winding Down
Dec9Heavy Lifting: Supporting the Longest Suspension Bridge in the World
Dec9Today's Quiz: What am I (besides colorful hexagons)?
Dec7Burning Relief: The Outside Walls of Kyoto's Murin'an Garden
Dec6A Rant about "Free Photography" Rants
Dec4More From the Real Shogunzuka
Dec3Recovering Photos from a Corrupt Memory Card with PhotoRec
Dec2Thoughts on Japan from a First-Time Visitor
November 2008
Nov29A Rocket, Periscope, and other Presents from Grandma and Grandpa
Nov29The Real Shougunzuka Kyoto Overlook
Nov27Abandoned House Returning To Nature
Nov27On The Path To Daimonji: Where the City Ends
Nov25Large Wooden Gate Repair
Nov24Playing at BørneLund with Gen
Nov23Mountain Drive to Hiyoshi Dam (with Desktop-Background Bonuses)
Nov22Visiting the Shrine in Kibune with Thomas
Nov21The Neighbor's Tree
Nov19Eizan Train Line's "Fall-Foliage Tunnel" Lightup
Nov19Kyoto's Annual Neutering of the Trees
Nov18Not Quite Giving Up on Sunsets..... Yet
Nov18Thanks Dmitry, The Post is Visible Now!
Nov17Anthony's Birthday Helicopter And Some Creativity
Nov16More From the Eikando Temple Foliage Lightup
Nov15How I Spent My Saturday in Kyoto
Nov14More Kids in Kimono: Still Cute
Nov13Amazing Technology of Old: Large Wooden Gear
Nov13Jerks At Gizmodo: Way Uncool
Nov12Kids in Kimono: Cute Enough to Eat
Nov12Today's Sunset in Kyoto: Ho-Hum & Yawn
Nov11Still Waiting for Fall Colors in Kyoto
Nov11Anthony's Interesting Style Choice
Nov11Today's Sunset: the Deepest, Truest Orange I Have Ever Seen
Nov11Soft-Focus Flower Arrangement
Nov9Ordination of Sister Yukari Saikawa
Nov8Visiting Kibune with Thomas
Nov7Thomas Hertel in Kyoto: Taste of Fall at Dusk
Nov3Mommy Teaches Anthony to Jump from a Swing
Nov2Seeking Fall Colors in the Mountains
Nov1Fish That Looks Like an Apple Pie
October 2008
Oct29Finally, Geoencoding in Lightroom! Announcing my GPS-Support Plugin
Oct27Anthony's English Homework
Oct26Anthony's Birthday Helicopter
Oct23Anthony Turns Six
Oct21Serendipitous Fun with Adobe Lightroom
Oct21PuriPuri-chan: Swallowtail Butterfly From Start to Finish
Oct21iFail: iPhone Photo Viewer is Mostly Worthless
Oct18Lightroom "GPS Proximity Search" Plugin
Oct18Note to Mommy II
Oct16Kyoto 2008 Fall Foliage Preview, Part III
Oct15Anthony's First All-by-Himself Letter
Oct14Anthony's Helicopter Ride
Oct12Kid Play: "Tractor Treader" Blow Up Rolly Thing
Oct11Perfect Weather for a Snooze on a Park Bench
Oct10Kyoto 2008 Fall Foliage Preview, Part II
Oct9Pop Dancer
Oct8Waterfall Wall
Oct6Backing Up My Photos With Lightroom and Zenfolio
Oct6New Server Hardware
Oct4Random Pictures from Around Japan
Oct3Modern Woodworking, Circa 1830
Oct1Updates on My PayPal and Apple Woes
September 2008
Sep30Slippery Green Slidy Day of Fun
Sep28Magic and Go Carts at Shiga's "Blume-no-Oka"
Sep27Car and a Nice Sunset
Sep26Apple Customer Care: Making Strides in Automated Cluelessness
Sep25Kyoto Fall Foliage Preview
Sep24D700 at Dusk: Bike Ride, Etc.
Sep24The Image of Cute Kids, Japanese Style
Sep22Memory Lane: My First Macro Attempts
Sep20Camera Tutorial: How to Ruin Your Shots (Before You Even Take Them!)
Sep20Lightroom 2.1 (Release Candidate)
Sep19A Few More D700 f/1.2 Night Shots
Sep18Visiting Joan in Vancouver
Sep17Movie Shoot
Sep17"Flash Sync Speed" and Other Mysteries Explained
Sep16Power-Ranger Anthony
Sep15Impossible Photography: No Light, No Tripod, No Hope. D700 and a 50mm f/1.2
Sep13Welcome Baby Jena
Sep13I Now Love my iPhone
Sep12More Playground Fun
Sep11I Got an iPhone, but...
Sep10View from the Window Seat
Sep9Back in Kyoto (2008 Edition)
Sep6One Intersection, Two Starbucks
Sep5Congrats! My Sister is Expecting a Baby
Sep4Surreal (and exceedingly unpleasant) PayPal Experience
Sep4Nikon D3 Shutter Release in Super Slow Motion
Sep2A Short, Wet Trip Up Whistler Mountain
Sep1The Four Seasons Hotel, Vancouver
August 2008
Aug31Old Farm
Aug29Cattail and Clouds
Aug28Kid Play in Whistler: Bungee Trampoline
Aug28The Four Seasons Resort, Whistler
Aug26What am I?
Aug24"Lost Lake" Bike Ride in Whistler
Aug23"Deluxe Executive Suite" at the Four Seasons, Whistler
Aug21Vancouver Aquarium
Aug20Visiting Vancouver
Aug18Jogging with Grandpa, Again
Aug18Leaves Stripped Clean
Aug17Sharp-Dressed (Five-year-old) Man
Aug16Life and Death of a Sand Castle, Part III: Destruction
Aug15Life and Death of a Sand Castle, Part II: Expansion
Aug13Life and Death of a Sand Castle: Part I
Aug12Feeding the Birds
Aug11More Dynamic Clouds, and a Small Rainbow
Aug10Pretty Clouds, and the Frustration of Trying to Photograph Them
Aug9Boston Globe's The Big Picture, and the Photography Olympics
Aug8Coloring With Grandma
Aug7Jogging with Grandpa
Aug6Why Does "Brightness" Wash Colors to White?
