More Snow in Kyoto

By now it's all melted, but our area of Kyoto got its first real snow accumulation of the season this past weekend. We got a few flakes earlier in the month, but today we got about an inch or two (while it looks like the northern part of the city got quite a bit more).


View of the garden below my livingroom window
after our first snow accumulation this season


One hour (and four-year-old twins) later


Anthony certainly enjoyed the snow


Two views of the same area, eight months apart
although from somewhat different angles


Last April


The snowman built by the four-year-old twins living below us, and their mom. (Snowmen in Japan use only two snowballs, as opposed to three in America.)

Resilient flowers peeking out from under the snow.

As I said, it's all gone now.... except the snowman, who still stands, although a bit worse for wear. It's supposed to snow a bit tonight and tomorrow. We'll see.... (update: here and here)

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