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Winning the Kyoto Marathon 2017 (Papa Division)

Today was the 2017 Kyoto Marathon. As in some years past (2012, 2014, 2015) I went out for a few photos of the 16,000 runners.

This little scene unfolded before me at a corner 500m (⅓ mile) before the finish...

According to his bib-number stats, this guy (木村剛 / Goh Kimura) finished in 3:55:21, which includes the unusually-long 9:44 it took him to get to the starting line (and, of course, includes the time needed for the event above).

I was able to find in the shots I took earlier, as well... can you find him in this shot from [...]

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Anthony Graduates from Elementary School

Anthony graduated from elementary school today, a big event in Japanese culture. I snapped the photo as we were heading to the school for the last time.

It reminds me of this photo of the two of them from the day he started elementary school half his life (six years) ago, and also the post about his going to school on his own for the first time. He's growing up all too quickly.

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New Lightroom Plugin: People Support

I've finally released a new plugin for Adobe Lightroom that I've been working on for some time, my "People Support" plugin. Once configured, it can tell you the age of people in a photo, and include that data in exports.

It's consumed me for weeks. The idea of calculating and displaying a person's age seems quite straightforward and simple, doesn't it? It's not. Date calculations are surprisingly fraught with complexity, and presentation all the more so when you take into account dealing with all the languages that Lightroom can work in.

English is simple in that we use the same [...]

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Silly Family Photoshoot for the New Year

We did a silly family photoshoot today. We had planned to do it a month or so ago for our Christmas cards, but to my shame I was just too lazy to do cards this year. So to sort of make up for not having sent Christmas or New Year's cards, we did this shoot and are posting these photos.

今年は喪中で年賀状を送らないので、そのかわりに面白い家族写真を撮りました。 文枝はまだ 12才の息子より背が高いけれども、そろそろ息子に負けそうです。

Fumie is still taller than 12-year-old Anthony, but that won't last long, and Anthony will be taller by the time next year's photoshoot rolls around.

At 5′ 3½″, Fumie still has two inches on Anthony (he's 5′ [...]

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Back in Kyoto (with some Cousin-Play Pics from Ohio)

I'm back in Kyoto after a couple of weeks visiting my folks in Ohio and a friend in Milwaukee.

I've accomplished a lot in the week I've been back:

Gotten over jetlag

That's an impressive list for me after a transpacific trip.

I also got a new MacBook pro set up (upgrading from a circa 2010 model) and replaced, for the umpteenth time, failing Seagate Barracuda hard drives in my NAS (giving some Western Digital NAD drives a try this time).

"What I haven't gotten done since returning" is a much longer list, including processing photos from the trip, writing [...]

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