Aug6"Don't Confuse Me With The Facts": Image Linking and Distribution
Aug5Brilliant Flower, Not-so-Brilliant Processing
Aug4A Merry-go-Round, Fill Flash, and Too Fast a Shutter
Aug3Midlife Chryslers in Concert
Aug1Funky Joy With Adobe Lightroom
July 2008
Jul31Not Really Singing in the Rain
Jul30More Cousin Play: Big Playground in Stow
Jul30Bubble Play with Aunt Natalie
Jul29Lots of New Toys with Lightroom 2.0
Jul28Darn, Forgot to Bring My Camera
Jul27More Play with Cousin Josh
Jul26In Ohio for the Summer
Jul24Heading to The States...
Jul23Making a Difference, One Day at a Time
Jul23Tomato Harvest 2008
Jul22River Play with Greg
Jul21Hot and Lazy Summer Day in Kyoto
Jul20Hyperaccessorized Car
Jul20Yoko-chan's Singing Event
Jul19Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Jul19Pretty Pictures: Announcing My Photostreams
Jul17The Mystery of Japanese Road Repair
Jul16Camping with Anthony: Final Wrapup
Jul14Nine-Dollar Cup of Coffee
Jul13Origami Water Lily
Jul12The Beauty of a Weathered Shrine Roof
Jul10Pretty Flowers, A Fly, and Some Onions
Jul10Jeffrey's Lightroom Goodies (Plugins and Tools)
Jul8"Temporarily Closed"
Jul7Anthony's New Sparkling Gleaming Shoes
Jul7Water Play From Bygone Summers
Jul6Water Play at Gen's House
Jul5Noritake China's "N4" Series
Jul4Today's Quiz: What am I?
Jul3My Visit to a Japanese High School
Jul2Stroll By the Canal
Jul1Nikon D700 Announced
Jul1Egregious Waste In The Name Of.... well, I'm not quite sure
June 2008
Jun30A Few Polarization-Filter Examples
Jun28The Kamo no Shirabe Cafe in Takashima
Jun28Kyoto, From Shogunzuka, at Night
Jun26Zippy Fast Bamboo
Jun26Little Snail Friends at the Giouji Temple
Jun25Watching a Helicopter Take Off
Jun23Fire vs. Building: Fire Wins
Jun22Kids Are Much Smarter Than You Think
Jun22Life Stages of a Dandelion
Jun21City of Kusatsu's "Water Forest"
Jun20Water Lily
Jun19Fushimi Inari Shrine: Generations
Jun18"HDR", and Why I Don't Do It
Jun16Folding Fans
Jun15Higashiyama Hike: Kiyomizu Temple
Jun13Geometric Richness in Kanazawa Station
Jun13Kanazawa Station: Modern Interpretation of Traditional Japan
Jun12Playing with Gen
Jun11Hiking Close to Home: Higashiyama
Jun10Kotsuiri — "Placing of the Bones"
Jun9Today's Quiz: What am I?
Jun7Camping with Anthony, Day 6: Amanohashidate
Jun4Finally Getting Our Money's Worth Out Of This Kid
Jun3More from the Parrington Nuptials
Jun2Kevin and Yoko Parrington
May 2008
May31Fushimi Inari Shrine: Foxes, Treasure, and More....
May30More from the Fushimi Inari Shrine
May28Kyoto's Dazzling Fushimi Inari Shrine
May26Camping with Anthony: Day 5 (Sort of)
May24Pink Puffy Flower Puffs
May23New Captioning for my Lightroom Plugins
May22Camping with Anthony, Day 4
May20Panning a Timelapse with Lightroom and Perl
May19Noh Theater, and Missed Opportunities
May17Camping with Anthony, Day 3
May1610th-Anniversary Fish Pie (Really)
May14Impromptu River Play with Akiko-chan
May13Camping with Anthony, Day 2: Sunset with New Friends
May11Camping with Anthony, Day 2: Getting Wet
May10Camping with Anthony, Day 2: Early-Morning Walk
May9Hanging Wisteria at the Sandai Shrine, Kusatsu-City, Japan
May9Thank You For Finding My Phone
May8Something Fishy About This Bird
May8Camping with Anthony: Day 1
May6Back From Five Days of Camping
May1Going Camping for a Few Days
April 2008
Apr30One Year Ago: Furano (Hokkaido, Japan)
Apr27Tasty Keihan
Apr27Kine Imai: 1924 - 2008
Apr24Intelligence: Your Best Training Way of Defeating Everything
Apr23Heavy Wooden Entrance To Kyoto's Nijo Castle
Apr22Pleasant Day at the Imperial Palace
Apr22Preset Template Tokens in My Lightroom Plugins
Apr21A Pleasant Day Along the Kamo River
Apr20Toushoumen: a Different Style of Noodle
Apr18Fun Spooky-Tree Swing on Amami
Apr17Renewing Anthony's Passport
Apr15Fluffy Pink, a Big Gray Bird, and Excellent Mexican Food
Apr11The Hanami was Nice, But...
