Jeffrey’s “Lightroom Photo Tweeter” Plugin

This plugin for Adobe Lightroom Classic works with your Twitter account to allow you to tweet a photo from your catalog, along with a message. Photo-tweets sent with it are labeled by Twitter as “via Adobe Lightroom Photo Tweeter”.

As of December 2014, it seems that Twitter allows up to 3,000 photo-tweets per day.

This plugin works in Lightroom Classic, and older versions as far back as Lightroom 3, though some features depend on the version of Lightroom.

The same download works for both Windows and Mac. See the box to the upper right for the download link (in orange) and installation instructions.

After downloading, installing, and enabling the plugin (download link is in the orange box, in the upper-right of this page; install instructions are here), you can activate the Twitter export by clicking on the Export Dialog's masthead, as illustrated here.

You can add additional functionality to the Twitter export (and to all exports) with export-filter plugins. On my Lightroom Goodies page I have export-filter plugins related to Geoencoding support, metadata management, and running external apps on images as they export.


This plugin is distributed as “donationware”. I have chosen to make it available for free — everyone can use it forever, without cost of any kind — but unless registered, its functionality is somewhat reduced after six weeks.

Registration is done via PayPal, and if you choose to register, it costs the minimum 1-cent PayPal fee; any amount you'd like to add beyond PayPal's sliding fees as a gift to me is completely optional, and completely appreciated.

Note: a Lightroom major upgrade, such as from Lr10 to Lr11 de-registers the plugin in the upgraded version, so if you want to maintain registration, a new ($0.01 if you like) registration code is needed in the upgraded version. It makes for a hassle every couple of years, I know. Sorry. See this note for details.

For details on plugin registration and on how I came into this hobby of Lightroom plugin development, see my Plugin Registration page.

Version History
( Update Log via RSS )


Work around a bug in Lightroom 11.2 that causes publishing to get stuck. The workaround is to switch the view away from the collection being published. If the user does that switch manually, the bug goes away. This plugin update notices if the bug is being triggered, and if so, momentarily switches the view to the quick collection and back.

Removed a bunch of debug logging that was slowing down the LUA token.Newline


Added the WEEKNUM token, along with DAYNUM, weeknum, and daynum.

Whack-a-mole with PayPal's random changes.


Warn when PayPal seems to have given a bogus code in the web-confirmation page.


Fixed that the Province template token did not respect the plugin-specific geo-privacy settings.

Fixed an issue with the {Newline} token, and added {Comma}, {Hyphen}, and {Space} for good measure.

Fixed a problem with filters on the {Keyword} token.


Added 'separated by' to the People token.

Added the ImageViewDirection and ImageViewBearing tokens.

working around 'constant table overflow' error

Reworked the Keywords token to better accept filters.


Added the PF filter to turn typographic fractions into plain-ASCII fractions.


Updates for Lr10

Added the SpeedKnots token.

Worked around an "unknown key captureTime" error.

Added the {PlusCode} and {GeoHash} tokens.


Work around a Windows bug related to canceling out of the registration dialog.

Some of the filename-related tokens could be incorrect in rare situations.

Added some extra debug logging to note whether the plugin is enabled.

Handle the "All Except Camera & Camera Raw Info" metadata option WRT geoprivacy.


Added the LensInfo template token.

Updated the Exposure token to allow customization.

More token work: added {Urls}, and updated {ISO} and {Copyright} to allow customization.

Added the {RelativeFolder} token.


Fixed the SST1 and SST2 tokens.


Updated the PublishCollectionName token (and CollectionNames and CollectionFullNames) to remove the MIRROR: prefix from the name that mirrored collections within my Collection Publisher plugin automatically get.


When not logged in, make it more clear what you're not logged into, and how to fix it.

Added the PEOPLE variable to the LUA token.

Fixed a problem with the SpeedKPH token.

Finally figured out the “Assertion failed: packed” error.

Added TempC and TempF to the template tokens that my plugins understand.

Added the TempC and TempF tokens.

Updated the keyword-related tokens to accept standard filters.

Work around a bug that sometimes causes plugins to be disabled when starting Lightroom via clicking on a catalog file.

Fix an "Unknown key: captureTime" crash.

Added the GPSCoords token.

Fixed a problem related to template tokens and photos without capture times.

Added functions uc(), ucFirst(), lc(), and lcFirst() to the LUA token.


Make the template-editing window a big bigger in the caption editor.


