Small Glimpse into Japanese Elementary School
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I want to highlight a recent post by an acquaintance living in Amami, of his daughter's 2nd-grade class lunch and his visit to it. It's just a small slice of everyday life in Japan, but I love it.

We've never been invited to have lunch at Anthony's school, but much of what's described in that post – how the kids take turns doing different chores, and dress up with gloves and aprons and masks – matches what I know of Anthony's first-grade class.

The Amami Islands are in the East China sea in the far south of Japan, between the mainland and Okinawa (much closer than Ishigaki Island where we visited recently, but still plenty far away). Amami holds a special place in our heart because it's where Fumie's late grandmother is from.

Anyway, “Amami Superman Photography” is a blog by an American guy, Earnest Barr, who has lived there for some time. His daughter is a year older than Anthony. I've conversed with Earnest over email, and have enjoyed his blog and its stories and pictures for some time, but I've never met him or even seen a picture of him. I find it funny that through our emails I sort of know him, yet could coincidentally sit down next to him on a park bench and exchange idle conversation without even realizing we know each other.

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Thanks for the link. I guess having kids the same age makes me interested in how they live in far-away places. I have been in Knysan, South Africa for the last 6 months but leave in a couple of weeks for Sweden where we live on an island south of Stockholm.

I am interested in starting a photo-blog. I noticed that Earnest Barr’s site looks pretty much the same as yours. As a color-blind person I find the color scheme very easy on the eyes, and showing the camera settings below the pictures staisfies my technical curiousity. The extra exif data and map are nice cherries as well.

Any tips for getting a site like yours going? I’m not looking to do anything commercially and would probably be interested in hosting the site myself rather than using Blogger.


If you host it yourself, you’ll likely use WordPress or MovableType, and then there are plenty of themes or styles you can try. My site is heavily hacked and not easy to share, but like I said, there are plenty to try and use as a basis for your own style. And if you post about your kid’s school, drop a comment here, ’cause I’d like to see it! 🙂 —Jeffrey

— comment by Guy on June 25th, 2009 at 6:09pm JST (15 years ago) comment permalink

It never occurred to me that I don’t have any photos of myself. I just assumed that the stupid profile picture I made of me and Angelina Jolie would be enough. Maybe I’ll try to find a better one. Maybe I’ll switch to the one with Jessica Alba and me…

— comment by Earnest Barr on June 26th, 2009 at 2:23pm JST (15 years ago) comment permalink
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