Apr11Sigh, Lost My Cellphone
Apr11Lightroom 1.4.1 Released
Apr10Ugly in Pink: Not All Blossoms Are Created Equal
Apr9Gorgeous Cherry Blossoms at Kyoto's Old Imperial Palace
Apr7Just Like That, Kyoto's Cherry-Blossom Season Ends
Apr6Cherry-Blossom Joie de Vivre in Kyoto
Apr6Kyoto Cherry-Blossom Lightup, 2008
Apr5Cherry-Blossom Full Bloom Hits Kyoto
Apr5On the Beach at the Bashayama-mura Resort, Amami Ooshima
Apr3Sakura from my Kitchen Window
Apr3Venting About My (sort of) Cursed Vacation
Apr2Lightroom 2.0 beta Released
March 2008
Mar29Pink Sakura, Green Fuzzies, some Brass, and a Motorcycle Cop
Mar27Amami Tour Guide: Hirozou Yasuda
Mar25It Has Begun: Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto
Mar24Kitano Tenmangu Shrine Part II
Mar24Late to the Party: Plum Blossoms at the Kitano Tenmangu Shrine
Mar23Spooky Tree on Amami's Kakeroma-jima Island
Mar22Playing in the River with Gen
Mar21Kyoto Higashiyama "Hanatoro" Lightup Event, Part II
Mar21Hinamatsuri Display Made by a Five Year Old
Mar20Ropes of Origami Cranes
Mar18Kyoto Higashiyama "Hanatoro" Lightup Event
Mar18Overwhelmed: an Embarrassment of Riches
Mar15Kyoto Cherry-Blossom Preview: Live From the Imperial Palace
Mar14Cherry Blossom Timelapse: Fleeting Floral Fireworks
Mar14Lightroom 1.4: Minor Update
Mar13Kyoto Station, Part II
Mar12Homemade Kinako: Soybeans, a Mortar, Pestle, and a Five Year Old
Mar10Out of Season: Kenrokuen Gardens of Kanazawa
Mar9Anthony Riding a Horse, Bike, and More....
Mar8Newlyweds, Etc. in Kanazawa
Mar6Kyoto Plum-Blossom Preview
Mar4Desktop Backgrounds: Bamboo, Stones, and Coral
Mar2Kyoto Cherry-Blossom Preview
Mar1Selective Focus
February 2008
Feb29Snowy Gardens of the Heian Shrine, Part III
Feb28City of Otsu's "Yumekko" Play Land
Feb27Snowy Gardens of the Heian Shrine, Part II
Feb25Snowy Gardens of the Heian Shrine, Part I
Feb24Snowy Round Trip to the Heian Shrine (with Desktop-Background Bonus)
Feb23Snowy Bridge in Kyoto
Feb22Anthony and George
Feb20Second-Tier Photos from June 3, 2007
Feb19On Photography and Rights
Feb18Amazing Snow at the Heian Shrine
Feb18Crow and Snowy Trees: Is This Photo Interesting?
Feb17My Tryout For the United States Secret Service
Feb17Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 Zoom Now Available
Feb16My Photo and Blog-Writing Workflow
Feb15Amami's Mangroves
Feb14More Snow in Kyoto: Pretty Pictures This Time
Feb13More Snow, but Less Drama
Feb12A Few More Pics From Yesterday
Feb12D200 "Black Frame Syndrome" Solved
Feb11Anthony Can Ride a Bike
Feb10Heavy Snow in Kyoto
Feb10"We Interrupt This Program...."
Feb7Some Old Posts From When We Moved to Japan
Feb6Intense Burn: Shinto Rite at the Heian Shrine
Feb5Artsy-Fartsy in Kyoto, at f/1.2
Feb4Old Coral Walls of Amami
Feb4Hot Stuff
Feb3Setsubun and Mamemaki: Driving out the Demons
Feb2Dynamic Skies in Amami
Feb2Multiple-Monitor Goodness: My New Eizo Monitor
January 2008
Jan31Pretty Flowers
Jan30Inside the Bullet Train
Jan29Odd Bridge Loopy Road Thing
Jan27Roppongi Hills Dog Boutique, Etc.
Jan26Anthony is Thankful
Jan26Monet and her Mommy
Jan24Speedy MacBook Repair
Jan24Perspectives on Ultimate Frisbee
Jan22Lightroom Plugin Updates, and a New Piglet
Jan22Lightroom 1 "Run Any Command" Piglet
Jan21Screwed: My Story of Laptop Self-Repair
Jan20Cooking Play
Jan19Remote-Island Bed-and-Breakfast: "Horizon Club"
Jan19Amazingly Large Drifts of Snow
Jan17Snugglies for Trees, and More
Jan17Anthony's Recent Bentos
Jan16Aburi-Mochi: Grilled Mochi on Skewers
Jan15"Piglets", Lightroom Plugin Extensions
Jan15Lightroom 1 Export Plugin Plugins: "Piglets"
Jan15Extremely Blue Light Display
Jan13Another Look at Anthony Serving
Jan13Cultural Awareness
Jan12Colorful Plants on the Amami Islands
Jan12Making Udon Noodles from Scratch
Jan10Old Japanese Lock
Jan9Really, Really Windy Days in Amami
Jan7Anthony's PlayRail Train Set
Jan6Anthony Serves At Mass
Jan6Amami Islands, Southern Japan
Jan5Lightroom Plugin "FormatMessageW failed" Error: Possible Solution from Alexander Kiel
Jan4New Look for my Blog
Jan3Our 2008 New Year's Card
Posts In 2007
December 2007
Dec29Winter in Kyoto: Lotsa Red Berries
Dec29Photos Appearing in 2007
Dec29Camera Sensor Dust Reference Page
Dec29Our Christmas Present to Ourselves
Dec27More Presents, More Cheers, and a Helicopter
Dec26Anatomy of a Present Unwrapping
Dec25Our Christmas Tree; Our Christmas
Dec24Christmas Eve, 2007
Dec22Efficient Use of Land
Dec22Accessing Yahoo! Maps from Adobe Lightroom
Dec22Old House of Bamboo and Mud
Dec20Anthony Writes His Name
Dec19FotoSharp 16" Camera RainCoat
Dec17Just Released: Picasa Web Export Plugin for Lightroom
Dec17Lightroom 1 Export Plugin for Picasa Web
Dec17Anthony's Drawings Move to the Next Level
Dec15Sunrise in Takamastu, Japan
Dec14Mountain of Shells
Dec12Orange Sunset in Kyoto
Dec11Stupid Macro Tricks: Photography at 35-Times Magnification
Dec10The Most Difficult Aspect of Photographic Lighting
Dec9The "Elf Yourself" School of Fine Print
Dec8The 38-Story "Otsu Mary"
Dec6Anthony Playing Among the Fall Colors
Dec5Nikon D200 "Black Frame Syndrome" (with a desktop-background bonus)
Dec3Robert Bringhurst's The Elements of Typographic Style
Dec1Making the Best of Bright Light in Fall-Color Photography
November 2007
Nov30Ram Kulkarni
Nov28A Kinki Drive: The No. 2 Keihan Expressway
Nov27Hamamoto Bonesetting Clinic
Nov25Wall of "Unrolled" Bamboo (with Desktop Backgrounds)
Nov24Anthony and Friends Among the Colors
Nov21Touch of Color from the Nanzen Temple
Nov21SmugMug/Zenfolio/Flickr Export-to-Lightroom Plugins Released
Nov20Lightroom 1 Export Plugin for Flickr
Nov20Lightroom Export Plugin For Flickr (sort of)
Nov18Bonanza of Fall-Foliage Desktop Backgrounds
Nov17How to Install an Export Plugin in Lightroom 1
Nov16Lightroom 1.3 & Export Plugins for SmugMug and Zenfolio
Nov16Lightroom 1 Export Plugin for SmugMug
Nov16Lightroom 1 Export Plugin for Zenfolio
Nov15The Most-Excellent Architecture of Kyoto Station
Nov14Rare Shinto Shrine-Closing Ceremony
Nov13Photo Essay: Why I Hate Living in Kyoto
Nov12Fiery Momiji & Kousuke Fukui
Nov11Two Japan-Related Desktop Backgrounds
Nov9Cameras in the Park
Nov8Lots of Rock at Osaka Castle Park
Nov7Paper Airplanes in the Park
Nov7Today's Quiz: What am I?