Updates for Lr8 (Lightroom Classic CC Version 8).

Added the special PP() function to the {LUA} token.

Added hierarchical options to the Keywords token.

Try to work around a Lightroom bug related to photo timezones and how Lightroom handles accessing plugin data.


Added the 'nicknames' modifier to the {People} token.

Added the SST1, SST2, and SS3 tokens to the template tokens that the plugin understands.


Input fields that accept a location can now handle a What3Words code and a Plus Code.

Try to avoid having unexpectedly-long error messages create too-big a dialog.


Fixed a bug when 'Token Examples' invoked in certain situations.

Clicking on the version number in the Plugin Manager now copies version info to the clipboard

Updated the PublishCollectionName token to allow numeric arguments along the lines of the CollectionName token.

Added the folowing template tokens: {home}, {desktop}, {temp}, {pictures}, {documents}, IptcDateTaken, {NonSmartCollectionNames}, {NonSmartCollectionFullNames}

Added the 'PCH' variable to the {LUA} tag.

When encountering catalog corruption, present a better error message.

Added a bunch of token filters: F2D F2S F2X B2D B2S B2X S2X A2D A2S A2X


Updated the Keywords token, and added the KWf function to the {LUA} token.


Oops, more Lr7 stuff.


Updates for Lr7.

Better handle some character-encoding issues related to template tokens.

Allow the "If Exists" feature of Templat Tokens to work with the PluginProperty token.

Update registration support to handle a stupid bug at PayPal that PayPal refuses to fix )-:


Fixed a bug introuded the other day in template tokens, related to Windows filenames.


Added the Newline template token.

Enhanced the FolderName token

Added the "only if it has a value" feature to template tokens.


Added the following tokens to the template tokens that my plugins understand: Artworks, ArtworkTitle, ArtworkCopyright, ArtworkSource, ArtworkCreator, ArtworkDateCreated, ArtworkInventoryNum, ISO8601Date


Oops, yesterday's update caused all photos sent to Twitter to be marked as sensitive.


Retooled to use a new Twitter API, allowing photos not to take up any characters in a tweet.

Fixed a bug with the 'edit saved credentials' dialog.

Fixed how custom {People} formatting works with people keywords that have no birthday associated with them.

Try to avoid yet another place where Lightroom gets hung because it can't handle certain kinds of dialogs at the same time.

Fix to get around a Mac display issue with Lr6 on OSX.

Added Russian-langauge support for the People-Support {People} tag.

Some updates to support Lr2. Lr2 is sufficiently old that I will drop support for it soon.

Added the following tokens to the templates that my plugins understand: FileModYYYY, FileModYY, FileModMM, FileModDD, FileModHH, FileModMIN, FileModSS, FileYYYY, FileYY, FileMM, FileDD, FileHH, FileMIN, FileSS, Weekday, Wday, weekday, wday, FilenameNumber

Added ChildOf, DescendantOf, filters to the {Keywords} and {KeywordsAll} tokens.

Fixed a bug with the keyword tables in the LUA token.

Switch the log-sending mechanism to https.


Uploads would fail if "possibly sensitive" was enabled.


Updated the Caption part of the dialog to show up to three lines of text, and the full text in the tooltip.

Added {SpeedKPH} and {SpeedMPH} to the list of template tokens supported by my plugins.

The {People} token wasn't working properly for some keywords without a registered birthday.

Updated Twitter support to better count lengths of tweets that include URLs.


Fixed the "SpecPeople:259: attemt to index al nil value" error.

Clicking on the example caption in the export dialog now brings up a dialog showing the whole example caption, which is useful to see the full thing when it contains multiple lines.


In the POODLE-vunerability dialog, display a raw URL of a page on my site that discusses the issue, so that folks can be independently sure that the dialog is indeed from me and not malware.

20150202.60 Build update.

Added support for the {People} template token, which works in conjunction with my People Support plugin to automatically include in upload captions and the like the names and/or ages of people in a photo.

Fix to the date_diff() function supported by the LUA template token.

Updated the camera-name code to try to guess the actual camera model of Hasselblad H5D files, since in their infinite wisdom Hasselblad decided to encode three distinct models with the same internal code, making it impossible to know for sure what camera produced a given image file.


Use a compressed view on the Plugin Extras dialog if the screen is not very tall.


Better debug logging of Twitter interaction.

Very long tweet text could break the dialog display.

