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New Lightroom Feature to Compare Photo Edits

I haven't been posting on my blog this year, but I've still been working, and have just released a feature for Lightroom that's interesting enough to warrant a mention here: the Compare Photo Edits feature of my Bag-o-Goodies plugin.

As the name implies, it reports on the differences in how two photos have been edited. This includes not only develop changes, but also editable-metadata changes. It also reports on whether collection membership is the same.

It can be useful in figuring out, for example, the difference in look between two photos, or to figure out why a virtual copy exists.

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New Lightroom Plugin: Collection Mechanic

I've just released Jeffrey's Collection Mechanic Lightroom Plugin.

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GPS-Settings Info for Bryton Rider 450 Cycling-Computer Users

I've been testing a new cycling computer, a Bryton Rider 450. I was shocked to find out some information about its satellite-positioning features that isn't covered in the manual, so I'm sharing that info here.

As a bit of background, folks often use the "GPS" as a generic term for "satellite positioning system", but in reality, GPS is the specific satellite positioning system built and deployed (and offered as a gift to the world) by the United States of America. It used to be the only one, but now there are several. Russia has its unrelated GLONASS system, the European [...]

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A Minor Warning About WhatsApp: The PC Version Doesn’t Work If Your Phone Breaks

The photo above is from a hike on Mt. Fuji a few days ago, which I'll write about soon (I hope), but today's post is about the WhatsApp messaging service, and something I discovered about it during my Fuji trip.

On a bicycle ride on Mt. Fuji, while in the middle of taking a photo with my iPhone, the iPhone just spazzed out and died, and I was left without a way to contact the others I was traveling with. Unfortunately, the ride went some hours longer than I had anticipated, and I'm sure my friends worried.

When I returned [...]

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A Compliment or an Insult? One of the Costs of Apple Ownership….

I normally do all my computer work on a MacBook Pro; the convenience of being able take it anywhere with me is worth the cramped feeling of having "just" 1TB of disk and a small screen. Unfortunately, my MacBook Pro, which is about 3½ years old, went south yesterday, and now and it freezes up after a minute or three. I spent all day trying stuff to fix it, but it seems to be a hardware issue, So I called up Apple Support to arrange repair.

While creating my repair case, the guy asked whether it was covered by AppleCare, [...]
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