Nov6Chestnut on a Bed of Moss (with desktop-background bonus)
Nov5Impromptu Portraits in the Park
Nov5Cinderella on the Train
Nov4Another Outing at Dusk
Nov3First Taste of Kyoto's Autumn
Nov1Itsukushima Shrine at Low Tide
October 2007
Oct31Calendar-Template-Building Script, Version 3
Oct31Light — Science and Magic
Oct29Hello-Kitty Van
Oct28Miyajima at Low Tide
Oct26Anthony Turns Five, Part II
Oct23Anthony Turns Five
Oct22Cute Origami Puppies
Oct21Today's Quiz: What am I?
Oct20Boxed In: New House and Parking Lot
Oct17Five-Storied Pagoda on Miyajima
Oct16Macro Photograhpy and Reverse-Lens Basics
Oct15Pesky Burrs and Extreme Macro Photography
Oct14If It's Not in Frame, It Doesn't Exist
Oct12Ikebana, Part II
Oct11Miyajima: Approach, Path, and Gates
Oct11Kyoto Fall-Color Preview, Part III
Oct11Trying My Hand at Product Photography
Oct9Preschooler Ikebana (Flower Arranging)
Oct8Why I Shoot Raw: Recovering From Disasters
Oct6Main Gate of the Itsukushima Shrine, at Night
Oct5Preschool Car Repair
Oct4Miyajima's Mt. Misen
Oct3Bench in Miyajima
Oct3Kousuke Atari in Concert, Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima Japan
Oct1Back from Miyajima
September 2007
Sep29Kyoto Fall-Color Preview, Part II
Sep28My Visit with a Nikon D3
Sep26Calendar-Template-Building Script, Version 3b1
Sep26High Performance Web Sites
Sep26Discovering Photoshop Internal Font Names
Sep24Kids' Colorful Tea Bottles
Sep23Another View of the Rice Terraces
Sep22D200 "Dead Battery Syndrome" )-:
Sep21Tripod Stability Tests, Part III
Sep20Tripod Stability Tests: on Shutter Speed
Sep19Kyoto Fall-Color Preview
Sep18Tripod Stability Tests, Part II
Sep17Tripod Stability Tests, Part I
Sep17Considerations for Building and Using a Tripod
Sep16The Rice Harvest, Old-School
Sep15Singing in the Rain
Sep14History Written in Brick
Sep14Lightroom 1.2 Released
Sep13Andrei Zmievski's Photoblog
Sep12Perfect Focus, and a Surprise
Sep12The Rice Harvest
Sep11Colorful Patterns Under the Curtains
Sep10The Japanese Beer Market
Sep8Tiered Rice Paddies
Sep7Playing Among the Rice Paddies
Sep7Zak Braverman's Blog
Sep6Amazing Rainbow in Kyoto Tonight
Sep1"Painting" with Painter Essentials 3, and Photoshop
August 2007
Aug31Present from Maho-kun
Aug30Unbridled Excitement with a Pop-up Pirate
Aug28Back in Kyoto
Aug26Josh and Anthony
Aug25Toys Sandblasted by Heavy Rain
Aug24My New Monopod
Aug23Kids Love Trains
Aug23Nikon D300 / D3 Announcements
Aug22How To Gross Out Your Sister
Aug22Katz Eye Focusing Screen for a Nikon D200
Aug20Scenes From a Fallen Tree, Part II
Aug19Blanket of Trees
Aug17Tripod, by Gitzo and Really Right Stuff
Aug16Kid in the Country: Gardening
Aug14Ah, Shucks! Anthony's First Fresh Sweet Corn
Aug13Anthony's First Model-Rocket Launch
Aug11Clearing Away a Tree Blown Down by a Storm
Aug11Kids Say the Most Amazing Things
Aug11Really Wet And Scruffy Birds on the Veranda
Aug10Welcome, Luke Friedl (My New Nephew)
Aug9New GPS Unit: Garmin eTrex Legend HCx
Aug8Scruffy Birds on the Veranda
Aug7Kid in the Country: Binking with Grandpa
Aug7Magnesium Citrate
Aug2Spending Time With Grandma and Grandpa
July 2007
Jul30"Trust Me"
Jul29Anthony Discovers Fireflies
Jul26A Different Wall at Kyoto's Giouji Temple
Jul25New Toy, Old Sweater
Jul25Anthony Says "Hi" to Mommy on a Sit n' Spin™
Jul24Kid in the Country: Golf
Jul23Kid in the Country: Farm
Jul23Hardworking Kid with a Toy Backhoe
Jul22Our Flight from Kyoto to Ohio
Jul20Blog Table of Contents: List of Posts
Jul17Anthony Inspects a Butterfly
Jul16Views of Kyoto From Shougun-zuka
Jul15A Tasty Melon
Jul14Feasting Like Indulgent Royalty on Matsutake Mushrooms
Jul13Kyoto's Miyagawa-Cho District
Jul13Daimonji Fire Pits, Part 2
Jul12Daimonji's Hidoko Fire Pits
Jul11Great Wet Heron
Jul9Big Burgeoning Mushrooms, Boys, and Bugs
Jul8Anthony's Friend's New Sister
Jul7A Few Unremarkable Fern Pictures
Jul6More From the Giouji Temple
Jul5Kyoto's Okazaki Area, From Mt. Daimonji
Jul3Silly Mountaintop Lunch With Kana-Chan
Jul3New Tricks with the MacBook Mouse
Jul1Mt. Daimonji Hike
Jul1Cooling Off with Pastel Cherry-Blossom Desktop Backgrounds
June 2007
Jun28Vine and Bamboo, Green Edition (With Desktop Backgrounds)
Jun28Freaky "Artsy" Sharpening with Lightroom 1.1
Jun27Lightroom Metadata Viewer Preset Builder (for Lightroom 1.1+)
Jun27Lightroom 1.1 Released
Jun27Rivers of Noodles in Kibune
Jun26Lunch Over the River in Kibune
Jun25Yet More from Picturesque Biei (Hokkaido, Japan)
Jun23An Introduction to Kyoto's Hougon'in Temple
Jun23Rainy Day in Arashiyama
Jun21Lawrence Solum, and Random Pics from Arashiyama
Jun21Mosses at the Giouji Temple, Kyoto Japan
Jun19Anthony the Valet
Jun17Leaf on a Wall: Giouji Temple Desktop Background
Jun16Giouji Temple Part 2: Gate and Walls
Jun16An Introduction to Kyoto's Giouji Temple
Jun14Tiniest Train Station
Jun14On the Way to the Nanzen Temple....
