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Stories from our visit to an amazing place for kids to experience the fun parts of the adult world, the KidZania in Kobe, Japan, initially described on this post.

KidZania Visit #3, Part 2

Picking up from yesterday's "KidZania Visit #3, Part 1" about last Friday's visit to KidZania, Anthony and Gen were waiting to start their stint as dentists....

The worker had talked to them a bit, then they did a quick paper-rock-scissors competition to decide something, and the photo above was when Anthony apparently won. From what happened later, I think it was to decide who would be the doctor, and who would be the assistant.

Since Anthony and Gen were a pair, the staff let the little girl perform a procedure by herself while Anthony and Gen waited, so they could [...]

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KidZania Visit #3, Part 1

Anthony's school had a day off last Friday, so I took the opportunity of him having a free school day to bring him to his third visit to KidZania (the amazing kid place that I introduced in this post). Anthony's friend Gen joined us, for his second visit.

I had Gen decide which would be the first event, and after considerate consultation with Anthony, flight training won out over what was apparently a close contest with being a police officer. Anthony was excited by both options, though both had done flight training before: Anthony's prior flight-training experience.

This little girl [...]

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KidZania Visit #2 Wrapup: Construction and Health-Care Aid

In my most recent post about KidZania, Anthony had baked bread at a bakery. After that he did the radio show I posted about in May, just after our visit. Then it was time for a stint as a construction worker....

He'd done this before the first time we came; this was the only job he repeated.

It was getting late, but he was lucky to get one more experience in before KidZania closed for the evening: health-care aid.

And with that his second trip to KidZania was done.

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Night Shift at the Bakery

Picking up the story of our most recent visit to the KidZania in Kobe, Japan, after some appliance repair and a bit of firefighting, it was time to make the doughnuts. Except it wasn't doughnuts on today's menu, it was melon bread (a very sweet bread that looks vaguely like a half of cantaloupe).

All the pictures inside were taken through the shop windows under less than ideal conditions, but what they lack from a technical point of view they make up for it in my totally unbiased mind in cuteness.

I'm sort of fond of mills for some reason, [...]

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Fighting Fires, KidZania Style

After Anthony's stint in Appliance repair at our most recent visit to the most-excellent KidZania in Kobe, Japan, it was time to get busy putting out some fires.

Unlike the joyful high-five at the previous job the one here was mechanical. The girl doing the job was just that, going through the motions to do a job. Too bad... if she had the right attitude, both she and the kids would get so much more out of it.

Still, Anthony enjoyed it almost as much as the job he did next...

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