“Trust Me”

Anthony was sitting on my lap this evening, looking tired and rubbing his eyes, when I suggested that it would be a good time to go to bed because he looked tired. His response...

I'm not tired. Trust me, I'm not.  Trust me.

That's an unexpected phrase for a four year old. He apparently learned “trust me” earlier in the evening when I used it while giving him some not-yucky-tasting medicine for a mild cough he's had. Like most kids, I guess, he has an innate fear of anything remotely medicinal. This fear is cultivated because the infant and kid medicines common in The States have sickenly sweet flavors that are more disgusting than anything else.

Today's medicine, though, had a mild and pleasant orange flavor that I pre-sampled, so I knew that his only objection would be mental. He eventually took it (and indeed, didn't dislike it), but it was tough convincing him that it wouldn't immediately kill him.

Anyway, it's such a joy to see him bloom linguistically like this, and it's fun to hear him use such unexpected phrases. Parenting can be tough at times, but such a joy.

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