Jun12More From Nanzenji (with desktop background bonuses)
Jun11Medical Science Confirms: I am Full of Hot Air
Jun10Family Moments at the Nanzen Temple
Jun10Furano Wine House Park
Jun8More From the Kiyomizu Temple
Jun7Master Kyoto Sweet Maker Ji'ichiro Kunieta
Jun6Kibune Shrine (Sort Of)
Jun5Aunt Jeannette Still in Kyoto
Jun4KFC and Verena in Kyoto
Jun3Aunt Jeannette In Kyoto
Jun2Old Wood-Veneer Siding (Desktop Background)
Jun1More Biei Countryside
May 2007
May30Yoko-chan's Daddy, Unplugged
May29Actual Cherries, and Long (Daytime) Exposures
May29A Randomly Photographed Stroll in Kyoto
May28Twisted English in the News
May27Preparing a Paddy for Rice Seedlings
May26Purple Irises in the Mountains
May25Berries, Tree, Goat, River, and a Road Sign
May25Update on Color Spaces: Windows is Color Stupid
May24Lightroom is to Photographers what Photoshop is to Photographs
May24Pink Flower and Green Canal
May23Lunch with a Great Blue Heron
May22More Snow in May
May22Noisy Frogs in the Rice Field
May21Buncha' Flowers in a Pot
May20Ouch!, Excellent Multilingual Wordplay
May19Still Forsaken: Kyoto University's Kumano Dorm
May18Revisiting Kyoto Temples in Autumn
May18New Furano Prince Hotel, Furano Hokkaido Japan
May16Deeply Rich Colors at the Kyoto Botanical Gardens
May15Little Toy Cars and Big Toy Hype
May15More "Other Colors of Spring"
May14Solid Copper Rain Gutter
May13Abandoned Houses in Hokkaido
May12A Few More Blossom Pictures From Yodogawa Kasen Park
May11Heian Shrine from Afar
May11Good Photographers, Bad Writers
May10Feast Fit for a Monkey
May10Sunset From The Ferry
May10Car Ferry to Hokkaido: Our Trip on the Suisen
May9The Kyoto Keage Water-Treatment Plant
May8Azaleas at the Keage Water-Treatment Plant
May7Stinky Feet
May6Pretty Fields in Biei, Hokkaido, and the Price of Photography
May6Freaky View of London via Google Maps
May5Koinobori in Biei, Hokkaido
May2Snow in May: Visiting Hokkaido
April 2007
Apr27Kids Love Bubbles
Apr26Feasting Assassin Bug
Apr26Koinobori Bento
Apr25"A Buncha' Stones" Desktop Background
Apr2510 Gallons of Blossoms on a 5-Gallon Branch
Apr24Renewing my Visa with Bill Bryson
Apr24Computer for a Four-Year-Old
Apr23Year #2: It's Still About the Bento
Apr23Doubling Up on Grammar Checks
Apr22Getting Ready for Summer, in Kibune
Apr21Heavy Industries on the Kitchen Table
Apr20Freaky Raw Processing: From Sunset to Moonrise with Adobe Lightroom
Apr20Unavoidable Decisions with Yahoo! Messenger
Apr18A Sunset, and Funky Water-Written Patterns in the Sand
Apr17Getting Kanji Working in Emacs: Mule-UCS Startup Hook
Apr16Brandy & Orange Kit-Kat Candy Bar
Apr15"Entrance" means "Not Out", and a freaky plant (sort of)
Apr14Anthony Gets a BBQ Set
Apr13Chocolate Cake and Milk
Apr12Lots of Blossoms, but still Lots of Buds
Apr12Enjoying the Cherry Blossoms
Apr11Sakura and the Main Gate of the Heian Shrine (With Desktop Background)
Apr10Two Anthony Projects: Security Gate & Impromptu Airplane
Apr9Amazing Cherry Blossoms in North-East Kyoto
Apr8Easter Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto
Apr6Other Colors of Spring
Apr5Night Long-Exposure Gion Cherry Blossoms
Apr4Nighttime Long-Exposure Cherry Blossoms
Apr3Renewing my Visa to Remain in Japan
Apr3Cherry Blossoms in the Middle of Three Rivers
March 2007
Mar31Pictures of People Taking Cherry-Blossom Pictures
Mar30Night Cherry Blossoms in the Gion area of Kyoto
Mar29Two-year old using chopsticks
Mar28Tasty Squid Pizza, and other Culinary Delights
Mar28More Cherry Blossoms from Daigo Temple
Mar25Kyoto's Road to Nowhere
Mar24Getting Started With Cherry-Blossom Pictures (with a Desktop Background Bonus)
Mar24Top 10 Worst Major Releases of Microsoft® Windows®
Mar23Golden Poo: Feces of Financial Fortune
Mar23Funky Icicles and Snowy Mountains
Mar18Anthony at the Park with my Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8
Mar17Anthony as a Delivery Man
Mar13Jeffrey's Lightroom Configuration Manager
Mar11Slighly Odd Weather in Kyoto Today
Mar11Kyoto City Half Marathon
Mar9Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 Zoom
Mar2Gymnastics, Preschool Style
Mar2More on the Difficulties of Photographing Volleyball
February 2007
Feb28Volleyball Is a Difficult Sport to Photograph
Feb26Japan can be so behind the times
Feb23Two "Appeals to me for some reason" Shots
Feb20Adobe Lightroom: Custom Metadata-Viewer Presets
Feb19Lightroom 1.0 is out; is it done enough for you?
