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Camping at Kotobikihama Beach, in north-west Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

Camping with Anthony: Final Wrapup

Wrapping up with a few final pics from my five-day camping trip with Anthony two months ago, the shot above is from the Ocean At 6:05 AM point of the morning walk on our first full day.

The rain on Day 5 wasn't very fun, but all in all it was a great trip, and unless the weather forecast doesn't bode well, we'll likely do it again next year.

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Camping with Anthony: Day 5 (Sort of)

Day 4 of my camping trip with Anthony to Kotobikihama beach (northern Kyoto Prefecture, Japan) was a day full of sun and sand, marred only by a few minutes of wind-driven terror (or, at least, wide-eyed surprise, as my tent almost got blown away).

The night was pleasantly warm, as opposed to the freeze-your-toes-off cold that it had been on previous nights, so that was welcome. Unfortunately, along with the warmth came a howling wind that buffeted the tent in loud gusts that were jarring both mentally and physically. I spent from about 1:30am to 3:00am trying to make sure [...]

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Camping with Anthony, Day 4

Day 4 of my camping trip with Anthony started early, as usual, but without the prospect of having to move the tent (as I did the previous day), I looked forward to a day of fun.

Anthony's new friends had returned home the previous evening, but now he had May and Monet to play with, and added new friends Emma and her older brother, Benjamin, as well.

Kotobikihama beach is large – about a mile long – with several distinct sections. This morning, we headed out to the main part of the beach, which is quite a distance from the [...]

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Camping with Anthony, Day 3

Day two of my camping adventure with Anthony ended pleasantly, with new friends and a nice sunset.

Day 3, however, started much earlier and much less pleasantly than I would have expected – right at midnight – when some rude family burst into the campground with loud voices and bright lights, searching for a spot to set up their tent, then setting it up.

Inconsiderate people suck.

I barely got a few hours of sleep, and was up at 5:30 or so with Anthony and daybreak. Day three was Saturday of Golden Week, meaning that now the crowds would really [...]

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Camping with Anthony, Day 2: Sunset with New Friends

I ended my previous post about day 2 of camping with Anthony with the story that we'd returned from dinner in time for the sunset.

When we got out of the car at the campsite, Anthony was playing with a superhero toy of some sort that he got at the store. (Because camping is special, "we" decided that he can get a small $2 or $3 toy each day that we happen to go to a store while camping.)

A boy about his age was walking by with his mom, and made a comment about the toy. It turns out [...]

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