Don't allow expert when we know ahead of time that the tweet is too long.

If twitter rejects a tweet (e.g. because it's too large), show the tweet and offer to allow the user to edit/resend at

Added extra logging to debug why Lightroom might fail to render for export.

20141019.57 Windows Only: Add a one-time check for the POODLE security vulnerability, and alert the user if it exists.
20140923.56 Added the LrMD5, LrLocalization, LrSystemInfo, and LrMath packages to the {LUA} template token.
20140902.55 New build system

Made the {GPSAltitude}, {Altitude}, and {GPSCoordinates} tokens subject to the geo-privacy settings like the other geo-related tokens.

20140731.53 Registration fix for Lr5.6
20140720.52 More Creative-Cloud support.

Fixed an issue with Creative-Cloud revalidation.


Lr5.5 and later Creative-Cloud installs can now revalidate themselves if needed.

20140710.49 Sigh, had a bug in the Creative-Cloud support.

Now supports Lr5.5+ Creative-Cloud Installs.

20140704.47 Sigh, introduced an error for some folks with the rebuild the other day.
20140630.46 Build-system update

Added date_diff() and raw_time_diff() functions to the special {LUA} token understood by the plugin.


Added new tokens to the template language the plugin understands: LrVersion, LrVersionMajor, LrVersionMinor, LrVersionRevision, LrVersionBuild, Location, CatalogName, CatalogPath, OperatingSystem, OS

Added new token filters: NS and LO

20140508.43 {City} and other location template tokens were not being populated in the tweet text

Fixed a bug in the "smoother revalidation" stuff recently added.


The {Empty} template token wasn't working properly.

Make the revalidation process smoother, especially for folks using Lr5.4 and later.


Enable a new feature internal to Lr5 for large exports that keeps the CPU from running too far ahead of the upload. Prior to this, Lightroom would go ahead and peg the CPU to pre-render all the images even if they weren't being uploaded at nearly the same speed. Now Lightroom pauses the behind-the-scenes rendering if it has gotten too far ahead of the upload.

Added the “:EMBED” token filter to the template language.

20130926.39 Oops, fix a bug introduced in the previous update

Added a bunch of tokens to the preset templates supported: ExportFormat, ExportColorSpace, ExportBitDepth, ExportQuality, ExportSharpeningLevel, ExportSharpeningMedia, IpernityUrl, GoogleDriveUrl, and TumblrUrl.

The token-examples dialog had been broken. Also deprecated Folder and Path tokens in preference to FolderName and FolderPath tokens.


Work around a Lightroom bug concerning the determination of whether a photo is offline.


Made big updates to the "Export with Smart Previews?" section; you can now pick to be asked whether to export via Smart Previews, and can differentiate between when the Smart Previews are "good enough" for an export and when they are not.

Fixed the KW/KWE tables in template tokens; they had been broken when using load for the script.

Better handle very long user account names, so that the [Logout] button doesn't get cut off of the Export dialog.


Work around a bug that causes the export-related progress bar to not show up right away.

20130613.34 Better support for plugin revalidation.
20130611.33 Sigh, previous update for Lr5 broke things for the Lr5 beta.
20130611.32 Yet another Lr5 update
20130610.31 Better logging to try to understand catalog-write-access contention under Lightroom's hood

Added the ability in Lr5 to export images even if the master image file is not available, so long as there's a smart preview available.

20130501.29 Update for Lr5
20130412.28 Fix to the Twitter fix.

Sigh, Twitter yet again made an unannounced undocumented change to their API that immediately breaks apps that have worked for years, and doesn't even bother alerting developers after the fact. Lord knows how many developers wasted how many hours trying to debug something that should have been announced on the developer's blog. Days later, it's still not announced there. Twitter is not worse than Facebook, but seems to be trying.


Added support for some new template tokens: FlagStatus (requires Lr4.1 or later), and for Lr3 and later, a bunch of IPTC extended metadata: AdditionalModelInfo, CodeOfOrgShown, DigImageGUID, Event, ImageSupplierImageId, MinorModelAge, ModelAge, ModelReleaseID, ModelReleaseStatus, NameOfOrgShown, PersonShown, PlusVersion, PropertyReleaseID, PropertyReleaseStatus, and SourceType.

20130214.25 Small fix for Lr2
20130209.24 Update to handle new Twitter url-length settings.
20130206.23 Update the Twitter-related code to handle their new API. Their old API goes away next month.
20121014.21 Added a help dialog when encountering the mysterious 'handle in the wrong state' error.

