Off to Malaysia for Ten Days

I'm still sluggish from my cold, but nevertheless, tomorrow we're all leaving for George Town, on Penang Island in Malaysia, to visit Fumie's Dad who is there on a long-term work assignment. (You can see George Town on the far left of this map)

Five of us (Fumie and Anthony and I, Fumie's mom, and Fumie's brother Shogo) take a shuttle to Kansai International, then fly to Kuala Lumpur (about 7 hours) and on to Penang (another hour). Shogo is staying only three days; the rest of us stay ten days.

It's at about 5 degrees north latitude and hot and humid and forecast to rain every single day we're there, although apparently the rain comes and goes -- it's not a 24/7 incessant drizzle like Japan's rainy season.

We're flying Malaysia Airlines, which will be the first time in almost 10 years for me to fly a new airline. This got me thinking about the various airlines I've flown -- here are the ones I can remember:

All Nippon Airways
American Airlines
America West  (added July 2006)
Bangkok Air
Cathay Pacific Airways
Continental Airlines
Delta Airlines
Indian Air
Japan Airlines
Korean Air
Malaysia Air  (added March 2006)
Midwest Airlines
Northwest Airlines
People Express
Reno Air
Singapore Air
Thai Air
United Airlines
United Express

I have a vague memory of flying Lufthansa as well, but can't pin it down. There are probably others that I can't remember at all.

By far the most miles are on United, probably followed by Korean Air. The least are probably the one short puddle-jumper flight on Bangkok Air.

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