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New Lightroom Feature to Compare Photo Edits

I haven't been posting on my blog this year, but I've still been working, and have just released a feature for Lightroom that's interesting enough to warrant a mention here: the Compare Photo Edits feature of my Bag-o-Goodies plugin.

As the name implies, it reports on the differences in how two photos have been edited. This includes not only develop changes, but also editable-metadata changes. It also reports on whether collection membership is the same.

It can be useful in figuring out, for example, the difference in look between two photos, or to figure out why a virtual copy exists.

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New Lightroom Plugin: Collection Mechanic

I've just released Jeffrey's Collection Mechanic Lightroom Plugin.

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Announcing my Upload-to-Google-Photos Plugin for Lightroom: Prepare to be Disappointed

Six years after Google unveiled their "Google +" social network with photo hosting, with heavy emphasis on photographers, and a couple of years after Google shut down Picasa Web Albums, the sort-of-backdoor way to upload photos to Google, Google has finally released a photo-upload API, so that I can make a Google Photos plugin for Adobe Lightroom.

Sort of.

What Google allows at this point is extremely limited, and I don't hold much hope that it'll expand.

As of today's initial release, the plugin can:

create an album in Google Photos upload photos and video to such albums.

That's it. [...]

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Personalizing Lightroom’s Amazing New “Auto Tone” Feature

Lightroom 7.2 introduced an entirely new version of its "Auto Tone" feature, a one-click adjustment of photo brightness and contrast to hopefully-pleasing results. The prior version of Auto Tone used what might be called a "stupid, brute force" method that merely adjusted tone ranges to try find a numeric balance. It wasn't very useful.

The new Auto Tone, however, is fantastic, being powered by an artificial-intelligence engine trained with thousands of hand-tweaked photos from highly-regarded artists. It does a sufficiently-good job that I now use it as part of my new-photo workflow, to give me a better starting point for [...]

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Announcing a New Plugin for Adobe Lightroom: Smart-Collection Sync to Adobe’s Lightroom CC Cloud

I've released a new plugin for Lightroom Classic (Lr6 and later) to help users wanting to sync smart collections to Lightroom's cloud ecosystem. Lightroom Classic allows syncing only normal collections, so you can't sync smart collections such as "all five-star photos" or the like.

This plugin works around this restriction by allowing you to keep a set of normal collections automatically synced with your smart collections; you then add those automatically-mirrored normal collections to Lightroom's cloud.

It sounds simple, but the devil's in the details... the same details, I'm sure, which caused Adobe to not support smart-collection sync in the [...]

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