Workaround for an "attempt to call field 'getProgressScope'" bug introduced in Lr4.2.

Enhance the {EMPTY} template token so that it interrupts the squelching of superfluous joining characters.


Updates to the environment in the {LUA} token (in the template tokens in my plugins) to include photoTime() and currentTime(), and other changes to match the updated docs at that link.


Update to handle the Mac App Store version of Lightroom.

Very slow uploads in Lr4.1 could cause the new progress-bar stuff to blow up.

In Lr4.1+ allows suppressing the geoencoded location if that location is marked as "Private" in the Map Module.


Added some extra logging to track down a problem.

Yikes, Lr2 registrations were broken again.


Tweak for Lr4.1RC2.

Fixed the “photo too large to tweet” dialog message, which had been all garbled up.

Enhanced the send-log dialog to hopefully make reports more meaningful to me, yielding, I hope, the ability to respond more sensibly to more reports.

Added to the template tokens supported by the plugin: {FullMasterFile}, {FullMasterFolder}, {FullExportedFile}, and {FullExportedFolder}.

20120330.15 Update to handle 4.1RC
20120309.14 Fix registrations in Lr2.
20120308.13 Update to the debug logging to better track down timing issues that might arise.

Lots more preparation for Lr4 (but still works in Lr2 and Lr3).

Files that are offline are now detected before an export/publish begins, and if there are any, offers the option to abort the export, or just skip the offline ones. This is a lot more clear than the "dng_error_file_not_found" error you get from Lightroom if you follow through with an export attempt of an offline image.


Attempt to prepare for changes Twitter has announced will take place in how they return information about server errors.

More on the march toward Lr4, including upheaval in the code to handle Lightroom APIs being discontinued in Lr4.

Added the {AspectRatio} token to the token templates understood by the plugin, and added the Length=num filter.

Bumped up the minimum Lr3 version to Lr3.5, to ensure we've got those bug fixes. Lr2 and Lr4 are still supported, of course.

Attempt to prepare for changes Twitter has announced will take place in how they return information about server errors.

20120114.10 More tweaks for Lr4b

Further update to the new Twitter authentication.


Update for Lr4 beta: explain in the plugin manager that the plugin can't be registered in the beta.


Moved over to a new style of Twitter authentication, in hopes that it cures the authentication problems some people have been having.

Moved all access of Twitter to HTTPS.


Added a system-clock check and reports to the user if the system clock is more than a minute out of date. An incorrect system clock can cause problems with various kinds of communication and authentication with some of my plugins, so I've just gone ahead and added this to every plugin.

Had issues with the registration button sometimes not showing.

20111011.5 Reporting some errors from Twitter can create a huge dialog box that can be difficult to close on OSX, so this update adds a [X] button in the upper right of the dialogs.
20110903.4 Added {PluginProperty} to the template tokens used by my plugins.
20110831.3 You can now use my plugin template tokens in the tweet.

Gave the tweet input UI some attention, the first since I wrote that code for my other uploaders years ago.

Made it so that hitting ENTER while entering a tweet does not actually launch the export. This is a maddeningly-frustrating aspect of the Lightroom plugin infrastructure, but I've worked around it in a way that seems to work.

Twitter automatically replaces URLs with their own urls, and the tweet-text character-counter now takes that into account, so pasting in urls of any length now "costs" a fixed amount (currently 19 characters for an HTTP url; 20 characters for an HTTPS url).

20110818.1 Initial release

All 27 comments so far, oldest first...

Hi. This plugin doesn’t show in Lightroom on the library under publish services. However whenever I go to Plugin-Manager window, I see the twitter plugin installed and running. Any idea?


It’s not a Publish plugin, just normal export. Select your photo(s) and press the Export button, then select “jf Twitter” at the top of the export dialog. Once you adjust the settings to your liking, you can create an Export Preset, which you can invoke later on other photos via the “File > Export with Preset” menu. —Jeffrey

— comment by Rina on October 25th, 2011 at 11:42am JST (12 years, 9 months ago) comment permalink

Thanks! I see it now.

— comment by Rina on October 28th, 2011 at 11:30am JST (12 years, 9 months ago) comment permalink

Why does ‘jf Twitter’ needs to update the database.
The plugin is now disabled. I cannot enable nor remove it.


