Calendar-Template-Building Script, Version 2

I've released Version 2 of my Photoshop CS2 Calendar-Template-Building script.

Here's a summary of new features:

  • Added the ability to populate the calendar with holiday/birthdays/etc data read from a file.
  • Added an “auto save” feature, particularly useful when generating whole-year templates for distribution.

Summary of bug fixes:

  • Fixed the “weeks start on Monday” option, which had been broken when building all months in one shot.
  • Fixed the pre-set margins and such for Portrait mode actually work properly (see an example above).
  • It now references only fonts that come standard with CS2. I thought that's what I'd done, but it turns out that I had some other fonts (perhaps from CS1, or from other Creative-Suite programs).

I've also created PSD files for all months, for those who can't run the script (those with older versions of Photoshop).

Details and downloads are on the script's page.

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