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Anthony Graduates from Elementary School

Anthony graduated from elementary school today, a big event in Japanese culture. I snapped the photo as we were heading to the school for the last time.

It reminds me of this photo of the two of them from the day he started elementary school half his life (six years) ago, and also the post about his going to school on his own for the first time. He's growing up all too quickly.

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New Lightroom Plugin: People Support

I've finally released a new plugin for Adobe Lightroom that I've been working on for some time, my "People Support" plugin. Once configured, it can tell you the age of people in a photo, and include that data in exports.

It's consumed me for weeks. The idea of calculating and displaying a person's age seems quite straightforward and simple, doesn't it? It's not. Date calculations are surprisingly fraught with complexity, and presentation all the more so when you take into account dealing with all the languages that Lightroom can work in.

English is simple in that we use the same [...]

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Silly Family Photoshoot for the New Year

We did a silly family photoshoot today. We had planned to do it a month or so ago for our Christmas cards, but to my shame I was just too lazy to do cards this year. So to sort of make up for not having sent Christmas or New Year's cards, we did this shoot and are posting these photos.

今年は喪中で年賀状を送らないので、そのかわりに面白い家族写真を撮りました。 文枝はまだ 12才の晏人より背が高いけれども、そろそろ晏人に負けそうです。

Fumie is still taller than 12-year-old Anthony, but that won't last long, and Anthony will be taller by the time next year's photoshoot rolls around.

At 5′ 3½″, Fumie still has two inches on Anthony (he's 5′ [...]

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Back in Kyoto (with some Cousin-Play Pics from Ohio)

I'm back in Kyoto after a couple of weeks visiting my folks in Ohio and a friend in Milwaukee.

I've accomplished a lot in the week I've been back:

Gotten over jetlag

That's an impressive list for me after a transpacific trip.

I also got a new MacBook pro set up (upgrading from a circa 2010 model) and replaced, for the umpteenth time, failing Seagate Barracuda hard drives in my NAS (giving some Western Digital NAD drives a try this time).

"What I haven't gotten done since returning" is a much longer list, including processing photos from the trip, writing [...]

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Ohio-Trip Roundup: Misc Fun Photos

Our trip to visit my folks in Ohio ends tomorrow with a long trip back to Kyoto. I've still much to post from this short two weeks, but here are some random photos to fill out my last night...

We ended up visiting ZipCity four times. I posted about it earlier, and will again I'm sure.

My brother Mike and his wife ran a local 5,000-meter race. Mike came in first overall, which is better than he did earlier in the summer in an 56-mile ultramarathon. Chickee came in third in her age group.

The older kids doing a zipline [...]

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More Summer-Trip Fun: Zipline in the Backyard

More fun at Grandma and Grandpa's in Ohio.... a zipline! アメリカのおじいちゃんとおばあちゃんの裏庭にジップラインを作りました。

Continued here...

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Boatride in Ohio: Two Photos of Each Kid, and One of each Pair

It's been almost five years since a boat ride at Grandma and Grandpa's, so we did it again yesterday along with two of Anthony's cousins.


Continued here...

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Visit to Milwaukee, Day 2

On Day Two of our short trip to visit my friends Ram and Julia, we woke up to a Julia's preparations for breakfast. I normally don't eat breakfast, and when I do I'm a bowl-of-cereal kind of guy, so this was a nice slice of class...

Julia was about to start the eggs, but at our insistence let Anthony do them. In his school's home-ec class, Anthony had come up with a really great way to make scrambled eggs, so he put that to use for everyone.

After breakfast we headed out to the local dog run to give their [...]

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Visit To Milwaukee, Day 1

It's been ages since I've been able to visit my friend and best man at my wedding Ram Kulkarni and his wife Julia, so I took a long weekend to pop over to visit him at his house in suburban Milwaukee. (I had been scheduled to visit last January, but had that canceled by the "arctic freeze".)

Popping over from Ohio involves an hour flight to Chicago, and then a 20-minute flight to Milwaukee...

It was my first time to meet his boys Shiv (8) and Arjun (4), and for Ram and Julia to meet Anthony (11).

The nearest shore [...]

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Trampoline Dodgeball

We made a visit to ZipCity trampoline and zipline park in Streetsboro Ohio the other day. We did some zip-lining, but mostly jumped on the trampolines.

We had the place mostly to ourselves at first, but it eventually got crowded enough that they organized dodgeball games....

We were both dog tired after 2½ hours of nonstop play, and I came down with a cold later that evening. Two days later I'm feeling better, so we'll probably go again tomorrow (with three of Anthony's cousins, who came in last night).

Continued here...

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Milestones: Twenty Five Years Since First Coming to Japan, and More

Today is the 25th anniversary of my first arrival in Japan. 来日25周年になりました!

