A short writing about not having time to write

I've not had a chance to write lately because we've been working hard preparing the Cupertino house for sale, and preparing for our trip back to Kyoto next Tuesday. Yet, there are many things I'd like to write about, such as Anthony looking through his legs into the toilet while “mid business” and proclaiming “I have a tail!” Or complaining that a simple plastic blank insert for a Decora switchplate (to fill the space where no switch exists) costs almost twice as much as a switch, which is a complex metal and plastic object.

(For that matter, I could complain about moronic web sites like Home Depot's which makes it impossible to share links to specific items they sell.)

I'd like to write about how fun it was to play Ultimate Frisbee with friends at Yahoo! last week. I got close to 1,000 photos, mostly throw-aways, I'm sure, but I hope there will be a few.

I'd like to write about Adobe's beta photo-processing software, Lightroom, and how I think it's a wonderful tool for processing masses of photos quickly.

I'd like to complain about how &!^@^#$ much it costs to sell real-estate. If my house were valued at $100,000, it would cost about $6,000 or $7,000 in commissions to sell it. But my house is worth about 15× more than that, and despite it requiring exactly as much work to sell as the $100,000 house, the commission goes up by 15×. It just makes no sense (but makes the real-estate agents a lot of dollars, that's for sure).

I'd like to write about how much I've enjoyed visiting friends, but how bad I feel about not having time to visit others. The time has just gone by so quickly.

I'd like to write about all that, but there's a lot of cleanup and house-fixing-up and packing yet to do.....

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