Yet More Snow in Kyoto

I'd had the impression that Kyoto didn't get much snow, but we got a few inches yesterday and quite a bit more today. Fumie's mom said that she doesn't remember this much snow in Kyoto since when she was a kid.

When I brought Anthony to playcare, I had only my cell phone camera, but snapped a few pictures.


Sanjo St., near Higashioji St.


Arriving at playcare

Wow, there's a lot of snow!


Poor scooterist trying to stay upright. The road was extremely icy.


The standard “looking south from the livingroom” shot.

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Jeff —

Enjoyed seeing your photos — and surprised with their quality since you used a cell phone camera. I had heard they were too good.

In casting your photos on this blog, it is only by accident that I came across them. I do
not “surf the net”. I really don’t know how find a blog / blogger’s site. I get a weekly newsletter from my anti-spyware software provider (CounterSpy by Sunbelt). That newsletter had a website for an index to bloggers. When I got to the site, I entered “Japan”.

I happen to have a great liking for Japan, having spent about half a year there spread over 8 trips of independent travel during autumns (1982 – 1997). Only because of my continuing interest in Japan did I enter “Japan” is a search on the website’s index dialog box.

Your photos are familiar to me (i.e., some locations). I write to say “doomo arigatoo
gozaimashita” for your work and making these photos available to people like me in Pasadena, California, USA.


— comment by Bob on December 22nd, 2005 at 1:18pm JST (18 years, 7 months ago) comment permalink
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