The plugin keeps track of which images have been tweeted and their url at Twitter (see the “All Plug-in Metadata” metadata view when the plugin is enabled), so to be allowed to add that bit of data to each photo’s record, the plugin has to “update the catalog”. I think it’s silly that Lightroom bothers the user about this, but that’s how it is. Not being able to update or remove the plugin are different issues… Lightroom should let you remove it (which means Lightroom just stops paying attention to it on disk) unless you installed it in the old system location required of plugins in Lr1, in which case you remove it by deleting it. The inability to enable it signals a bug… what kind of error do you get when you try to enable it? —Jeffrey

— comment by Hans on January 28th, 2012 at 7:25am JST (12 years, 6 months ago) comment permalink

Hi Jeffrey, love the plugin. Question: is it possible to be prompted for the tweet text during the export process, rather than using a canned template?

Not at the moment… I’ll add it to the (overly long )-: todo list. —Jeffrey

— comment by Jason on September 21st, 2012 at 12:24am JST (11 years, 10 months ago) comment permalink

Hi Jeffry,
I am trying to use the Twitter plugin for LR 4. Not having any luck on my Mac. When I go to the Plugin Manager, it shows the plugin as installed and running. But Twitter never shows up on the plugin list when I go to export. Any suggestions, feel like I am missing something completely obvious…


It’s not a Publish plugin… try “File > Export” instead. —Jeffrey

— comment by Trevor Lawrence on October 26th, 2012 at 11:00pm JST (11 years, 9 months ago) comment permalink

I may just overlook something but is it possible to set ones preferred image hosting service for Twitter, i.e. yfrog or Twitpic instead of Twitter’s own Pictwit?

I don’t know what “Pictwit” is, but the plugin uses Twitter’s photo API directly. —Jeffrey

— comment by Dierk Haasis on March 11th, 2013 at 9:18pm JST (11 years, 4 months ago) comment permalink

Hello, Jeffry.
Two times I entered PIN (I’m sure it was correct) and both times I got “Incorrect PIN” message.

Join the club. This was due to some inexplicably disrespectful moves by Twitter developers. I finally figured out what they did and worked around it, and have pushed a new version of the plugin. —Jeffrey

— comment by wazoo on April 8th, 2013 at 1:33am JST (11 years, 3 months ago) comment permalink

Hi, thanks very much for developing this plug in. I’m struggling to manage to get it to publish to twitter at the moment. I get the error message:

“Error during export

couldn’t connect to twitter — Internet connection down?

Aborting export before any image was successfully uploaded. ”

I wondered if it was a firewall thing? But not really sure how to change it. I only use Windows Firewall.

Many thanks

It does indeed sound like a firewall or other security app is blocking Lightroom. Try to find a way to add an exception that allows Lightroom unrestricted access to the internet. —Jeffrey

— comment by Freddie on April 24th, 2013 at 10:55pm JST (11 years, 3 months ago) comment permalink

Using the Twitter Plugin and find it very useful. Two suggestions:
1) On the export it adds a Snapshot. IT would be very useful if it could also automatically add a specific keyword e.g. “ToTwitter” or a user definable. This would then allow easy search of catalog for all images sent to Twitter
2) If possible it would be useful to have ability to select the Twitter message from a list of user defined templates – this would mean that the metadata and relevant # tags could be defined and the option then just to adjust any specific message.

Paul (UK)

— comment by Paul on April 2nd, 2014 at 5:57pm JST (10 years, 4 months ago) comment permalink

Previous comment.–Since writing comment have found the All Plugin Metadata that does allow me to identify images sent to Twitter but still think option to add a key word would be useful

You can add a keyword via my snapshot-on-export plugin. The Twitter plugin itself includes the basic snapshot functionality that the snapshot-on-export plugin has, so normally you’d not need it, but as a side effect the snapshot-on-export plugin also allows the keyword thing. It’s somewhat of a kludge to use snapshot-on-export with Twitter, but it’ll get the job done. —Jeffrey

— comment by Paul on April 2nd, 2014 at 6:03pm JST (10 years, 4 months ago) comment permalink


I just wonder why my newly installed and enabled plug-ins does not appear in the publishing services menu?

Am I missing something here?


