Top 10 Worst Major Releases of Microsoft® Windows®

I just realized that with Vista™, there are now enough major releases of Microsoft® Windows® for the desktop (as opposed to PDAs and servers) to put out a “Top 10” list, so without further ado....

The Top 10 Worst Major Releases of Microsoft® Windows® for the Desktop:

10.Microsoft® Windows® 1.0
10.Microsoft® Windows® 2.0
9.Microsoft® Windows® 3.0
8.Microsoft® Windows NT®
7.Microsoft® Windows® 95
5.Microsoft® Windows® 98
4.Microsoft® Windows® 2000
3.Microsoft® Windows® ME
2.Microsoft® Windows® XP
1.Microsoft® Windows Vista™

As one would expect in a “top worst” list for Windows®, it includes all the major desktop releases.

The list is in chronological order, but if what I hear about Vista™ is any indication, it also belongs solidly in the #1 spot in a traditional order-by-rank list of worsts as well.

I must thank Microsoft® for one thing: the flakiness of my previous Windows® box resulted in a blog post — How to Waste a Lot of Time in Two Weeks (or More) — that has perpetually been one of the most popular posts of my blog.

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Not sure what the fuss is? Vista works extremely well for me and is very stable. I am a power user of Vista for photography specifically and image retouching and I find zero faults with it and find it to be an improvement in many ways over XP. Does it have it’s issues? Probably, like very OS, PC, Mac or Linux, though as a Vista user, not by me.

— comment by Eric on February 9th, 2008 at 7:56am JST (16 years, 5 months ago) comment permalink
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