Anthony Made a Bento for Mommy
Bento Anthony made
for Mommy: plastic hamburgers, rubbery breads (normal slice shaped, and one
fun Shimajiro tiger shape), paper apple slice, and cloth
Bento Anthony made for Mommy

Following on from yesterday's post about all the bento lunches that Fumie makes for Anthony....

During the winter, the preschool warms the bento lunches for the kids, so yesterday, Fumie got another bento box so that Anthony can have stuff to be warmed in one, and stuff that's to be kept cool in another.

Prior to using it for real bentos, Anthony could play with it a bit, and made a bento for Mommy:

Plastic hamburger
Two rubbery breads (including a fun Shimajiro tiger shape)
Paper apple slice
Cloth potato

Mommy said it was tasty!

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