Kjell Are Refsvik
Lillehammer, Norway

This plugin is Export only, not Publish. The idea of Publish doesn’t really make sense with how Twitter works. —Jeffrey

— comment by Kjell Are Refsvik on July 14th, 2014 at 6:07am JST (10 years ago) comment permalink

I’m looking to use something like this at an upcoming event, but will likely need to post more than 30 images. I searched and could find that restriction anywhere in the Twitter documentation or API. Do you know if this is still a limit? Is it enforced by the plugin or by Twitter?

Could I get around it by using multiple Twitter accounts? (the hashtag is more important than the account that it’s posted from…


The plugin doesn’t enforce any kind of limit itself, but will report to you when Twitter says you’ve exceeded your limit. I just looked at the data for my account, and it says my limit is 3,000 photos per day, so that’s probably the default limit at the moment. As far as using multiple accounts, there’s no problem with that technically, though you’d want to check Twitter’s terms of service to make sure it’s not inappropriate. —Jeffrey

— comment by Sean Phillips on December 6th, 2014 at 4:20am JST (9 years, 7 months ago) comment permalink

After installing the jftwitter plugin I was able to use it from the export drop down box. It shows up in the plugin manager as installed, enabled and running but not in the publish services. Can I use it from the publish services or is it only to be used with the export button?

Correct, it doesn’t work in Publish, only Export. The way Twitter handles photos, Publish doesn’t really seem appropriate… —Jeffrey

— comment by Lila McClellan on March 3rd, 2015 at 7:39am JST (9 years, 5 months ago) comment permalink

Hi Jeffrey,

I had been using your Twitter plugin for a little bit and had no issues with it. I just registered it this evening and now I get the following error:

Couldn’t render image: Could not create a JPEG that met your limit of 5000K bytes. Please increase the file size limit.

In the export dialogue for the plugin, I see no way of changing any of the the image size limits. Am I missing something here??

That’s a standard part of Lightroom’s export dialog… see the “File Settings” section… you’ve apparently got the “Limit File Size…” option turned on. —Jeffrey

— comment by Al Dixon on December 14th, 2015 at 3:44pm JST (8 years, 7 months ago) comment permalink

Hi Jeffrrey

Wondering if your twitter plugin will eventually allow you to tag up to 10 individual twitter ID’s in each image? Do you plan on adding this standard twitter functionality any time?


It’s on the list but demand doesn’t seem high, so realistically speaking it’s not that high up on the list, sorry. —Jeffrey

— comment by John Burns on February 6th, 2016 at 12:54am JST (8 years, 5 months ago) comment permalink

Hi Jeffrey

Thanks for another excellent plugin! Just wondered, is there any way to export a photo’s keywords as a list of space-separated hashtags with this plugin? I realise for most normal workflows this would bust the 140-character limit pretty quickly but for my workflow it would be ideal.

Many thanks for all your hard work over the years!


You can include them by crafting an appropriate LUA token in the tweet text, such as: {LUA='#' .. Keywords:gsub('[%s,]+', ' #')} —Jeffrey

— comment by Mark on June 16th, 2016 at 3:24pm JST (8 years, 1 month ago) comment permalink

Hello Jeffrey, long-time user of several of your plugins, I have a very specific issue, one I don’t know whether it comes from your plugin or LR itself. When trying to insert any diacritic with ^ like î or ê (rather common in French), the whole dialog box crashes. Works fine with éèàù (the common ones) but not with anything with ^ or ¨(which are dead keys). Any idea?

It would also be nice to be able to post up to 4 photos (Twitter’s limit) in a given tweet.

As always, thanks for all the good work.

I’ve heard sporadic reports of this crashing issue, but I’ve never been able to replicate it myself. It’s certainly a Lightroom issue, so your best bet is to report it to Adobe. About the multiple-photo tweet, that’s unlikely to happen with my plugin. The way Lightroom is set up for exports, and the way the plugin was written to work with Lightroom, getting it to do something across multiple photos is a huge refactor to begin with, and unlikely to be satisfying even if I could get it to sort of work. Lightroom’s export really wants to handle one photo at a time. —Jeffrey

— comment by Ollivier Robert on September 16th, 2016 at 3:30am JST (7 years, 10 months ago) comment permalink

Hi Jeffrey,
I appreciate the fine work you do on your plugins as well as your sharing of others that I find useful. So I have a suggestion or request if you will. As Twitter is no longer considering images in the 140 word count restriction would it be possible to update your Twitter plugin to reflect that?
Thank you very much,
Mark M

The plugin asks Twitter once a day how many characters an image costs, and as of today Twitter is actively telling the plugin that it costs 24 characters. Twitter engineers seem to not understand whether this is intended or a bug, and considering the age of that discussion and the lack of clear followthrough, seem to not care. Nevertheless, I’ve asked for an update. We’ll see. —Jeffrey

— comment by Mark Myhaver on November 23rd, 2016 at 8:31am JST (7 years, 8 months ago) comment permalink

Hello Jeffrey
is there any way to schedule image-tweets with your plugin?
At least something like “tweet these 100 images but leave 2 minutes between each tweet”?