Feb17More on Digital Color Spaces: a Reply to Chris MacAskill
Feb14First Blossoms of 2007
Feb9Funky Flowers at the Kyoto Botanical Gardens
Feb2Women as "Child-Bearing Machines"
Feb2Petting Zoo Comes to School
January 2007
Jan29Adobe Lightroom 1.x Resources
Jan29Adobe Lightroom Version 1.0
Jan29Anthony's Vending Machine
Jan28More Photos by Katsunori Shimada
Jan27Anthony Made a Bento for Mommy
Jan26Bento Lunches, Served Fresh Daily
Jan25Kyoto's New Light Rail System.... Sort Of
Jan25Anthony Drawing: Family and Cats
Jan24A Map of Anthony's Day
Jan23Announcing My Autofocus Test Chart
Jan23Jeffrey's Autofocus Test Chart
Jan22Unplugged: Anthony's Acoustic Guitar
Jan20On the Special Nature of "Blogging"
Jan19My Lens Focus Issues Are Fixed, or "I Told You So"
Jan18My "Index of Photos" Pages
Jan16Wishing for an in-place REPLACE in MySQL
Jan15Forsaken: First Look at Kyoto University's Kumano Dorm
Jan14Vine and Bamboo Again (With Desktop Backgrounds)
Jan12Japanese Lawn Mower
Jan11Will the Real "iPhone" Please Stand Up
Jan11Thoughts on the iPhone and Phone Usability
Jan10Missing You, My Sweet, on Our Anniversary
Jan9Random Pics From Our Ise Trip
Jan8Wifi Digital Picture Frame
Jan6More Anthony Art: Grass is Growing
Jan3Funky Spectral Highlights in My Bokeh
Jan2American Food in Kyoto
Jan1More on Raising a Bilingual Child
Jan1Our 2007 New Year's Card
Posts In 2006
December 2006
Dec31Food at a Japanese Seaside Ryokan
Dec31Photos Appearing in 2006
Dec31Anthony in a Yukata
Dec28The Pure Joy of a Child
Dec27Flashing Lights in my Rear-View Mirror
Dec26My New Computer is Fast
Dec25Our Christmas Eve
Dec22Some Color To Counter Feeling the Blues
Dec21"Elf Yourself" and Contractual Fine Print
Dec20A Cold, and Keeping One's Word
Dec16Anthony The Star of His School Play
Dec15Calendar-Template-Building Script, Version 2
Dec11My Day: Poop and a Trip to Osaka
Dec10Yahoo! Photos Really Sucks
Dec9More Messy Faces, and a Crying Boy
Dec9Anthony and Tall Grass
Dec8NEF, Color Space Settings, and Embedded JPGs
Dec7More Anthony Art
Dec6Colorful Leaves and Colorful Kimono
Dec5Ordered a New Computer
Dec5Photoshop CS2 Calendar-Template-Building Script
Dec3Anthony's Attention to Biological Detail
Dec3The Most Ironic News Headline
Dec2Photoshop's "Darken" Blend Mode (and more fall-foliage desktops)
Dec1Kid + Chocolate Cake = Messy Face
November 2006
Nov30The Color of Kyoto — Desktop Background
Nov29Fostering a Dislike of Sweets
Nov25Relaxing Amid the Fall Colors
Nov25Fence and Vine
Nov24This Coffee Makes Me Sad
Nov23Outside the Konpukuji Temple
Nov22Kyoto Fall Foliage Desktops
Nov22Internet Explorer's Selective Understanding of CSS
Nov21Fall 2006 at Enkouji Temple
Nov19Digital Image Color Spaces
Nov17Kyoto Autumn Foliage (Sort Of)
Nov16Pictures from the Summer: Ohio
Nov13Anthony a "Ring Boy" at Fumie's Friend's Wedding
Nov11Weddings and the Heian Shrine
Nov8Focus Charts and Retesting my Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VR
Nov6Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VR Lens
October 2006
Oct31Sigma 30mm f/1.4 Prime Lens
Oct29Still *More* Presents for Anthony
Oct24More Birthday Presents for Anthony
Oct23Anthony Turns Four
Oct21A Dying Breed: Funny English on Japanese Signs
Oct12My Short Trip to America
Oct10Another Photo-Tech Writeup: NEF Compression
Oct10A Qualitative Analysis of NEF Compression
Oct5Maximum Aperture of the Nikon 18-200mm Throughout its Zoom Range
Oct3Creative Street-Sweeper Design
Oct3Digital-Image Color Spaces, Table of Contents
Oct3Digital-Image Color Spaces, Page 1: Introduction
Oct3Digital-Image Color Spaces, Page 2: Test Images
Oct3Digital-Image Color Spaces, Page 3: History of Color Mis-Management
Oct3Digital-Image Color Spaces, Page 4: Color Management
Oct3Digital-Image Color Spaces, Page 5: Chromaticity Diagrams
Oct3Digital-Image Color Spaces, Page 6: Design Tradeoffs
Oct3Digital-Image Color Spaces, Page 7: Recommendations and Links
September 2006
Sep29How to Sell A House Quickly, and At a Profit
Sep15Back to the Future: On the Terms "NFA," "DFA," and "Regular Expression"
Sep15Source of the famous “Now you have two problems” quote
Sep14MRE3 Reviewed on Slashdot
Sep13Better Search-Engine Indexing of My Blog
Sep13“Found” Photos From Ages Past
Sep11First Bento of the New Semester
Sep11A 3.25 Billion-Dollar “Typo” (Luckly, not mine!)
