A Perfect Ultimate-Frisbee Goal

I played Ultimate Frisbee with Yahoo! friends last Tuesday and Thursday, and had a great time, despite suffering from being out of shape. I'd brought my camera, and ended up with about 1,200 photos by me and others. I've not even taken a first pass at all of them, but from what I've seen, most are throw-away, but there are a few nice ones.

As I was looking over some from the 2nd day, where only five of us played, I really liked the image below. It turns out that it's the start of a sequence that itself is very nice, I think.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

mouseover a button to see that image

In this seven-picture, 1.6-second sequence, Rich launches an upside-down lob past Huey, over Dennis, perfectly to David (who, you'll note in the first image, is signaling for just such a shot). For it to count as a goal, he has to be standing within the small box created by the cones, and indeed he was. A beautiful shot.

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