Noritake China’s “N4” Series
Noritake China “N4” Series Deep Bowls
Noritake China “N4” Series Deep Bowls

Okay, so the What am I? quiz wasn't very challenging this time, unlike my first one and the one prior to this. At least there were some answers this time, unlike an earlier quiz.

So, yes, Fumie got some new bowls. They're not mixing bowls, but fine tableware, the “deep bowl” style of the Noritake N4 series. I'd never seen nice tableware that stacked like mixing bowls, and thought they were beautifully photogenic. She also got the “flat plate” and “deep plate” series, which are also elegantly stackable.

Noritake China N4-Series Deep Bowls

I think the concept is that the different plates and bowls of comparable sizes go together nicely (e.g. the “deep bowl” sits nicely on the “flat plate”, for a soup-serving combination), but Fumie got them with our Goldilocks-bears family in mind: a larger one suits me (papa bear), with smaller ones for mama-bear and baby bear.

Noritake China N4-Series Deep Bowls

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I knew what they were but I was too late to guess! 😉

— comment by Sylvia on July 5th, 2008 at 11:36pm JST (16 years ago) comment permalink
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