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Guess what the picture is of

An Among-the-Fall-Colors “What am I?” Quiz

The other temple we visited on Tuesday's outing after the spectacular Yoshiminedera (seen here and here) is one known as the "Flower Temple" (hanadera -- 花寺), though its official name is the Shojiji Temple (勝持寺).

In any case, the thing seen above was sitting on the veranda of the main temple building. On the front in faded big characters is 「大原野」(Oharano), the name of the area.

On the side is a date: July 1889.

What is this 125-year-old thing?

As usual with my "What am I?" quizzes, I'll keep all comments from appearing until after I reveal the answer in [...]

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A Black-on-Black “What am I?” Quiz

It never ceases to amaze what one can find while putzing around the mountain fringes of Kyoto. I came across this today, and thought it might have potential as one of my "What am I?" quizzes. What is it?

This one is probably pretty easy, especially if you look at the image metadata.

It brings to mind this quiz from a couple of years ago. I still use this related photo from that quiz's answer post as the login-screen background for my Synology DS1511+ NAS unit; the ultra-industrial feel seems to work nicely as a login screen.

As always, I'll [...]

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A Fork-Like “What am I?” Quiz

I came across these fork-like tools on a craftman's workbench, and thought they'd make a good "What am I?" Quiz. What, exactly, are these fork-like tools used for?


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A Pointy “What am I?” Quiz

Time for another "What am I?" quiz. What, exactly, is in the photo above, and what's it for?

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A Red, Squiggly, Fairly Blotchy “What am I?” Quiz

It's been a couple of months since my last "What am I?" quiz, so here's one. What is the photo of?

As usual, I'll keep guesses private until I post the answer in a day or three...

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A Woven(ish) “What am I?” Quiz

I came across this today and knew it'd be a great "What am I?" quiz. If you want to cheat, the image metadata includes a hint. Maybe.

As always, I'll keep any guesses private until I reveal the answer in a day or two.

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A Textured, Layered “What am I?” Quiz

Here's a simple(?) "What am I?" quiz.

This one has sort of the same color vibe as A Bendy-Line “What am I?” Quiz from a year ago, but it's definitely not the same.

So, what is the object above?

As usual, I'll keep submitted guesses hidden until I reveal the answer in a few days.

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A Simple “What am I?” Quiz with a “Why am I?” Addendum

It's been a while (almost a year!) since my last "What am I?" Quiz... I'll have to do better.

Today's "What am I?" quiz is fairly simple (it's clearly wood), so today I add a "Why?". Why is the What above what it is?

The photo is from an amazing day today at the Seifuso Villa (清風荘) near Kyoto University. The subject of the photo is something one sometimes sees to a small extent at temples; what I saw today was by far the best example of (whatever it is) I've ever seen.

(As usual, I'll hold all comments back [...]

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A Curved-Wire “What am I?” Quiz

It's been a while since I've posted one of my "What am I?" quizzes, so here's one. What is it?

As usual, I'll hold comments privately until I publish the answer. -- Jeffrey

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A Bendy-Line “What am I?” Quiz

It's been a while since one of my "What am I?" quizzes, so here we go with a new one.

As always, I'll hold comments from public view until I post the answer in a day or three.

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A Dual Photo Ying-and-Yang-ish “What am I?” Quiz

I don't normally have two photos on one of my "What am I?" quizzes, but then, I don't normally have two quizzes going at once. This one is even more obvious than the currently-outstanding "An Oh-So-Obvious "What am I?" Quiz" from a few days ago, at least if, like that one, you look at the image metadata, but these two snaps are perhaps good for a few moments of perplexity.

I also don't normally put industrial grunge for a desktop background, but I'm giving it a try with that top image, for a different vibe.

Anyway, what are these images [...]

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An Oh-So-Obvious “What am I?” Quiz

Well, as my "What am I?" quzzes go, this one is so painfully obvious that I hesitate to put it up, but hey, maybe I'll stump someone for a few minutes.

Leave your guess in the comments... as always, I'll withhold comments from publication until I give the answer.

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A Feeble but Fun “What am I?” Quiz

This is not really worthy of being a my "What am I?" quiz, but it's got a certain element "what the... huh?" to it initially that requires a moment's reflection to clear up. That initial confusion is fun, and so to allow you that moment of perplexity, I'd thought I'd post it as a quiz, without any prior context.

Lest you remain confused, the Exif data should make it clear.

In any case, as always, I'll hold comments back for a day or two until I post the answer.

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A Golden Bumpy “What am I?” Quiz

Time again for one of my "What am I?" quizzes. The Exif data won't help you with this one, sorry.

As usual, I will keep any comments private until I post the answer, to give everyone the same chance.

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A Somewhat Parallel “What am I?” Quiz

It's been a while since one of my "What am I?" quizzes, so I thought I'd throw this one up. Like this quiz and this one, it's got some long thin things in it, but it's not related to either previous post.

It's also not related to music.

So, what do we have here?

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A Dark, Moonless “What am I?” Quiz

It's been a while since I posted one of my "What am I?" quizzes, so here's a new one. But let me be up front about one thing: the picture above is a daytime picture that I've tried to make look like it was taken at night. It's really dark because it was an area with few lights, and there was no moon.

On our trip last week to Bunny Island, we stayed at a hotel on a mountain overlooking a small marina. This hotel, the Bella Vista Sakaigahama (ベラビスタ境ガ浜) had, by far, the best baths I'd ever been to.

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What’s the Point of This “What am I?” Quiz?

If you get the point of this "What am I?" quiz, leave your answer in the comments. I'll withhold all comments until I reveal the answer in a few days...

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A Bumpy-on-the-Bottom “What am I?” Quiz

Well, my previous "What am I?" Quiz went off with a fizzle, so I'll try a different one, a photo I took near the exquisite road-side weeds yesterday.

Story this quiz is taken from is continued here...

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One Last Towel-Museum “What am I?” Quiz

Having finished up yesterday with my last post on the oddly-interesting Towel Museum in Imabari, Japan, I thought I'd post one more "What am I?" quiz from there, adding to the last month's quiz from there.

So, what's today's photo?

(The answer is noted in the comments below; the story of our Imabari trip is continued here.)

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Swordsmith Workshop “What am I?” Quiz

I was hoping to post by now about last week's visit to a traditional Japanese swordsmith, but I've been down with a cold for the last three days. Unfun. So, here's a "What am I?" quiz to pass the time... what is this implement from the swordsmith's workshop for?

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