Kind regards axel

No, sorry. —Jeffrey

— comment by Axel Lauer on May 9th, 2017 at 5:14am JST (7 years, 2 months ago) comment permalink

Periodically, we are seeing “rejected by Twitter” errors. In this case the tweet fails to post. Any suggestions?

It would be useful to know why Twitter is rejecting the tweet. Perhaps I’m not sure what to say… it’s as basic a link as the web has, and has worked for years. Perhaps try a different web browser?? —Jeffrey

Hi Jeffrey,
Twitter now alowes 240 Characters for each tweet – but your twitter-plugin allows only 140 chars for the tweet-text – can you enable 280 Characters?

Kind regards

Twitter doesn’t actually document for developers what the limit is, and has ignored my requests for clarification. So, they leave me to rely on what I read in unauthoritative news reports, as if I’m the president of the United States. Sigh. I’ve updated the plugin to blindly allow 280. Keeping fingers crossed. —Jeffrey

— comment by Roland on January 22nd, 2018 at 11:01pm JST (6 years, 6 months ago) comment permalink

Would it be possible to add an ‘Alt Txt’ field to the plugin, which pulls from a definable field and lets one put in something quickly by hand?

I can’t find anything in the Twitter developer documents that lets one set an image’s alt text, sorry. —Jeffrey

— comment by Dierk on July 29th, 2018 at 10:35pm JST (6 years ago) comment permalink

Hi. I’m from the UK. How kind and generous of you to do all this work for us! A question about the Twitter LR exporter please. Is there a way to put my own comment at the top of the tweeted photo instead of he standard one? Also, titter supports hashtags (the same sort of thing that Instagram does) can hashtag’s be used (they normally get put in the general description of the photo – perhaps after a few “carriage returns”.

Thanks very much – Richard

As far as I can tell from the docs, there’s no way to add a comment to a photo other than via the tweet text. As for hashtags, I think you just type them as you would in any client, and Twitter detects them. —Jeffrey

— comment by Richard on October 10th, 2018 at 12:42am JST (5 years, 9 months ago) comment permalink

Thanks for this info it works great “You can include them by crafting an appropriate LUA token in the tweet text, such as: {LUA=Keywords:gsub(‘%s+’, ”):gsub(‘,’, ‘ #’)} —Jeffrey
The only problem is it doesn’t add the hashtag to the first keyword in the list, I can’t figure out why. Do you have any ideas?

Geez, I can’t believe I wrote that, but indeed I did. I look at it now and immediately see it’s no good. I wonder what I was thinking. I went back and updated the comment in place with a better answer, something along the lines of: {LUA='#' .. Keywords:gsub('[%s,]+', ' #')}. —Jeffrey

— comment by Ryan Smith on December 1st, 2018 at 7:45am JST (5 years, 8 months ago) comment permalink

Tank you very much for your work

— comment by Martin Peterdamm on September 4th, 2019 at 3:04am JST (4 years, 11 months ago) comment permalink

Thanks for the great plugin.

“I went back and updated the comment in place with a better answer, something along the lines of: {LUA=’#’ .. Keywords:gsub(‘[%s,]+’, ‘ #’)}. —Jeffrey”

There is a small issue with this: keywords with spaces will create hashtags for the first word only. So I modified it a bit to address this issue. I didn’t understand why you need %s in the match string, I omitted it and still seems to work.

This just strips off the spaces and then replaces the commas with `space+#`
{LUA=’#’ .. KeywordsAll:gsub(‘[ ]+’,”):gsub(“[,]”,” #”)}

Hope it makes sense.

Ah, I didn’t consider spaces within keywords. Your tag would be better written: {LUA='#' .. KeywordsAll:gsub("%s+",""):gsub(",", " #")} (except be sure to convert back from the “smart” quotes my comment system uses). —Jeffrey

— comment by cozdas on December 8th, 2019 at 5:00pm JST (4 years, 7 months ago) comment permalink
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