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Guess what the picture is of

A New Caledonia No-Bikes-Allowed “What am I?” Quiz

Driving around during our vacation in New Caledonia, I came across a number of road signs whose meaning was not intuitive to me, including the one above. I thought it might make a good "What am I?" quiz.

The sign obviously doesn't mean "No Bicycles Allowed" or I wouldn't be posting it here.... unless, of course, I'm doing the whole reverse-psychology thing to fake you out. But then again, I may well be doing the whole reverse-reverse-psychology thing to fake you into thinking I'm trying to fake you out.

Frankly, I'm so confused now that I don't even know. Anyway, [...]

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A Soft Not-Foam-Filling “What am I?” Quiz

It's been a month and a half since my most recent attempt to confound with a "What am I?" Quiz, but I fear today's may confound but may not interest. There's not much to go by. We'll see.

As always, I'll hold replies from public view until I post the answer in a day or three...

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An Otherworldly “What am I?” Quiz

I don't normally have two of my "What am I?" quizzes ongoing at the same time, but even though I've not yet been able to write up the article that answers the previous A Dark, Striated “What am I?” Quiz, I wanted to offer this one. I just really love the colors and unearthly mood.

What are the things above?

(As always, I'll keep submitted answers private until I post the answer in a day or two.)

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A Dark, Striated “What am I?” Quiz

Time for another one of my "What am I?" quizzes. What's the thing above?

As usual, I'll keep answers private until I reveal the answer in a few days...

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A Deep, Dark “What am I?” Quiz

Today we have a simple What am I? quiz. What is the thing above, and how is it used?

As usual with these quizzes, I'll keep all comments from appearing until after I reveal the answer in a blog post in a few days.

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