In Kyoto and Want to Get Rid Of Stuff? Call This Guy.

We've been accumulating stuff we want to get rid of that's too big to put into the normal trash.... stuff that's become trash (an old couch, a large broken lamp, ...) or that we just don't need anymore (a photo printer, Anthony's old bicycle, an old LCD monitor...). There was a lot, and it was finally time to deal with it.

I searching on Yahoo! Japan (大型ゴミ 処分 京都) and picked 京都 不用品回収センター とくとく, and I don't regret it.

I gave the guy a call, he came over an hour later with a little truck, and we looked at what I wanted to get rid of, and for each thing he told me whether he'd take it for free and if not, how much it would cost. I just wanted to get rid of everything, and was shocked when he told me the total fee would be only ¥7,800 (US$85). I was expecting 3×〜4× that amount.

He left with a very full truck, and I gained a commodity that in this country ranks in value behind only time and health: space.

If you're in the Kyoto area and want to get rid of stuff (and can speak Japanese), I highly recommend this guy.

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