Sep9Adding Borders to Photos
Sep7Looking Forward to Autumn in Kyoto
Sep6Shedding Light on Misleading Product Packaging
Sep5More Cherry-Blossom Desktops (with Widescreen Versions, too)
Sep3Why I'm Not Attending Doshisha University's Center for Japanese Language
Sep1Back in Kyoto
August 2006
Aug28A Perfect Ultimate-Frisbee Goal
Aug27A short writing about not having time to write
Aug21More Pics From Our Portland Trip
Aug20An 18mm Lens Makes Anthony Into a Giant
Aug16Andy Oram, Parker Ranney, Wade Lagrone, and Hill Ferguson
Aug15My Book Is Out; Visiting LinuxWorld Tomorrow
Aug15Fumie on Lost Lake; Mt. Hood in the Background
Aug12Advice on Changing a MacBook Hard Disk
Aug10Playing in the Sprinklers
Aug10Adding a 0.5TB Drive and Default DMA Settings
Aug6My Visit To Fry's
Aug3Anthony Seems To Be Allergic To Cats
July 2006
Jul31Review of the Sheraton Suites Hotel, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Jul30Fixed version of Yahoo::Search pushed
Jul29Accessing Lightroom's SQLite DB Directly
Jul27Upgrading my MacBook Disk Drive
Jul23hot Hot HOT!
Jul21Mastering Regular Expressions, Third Edition
Jul20Frustration with TracFone Prepaid Wireless
Jul20Looking for a Good Preschool Near Cupertino
Jul18House Cleaner Recommendation / Update On Travel
Jul17Another Day of Travel
Jul15Alan and Natalie Say “I Do”
Jul13The Mystery of Jet Lag
Jul4Bought a New MacBook
June 2006
Jun28Digital Camera “White Balance”
Jun27Anthony Riding a Motorcycle
Jun25Good Videos for a 3-Year Old?
Jun23Can You Tell What This Ad Is About?
Jun20Anthony got a Haircut
Jun19Volleyball and Sushi
Jun15Got Anthony A Helmet(!)
Jun12Anthony's First Bicycle
Jun7I was wrong, and other voting irregularities
Jun5California's “Proposition 82” and how to best raise taxes
May 2006
May31It's All About the Bento
May30Cool Method to Photograph Flying Insects
May27Anthony's First Field Trip
May18Kyoto's “Aoi Matsuri” Festival
May18Big Hubub About Photographing and Fingerprinting Foreigners
May10Followup -- He Was Right, Comments Were Broken
May10The Best Email I've Ever Gotten
May9The Sunrise is Too Early; Off to School for Anthony
May7A Cemetery, Cherry Blossoms, and a big Ramen Noodles Sign
May6You can not possibly imagine how bad I smell today
May1More iPod Gripes
April 2006
Apr25Cherry-Tree Desktop Background Photo
Apr23Life Stages of the Cherry Blosssom
Apr21A Child's Play is Always Rooted in Reality
Apr20Cherry Blossom Finale
Apr18Can YOU guess which hand the ball is in?
Apr18Long Night Exposures and Cherry Blossoms
Apr16Garmin Barometric Altimeter is, Indeed, Worthless
Apr13Having Started Preschool, Anthony is Now a "Big Boy"
Apr11Rain Puddle. Kid. Take a guess...
Apr9Heian Shrine in the Snow
Apr8Daigo Temple Cherry Blossoms (with a desktop-background bouns)
Apr5Still Waiting for Blosssoms, so Looking Back to Autumn
Apr3Sunrise, Malaysian Style
Apr3I Know San Francisco is Wonky, but this seems Implausable
March 2006
Mar31Anthony the Supermodel
Mar30Mother Nature can be a Fickle Mistress
Mar30Welcome, finally, to Baby Joshua!
Mar29Revisiting the Scandal of Executive Compensation
Mar29Server Logs and the Strange Way People Find My Pages
Mar26Plum Blossoms and Photographers
Mar25Thoughts on my Garmin GPSmap 60CS (GPS unit)
Mar22For the sake of irreplaceable persons
Mar21Motherhood Knows no Vacation
Mar21The Best Way to Lose Weight
Mar18Comments on Malaysia Airlines
Mar16Back from Malaysia
Mar14More Thoughts on Malaysia
Mar7First Thoughts of Malaysia
Mar5Off to Malaysia for Ten Days
Mar4You do not want to catch this bug
February 2006
Feb24It will be a traffic nightmare..... but I can't wait!!
Feb21Online Exif (Image Data) Viewer
Feb20Online Exif (Image Data) Viewer
Feb18Lanterns at the Heian Shrine
Feb13Working Out and Feeling Great
Feb13“Press 1 for incompetence....”
Feb13Shame on Volvo for egregious lack of safety
Feb10More hardware problems; Shame on Dell
Feb8Update on Transcend 4GB 120x compact-flash card
Feb6Sick again... third time this year!
Feb4Day of Fun with Camera Toys
Feb2The main gate of the Heian Shrine, from a different angle
January 2006
Jan31“What a wasted day” or “My third trip to the Kyoto DMV”
Jan30For disposing of that nagging spouse?
Jan27Giving Candy to a Baby, and other Faux Pas
Jan24Timing another Transcend card, a 120x card this time
Jan20Fire Department Parade, and my new D200 Camera
Jan19I'm *sick* of being sick
Jan15Shame on Audi for not having LATCH points
Jan14Timing a Transcend 80x 4GB Compact Flash card with a Nikon D200
Jan13Popular Cameras in Japan; Trip to Yodobashi Camera
Jan10Got my D200!
Jan7Lots of snow in Niigata, some snow in Kyoto
Jan6No one likes an "I told you so!"
