Slighly Odd Weather in Kyoto Today

A few minutes after putting up the previous post (Kyoto City Half Marathon) and writing how it was turning out to be a beautiful day, I was surprised to see that it was gloomy outside, with big fluffy hunks of snow drifting down.

Kyoto generally doesn't get much snow, despite the most-snow-in-60-years winter last year (which I wrote about a'plenty at the time: one, two, three, four, five). We've had almost no snow this year, except a light dusting while we were away on our New Year's trip, and another later in January.

It's been so mild this year that I noticed some plum blossoms starting to show up already in the middle of February, with some trees becoming fully-engulfed a week later. So, when the temperature went over 20C (70F) the other day, I thought spring had finally arrived, but was surprised to see a few flakes of snow the next day (at 10C/50F, no less).

I noticed last year in the webserver logs for my blog, a huge increase in people looking for cherry-blossom photos in March. I wanted to offer them the fluffy white goodness they sought, but because Kyoto's season was so late (and so lackluster) last year, I didn't have much to show until April. So this year, I plan on dusting off some of the many nice images from last April and post them as I await this year's crop.

Note to Bill Souza: with the mild winter we've had, you just might get lucky and see some cherry blossoms in Osaka before you leave on the 29th, but it doesn't seem too likely. However, you should have excellent plum-blossom viewing before you go. Some plum varieties have really light, mild pinkish blossoms, and some have rattle-your-eyeballs brilliant deep scarlet pink blossoms.... either way, you just can't lose.

(Weather update: having written this post, it's now brilliantly sunny again outside.)

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Hi Jeffrey,
I enjoy reading your great blog for quite a long time now, it’s a very nice mix of technical questions, Kyoto stories and family events, that I really like!
You mentioned snow in your post, I just wonder if you finally got some more? Because we here in Iwate are just buried under snow since two days now, for the first time this winter, it’s really amazing.
How about the cherry blossoms in Kyoto, are there already some? A friend from Europe will visit Japan in two weeks, and she’s dying to see them in Kyoto – will there be a chance for her?
Greetings from Kitakami,

Thanks for the kind words, Julia. How long will your friend be in Kyoto? As I mentioned in the post in my comment to Bill, this month looks iffy. As for your blog, I enjoyed your photos as well. How old is your little one? He looks to be a bit younger than Anthony. (Oh, and about the clinic…. one of their treatments is helping to quit smoking, so hence the strange sign.) —Jeffrey

— comment by Julia on March 13th, 2007 at 1:42pm JST (17 years, 4 months ago) comment permalink

Hello Jeffrey, thanks for answering.
First, sorry for having been to quick when asking about cherry blossom – I finished reading your post after sending the comment, and only then I realized that the answer was already there!
Jakob is now a little bit more than two and a half years old – at that age they get cuter every day, no? I was very happy when you mentioned in your blog that you are storing already several thousand photos of Anthony, because I have about the same number and still can’t stop taking more every day. But there aren’t any of him on the photoblog site, only in our family blog.
And thanks for explaining that clinic sign, so my guess was quite wrong.

— comment by Julia on March 13th, 2007 at 11:15pm JST (17 years, 4 months ago) comment permalink
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