Lovely View from the Konkaikomyou-ji Temple’s Cemetary
desktop background image of a cemetary at the Konkaikomyou-ji Temple (金戒光明寺), Kyoto Japan, during the height of fall colors -- Lovely Day Konkaikomyou-ji Temple (金戒光明寺) Kyoto Japan -- Konkaikomyou-ji Temple (金戒光明寺) -- Copyright 2017 Jeffrey Friedl,
Nikon D4 + Nikkor 24mm f/1.4 — 1/320 sec, f/16, ISO 2800 — map & image datanearby photos
Lovely Day
Konkaikomyou-ji Temple (金戒光明寺)
Kyoto Japan
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I had a lovely walk today, with Paul and Akiko, who's in town taking a break from crazy international travels as a professional photographer. I put up a few photos at Strava until I can do a proper blog post.

Konkaikomyou-ji Temple (金戒光明寺) -- Kyoto, Japan -- Copyright 2017 Jeffrey Friedl,
Nikon D4 + Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 — 1/1000 sec, f/1.4, ISO 100 — map & image datanearby photos

One bummer from the day is that my camera came unscrewed from its strap, as I apparently didn't tighten it well enough. I first noticed the problem when I saw my Nikon D4 bouncing one way, and the bulk of a $1,000 Cosina Voigtländer Macro APO-Lanthar 125mm F2.5 SL bouncing another way. Oops.

The impact was taken by three screws that held the bulk of the lens to its mount, which all snapped. So it might actually be fairly easy to fix. We'll see. The camera was fine, which I'm thankful for.

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Best of luck with the camera and lens. Yanked my off a table onto a concrete floor. Heard pieces scatter about and could not bear to look down at the damage. Like yours mine landed lens first but only a small dent and after putting the eye piece and lens cap back on everything worked just fine. I got lucky.

— comment by Rick Hancock on November 29th, 2017 at 6:10am JST (6 years, 7 months ago) comment permalink
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