Jan5My trip to see the Nikon D200
Jan4Why, Why, oh, will someone please tell me WHY?!!
Jan4I've Decided on a Camera
Jan3My Camera's Fit of Jealous Rage; Looking for a D-SLR
Jan1Our Christmas and New-Year Cards
Posts In 2005
December 2005
Dec30How to tell when you're Stinky
Dec30Photos Appearing in 2005
Dec27The Quintessential Anthony
Dec25Our Christmas Eve Tradition
Dec25The True Meaning of Christmas, Japanese Style
Dec24Two views (snowy and sunny) of the main gate of the Heian Shrine
Dec23Unix Ware is Made out of Cheap Plastic
Dec22Yet More Snow in Kyoto
Dec21More Snow in Kyoto
Dec20Rohm's Holiday "Illumination" in Kyoto
Dec18Anthony can play very well by himself
Dec17Yesterday's trip to the Japanese Post Office
Dec16Working on our Nengajou (Japanese New-Year Cards) and Christmas Cards
Dec9Photoshop and Japanese New-Year's Cards
Dec6First Snow in Kyoto
Dec5The Photography of Katsunori Shimada
Dec2Autumn Visit to the Ryouanji Temple
November 2005
Nov30Fall Colors at Ryouanji Temple
Nov29More Fall Foliage: Kyoto Incline, Mountains, Temples, and Nanzenji
Nov26Photoshop Filters
Nov23A Pleasant Sunday Outing with Anthony
Nov18Pretty Nature Photos
Nov16Presidential Visit means REALLY BIG hubbub
Nov14Presidential Visit means Big Hubbub
Nov11The International Symbol For.... Tasty Fish?
Nov9A Visit to Nanzen Temple (Kyoto, Japan)
Nov9If you need to be told, I don't think this sign will help.
Nov8It's Too Early for Christmas Music!
Nov6Nice Picture from Anthony's Birthday
October 2005
Oct30Version 1.03 of my File-Based Posts WordPress plugin
Oct29Update to my File-Based-Posts WordPress plugin
Oct25Two Coffee-at-Home-in-Japan Recommendations
Oct22How To Raise a Bilingual Child
Oct15The Inequities of North-American Baseball
Oct14The day had started off so well....
Oct8A Five-Dollar Tomato?
Oct6Family Portrait
Oct6Water Water Everywhere, My Kingdom for a Horse
September 2005
Sep23My Son is Now a Man
Sep23How to Waste a Lot of Time in Two Weeks (or More)
Sep20USB Mouse Hangup During Windows Install
Sep16Vacuum Recommendation: Mitsubishi Cordless Tascal
Sep16WordPress Plugin Allowing File-based Posts
Sep15WordPress “File-based Posts” Plugin (v1.04)
Sep11I Forgot the Date
Sep10New words, like "salivary gland" and "sparrow"
Sep9Late-Afternoon Storm, and the Mowing of Lawns
Sep9A Wasted Day Futzing With Networking
Sep5They're Popping Out Like Popcorn
Sep2The Price of Growing Up (and of Conformity)
August 2005
Aug31"Take control of the personal moments of your daily life."
Aug25The Price of Gas
Aug19Seth Godin
Aug19A Complete Analysis of the Situation
Aug16The Move
Aug14First look at the new place
Aug11"Carry You, Please"
Aug2A Visit to Ryouan Temple (Kyoto)
Aug1A Visit to Ryouan Temple (Kyoto, Japan)
Aug1Fixing troubles after upgrading to Firefox 1.0.6
July 2005
Jul31I know electrons travel at the speed of light, but still....
Jul31From the mouths of babes....
Jul30Finally got to look at the new condo!
Jul27Rising in the land of the rising sun
Jul26We're back in Japan
Jul20Memory Lane -- looking at code I wrote almost 20 years ago
Jul11So simple even a... er... grandpa can use it?
Jul8Masters of Trivia
June 2005
Jun30The iPod is nice, but...
Jun25My dad can kick your butt!
Jun22The (Coding) Commands According to Dr. Bergeron
Jun16I know what flipping the bird means, but....
Jun10I didn't kill myself!
Jun7What's the problem with Starbucks?
Jun3Fumie is a threat to homeland security???
Jun2Is my son Canadian?
May 2005
May29Anthony now has a cousin!
May28Getting your duckies all in a row
May27National Weather Service to be gagged?
May26Babies can certainly be surprising... to the uninitiated.
May2Late-April Snow in Ohio
May2Japan can be amusing sometimes
April 2005
Apr23Shame on you, Netgear
Apr23I Survived The Trip
Apr19I Really Don't Care to Fly
Apr18I've Moved My Blog
Apr17More Cherry-Blossom Pics
Apr12Poetry for the Season
Apr11Mango and Poison Ivy
Apr8Indeed, the blooms have bloomed in Kyoto.
Apr8The Ugliness of Japanese Cherry-Blossom Viewing
Apr8Full Bloom (Finally) Hits Kyoto
Apr7It's Tough Being a Cherry Blossom This Year
Apr7It's Not as Painful as it Looks
Apr4I Love my New Camera
Apr1The Fun of a Japanese Driver's License Test
Apr1Essentials for a First-Time Parent
Apr1Choosing a car to buy in Japan
Posts In 2004
April 2004
Apr26Getting Settled in Japan: A Day Off with Daycare
Apr25Getting Settled in Japan: Temples and Pink-Eye
Apr24Getting Settled in Japan: More Furniture Shopping
Apr23Getting Settled in Japan: Bike Ride and Furniture Shopping
Apr20Getting Settled in Japan: Nanzenji
Apr19Getting Settled in Japan: Air-Conditioner Install
Apr18Getting Settled in Japan: Lazy Day
Apr17Getting Settled in Japan: Random Errands
Apr16Getting Settled in Japan: Alien Registration, Bicycles, etc.
Apr15Getting Settled in Japan: Moving Day
Apr14Getting Settled in Japan: Washer/Dryer and Microwave Oven
Apr13Getting Settled in Japan: Cell Phones and Air Conditioners
Apr12Getting Settled in Japan: Buying a Fridge, etc.
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