Controlling Exercise Sweat in a Hot Climate: Under Armour HeatGear Sonic Compression Long-Sleeve

During aerobics at the gym I work up quite the sweat. It's good to work out, but the sweat is uncomfortable and can be unsociable/dangerous if it makes for a slippery floor or splatters someone, so I've been trying a few different shirts to hopefully get things under control.

I'd been using the Uniqlo Dry T-shirts that I wrote about two years ago, but they're for daily wear, and workout amounts of sweat overwhelm them.

I finally found a fantastic shirt, the Under Armour Men's HeatGear Sonic Compression Long Sleeve (available at Amazon, though I bought mine at Amazon Japan). The Large size is perfect 6'4" (192cm) height... the sleeves are actually long enough, and the clingy/compression nature of the fabric puts an end to the sticky feeling that arises from wet fabric repeatedly draping against and away from the skin.

In my limited experience so far, they dry quickly though don't stay dry during the workout, but the drying effect makes for noticeable coolness, especially early on. It's much more comfortable than other shirts I tried. And after the workout, they dry remarkably quickly.

I tried mine the day I received it, and ordered another the moment I got home.


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Love your book – thanks.

I also used to have problems overheating and also having an odor problem as the day went on. I discovered Merino wool shirts from:
which is a Kiwi company, but they also have a strong presence in North America (but my web browsers kept putting “au\.” in front). The wool is soft so putting backpacks directly on it can wear them out (I lost about 7 that way).

The Merino wool is very fine and different from other wools. It also comes in various thicknesses. It keeps you cool in hot weather and warm in cool weather. You can wear them and sweat in them for a week and they barely smell.

I bought my first one in NZ at about 10AM. I was already sweating in my polyester shirt and I bought a zip up similar to the sonic short sleeve 1/2 zip. I went to work and as the day wore on and warmed up, I kept cooling down. You should check out their fitness selection:

Thanks again for the excellent book. I made good use of it while I taught intro/intermediate Unix at Seneca College in Toronto.


Ross Tucker

I found the on Amazon Japan, but the price gives me stickershock… 4× the price of the imported Under Armor shirt(!) The latter is nor appropriate for out-and-about wear, so maybe the Icebreaker one might be good for that, but the price sure does seem a bit steep. —Jeffrey

— comment by Ross Tucker on June 7th, 2014 at 5:38am JST (10 years ago) comment permalink
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