Our 2007 New Year’s Card
Our 2007 Nengajou -- Kyoto, Japan -- Copyright 2006 Jeffrey Eric Francis Friedl
Our 2007 Nengajou

Here's our New Year's card (nengajou年賀状description) this year (sans contact info).

My friend Shimada-san used my camera to take the picture, but I'd set the fill flash a bit too strong, so there's some feeling to the image that we're standing in front of a backdrop in a studio. However, it's a bridge near our place, as the end of this post from a year ago shows.

Our timing was lucky... within a minute or three after taking this shot, the sun had set enough that it was only on the mountains in the background.

Here's our 2006 Christmas Card version, which we actually mailed on time this year:

I had them both printed at Picturing Online, which is apparently a subsidiary of Konica-Minolta, as they arrived in packages labeled as such. I was scratching my head wondering why Konica-Minolta was sending a package to me until I opened it.

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Beautiful pic, Jeffy. This is Chickee’s favorite card this year! I particularly like that you feature Anthony’s artwork.

— comment by Michael Friedl on January 5th, 2007 at 6:18am JST (17 years, 7 months ago) comment permalink
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