Alan and Natalie Say “I Do”

(L-R, Rear) Natalie Raiti, Alan Friedl, Bill Houser (best man), Michael Friedl
(L-R, Center) Anthony Friedl, Kenneth Hartley
(Front) Fr. Paul Schindler

My baby brother Alan got married yesterday (July 14th), to Natalie Raiti. “Baby brother” may be somewhat of a relative term, though, as he turns 35 next week. Natalie, though, was definately worth the wait.

Anthony was a ring bearer, along with a new friend, Kenneth (nephews of the groom and bride, respectively).

The bear that Anthony holds is Tuffy, Alan's best friend prior to meeting Natalie. Notice how Anthony tries to help out Tuffy by covering, with his right (our left) index finger, the ugly plastic bloch on Tuffy's face. (My bear, Tubby, does not have this defect.)

Natalie Raiti in the bride's room, just prior to the start of the ceremony

I was way out of my league, photography wise. I don't know my equipment nearly enough, much less do I have the experience needed to take good photos in a wedding situation. So, I took the “carpet bombing” approach, taking 600+ photos. I used the minimal natural light, and no tripod, so I had the ISO pumped up and all the shots turned out grainy. I wish I had my Noise Ninja on my laptop. Luckily, they had a professional photographer.

Alan and Natalie Friedl posing for a silly photo
Photo by Robert Christy

My 2nd (of 600+) shot of the day

This next shot is typicial of the grain in my high-ISO shots:

Natali Raiti and Alan Friedl prior to the wedding rehersal

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Hi Jeff,
Thanks for the photos of Alan’s wedding! And I also checked Marci’s latest prints of Joshua James in his tux for the occasion.

I have enjoyed all the pictures of your son Anthony and hearing about all your activities. It has been SO many years since seeing you. Good luck with the house sale; real estate in this area is on the market far too long.
Aunt Jeannette Cancillieri, Rocky River, OH

— comment by Aunt Jeannette on July 24th, 2006 at 11:56pm JST (18 years ago) comment permalink

hello, i’m an old friend of Alan’s… looked him up on the google to see how he was doing (lol) glad they finally got married..totally awesome pictures 🙂 havent heard from him in a while so i figure he’s doing well.. tell him i said hello and that me and my friends at the ancient order of hibernians (st.brendan’s chapter) are doing well

may the peace of God be with you and yours,
Rachel Parkman

— comment by rachel :) on March 20th, 2007 at 10:32am JST (17 years, 4 months ago) comment permalink
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