Couple’a New Lightroom Plugins: Bulk Develop, and Order Prints Locally
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I've pushed out a couple of new plugins recently....

Bulk Develop Settings allows you to pragmatically calculate and apply luminance noise reduction based upon a photo's ISO setting, and on any exposure boost done in post processing. Lightroom has a way to set the default noise reduction based upon the camera and ISO, but you have to set it individually for each ISO, but for me that involves many dozens of different ISO values, even for just one camera model. It's too ungainly to be of use, so I made this plugin.

Order Prints Locally allows you to upload photos to LifePics and then have them printed at a local shop for pickup (in many cases within an hour). LifePics partners with tens of thousands of retailers around the world, though the bulk of them are in the US and Canada. You can search in the plugin via US/Canadian postal code, or worldwide latitude/longitude.

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