Jeffrey’s “iPhoto Collection Fixer” Lightroom Plugin

This plugin for Adobe Lightroom Classic allows you to fix a catalog created via the import from iPhoto, renaming Event Photos collections to the name of their enclosing collection set. Optionally, you can move all the collections under one master Imported from iPhoto collection set.

After making a backup of your Lightroom catalog, just in case, look in the File > Plugin Extras menu and invoke Rename Event Photos collections to the name of their enclosing parent set.

The plugin will consider collections named "Event Photos" (or, in non-English installs, whatever Lightroom's translation for that is) only when they are the only collection within a collection set. It will then rename the collection for the name of the parent set, if you indicate via the dialog that pops up, move the newly-renamed collection to the master collection set.

This plugin works in Adobe Lightroom Classic, and older versions as far back as Lightroom 5 (though some features depend on the version of Lightroom).

The same download works for both Windows and Mac. See the box to the upper right for the download link (in orange) and installation instructions.

It's free. Welcome to Lightroom.

Version History
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working around 'constant table overflow' error


Updates for Lr10.


Be better at finding deeply-embedded Project Photos collections.


Updates for Lr9 (Lightroom Classic CC Version 9).


Updates for Lr8 (Lightroom Classic CC Version 8).

Clicking on the version number in the Plugin Manager now copies version info to the clipboard


Oops, more Lr7 stuff.


Updates for Lightroom 7

Switch the log-sending mechanism to https.

Add basic Aperture-importer support

20160124.2 Search deeply for iPhoto-imported collections
20151113.1 Initial Release