It was June 19th, 1989 that I flew into Tokyo from California after having finished grad school and then lived with my brothers for several months while waiting for my work visa to be approved. I was met at the airport by Krish Kulkarni, whom I had never met, but had no trouble finding because he's the twin brother of my best friend at grad school, Ram Kulkarni (who later went on to be the best man at my wedding, and I at his).

A day or [...]

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Just a Lighting Test Shot, but it Looks like an Advertisement


Setting up a bunch of flash units in the living room to take pictures of Fumie in her costume for her recent part in her ballet school's production of The Nutcracker, I asked Anthony to step in so that I could take a test shot to gauge the initial flash settings I'd guessed at. He'd just come home from a short day at school and wanted to relax with his ice-cream snack, so he wasn't really in the mood to be a prop.

I was happy that I'd at least landed in the ballpark for the settings (they were [...]

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Shirahama Trip Day 2: Adventure World

After day 1 of our weekend trip to Shirahama Japan we debated on what to do for the second day before making the three-hour drive home to Kyoto that evening. The area is known for having pandas, but I'm not a big fan of zoos so I didn't really want to go. (I've lived a 5-minute walk from the Kyoto City Zoo for 10 years, and have been only twice.) But Anthony wanted to see the pandas, so off to "Adventure World" we went.

Upon walking in it was clear it wasn't a normal zoo, with the entrance hall being [...]

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Weekend in Shirahama, Japan: Day 1


As I mentioned the other day, we took a short weekend trip to Shirahama (白浜), in Wakayama Prefecture a three-hour drive south from Kyoto. We left on Friday after Anthony got home from school, so arrived late in the evening, giving us all of Saturday and most of Sunday to enjoy the area.

We had a nice hybrid Western/Japanese room at Hotel Laforet....

The area is known for its small white-sand beach, and for having pandas (in what I assumed was a zoo, but as we'll see in a later post, the pandas are at an amusement/nature park). It [...]

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Frozen Lake Play from Last Year

Sort of a followup to "Catching Air on a Snow Sled", this is another post of pictures from a year ago.

Playing on the lake behind my folks' place in Ohio, Anthony used an old spade as a hockey stick, and a chunk of ice as the puck....

I liked the shadow and asked Anthony to hold the pose for a few shots...

This last one has had the saturation turned up to exaggerate the blue from the sky showing in his shadow. (The blue is not seen except in the shadows because the direct sun overpowers it elsewhere.)

Back [...]

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Anthony Catching Air on a Snow Sled

The pictures of snow play I posted earlier today of my brother and his family reminded me that there's much from last year's trip here to Ohio that I still have not posted. At the time I'd done one Snow Play post, so I guess today is a followup.

These pictures of Anthony (age 10 at the time) sledding in the back yard are from exactly one year ago today.

He gained confidence as time went... here's a shot from 10 minutes later; he seems much more composed....

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Hand-Picked (Hand-Grilled) Mushrooms in Japan, and a Tarzan Rope

As I mentioned the other day, we made the hour drive from Kyoto to the mountains of Takatsuki to visit a small food/entertainment area where the main attraction for us was picking (then grilling then eating) shiitake mushrooms.

As one might expect, the mushroom area was like an old damp basement, but with more light...

There's a limit of five mushrooms per person, so you have to take care in how you select and pluck a mushroom, to maximize your take. If they were stuck together, they were considered one mushroom, so we tried to find groups.

They sell out [...]

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Sliding Down a Mountain Slide, In Style

We had a fun trip today to a small food/entertainment area in the mountains of northern Takatsuki City (高槻市), an hour or so west of Kyoto. The main objective that I'll post about another time was the picking of (and grilling of and eating) shiitake mushrooms (椎茸), but we also had fun at a play area that included a slide of rollers for 80m (260') down a hill.

It was wet and dirty, but YOLO, so we gave it a go.

I waited to catch Anthony at the bottom for his first run because the slide shoots you at high [...]

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Kicking Around a Soccer Ball with Anthony and his Cousin Josh

The time we spent with family in Washington last week was filled with lots of sports, mostly baseball (both playing and watching), but Anthony's love of soccer was not overlooked. One day before the bulk of the family flew in, we visited the playground at his cousin Josh's elementary school to kick a ball around a bit...

Anthony's cousin Josh is really talented in baseball -- he's seven years old, but holds his own playing against twelve-year olds -- but he has little experience with soccer, so the play today was a bit lopsided.

The soccer was fun, but once [...]

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Slice of Americana: Anthony’s Cousin is Bat Boy at a Local Baseball Game

We're visiting my sister in Bellingham Washington, where all Anthony's American cousins will get together for the first time in four years (this time with one more than last time).

We happen to arrive just in time for cousin Josh (7½) getting to be a bat boy for the first time, at a Bellingham Bells collegiate summer league game. He's attended many games and sat near the dugout, so he knew the players and was super excited at this opportunity (especially since one must normally be at least 11 years old, but they interviewed him and decided he knew enough [...]

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