Lanterns at the Heian Shrine
Lanterns at the Heian Shrine, Kyoto Japan

I seem to be way behind on my photo processing, and today it got worse when an FFF (friend of a friend of Fumie) got married at the Heian Shrine, which is conveniently quite near where I live.

A traditional Japanese wedding is attended by only the very closest of family; it's the reception that's the big celebration attended by throngs of guests, so it's for that the FF (friend-of-Fumie) came to Kyoto.

We could, however, visit the public grounds of the shrine and witness the newly-married couple leaving the area by rickshaw for the reception venue (in this case, at the Miyako Hotel, a 10-minute ride away). The FF then followed along by taxi to the party.

I took many pictures and am very pleased with them, but I must clear a huge backlog in my photo workflow before I can show them. I did want to post something, so pulled the above shot out. As you can see, I'm also experimenting a bit with borders. I don't think they make so much sense for the web, necessarily, but I'm using it to visualize the result I might get if I had the photo printed, matted, and framed. (The copyright notice is not really required, but is there because it always seems to be there when people add frames online, and I wouldn't want it to look unbalanced without it 🙂 )

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