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Guess what the picture is of

An Among-the-Fall-Colors “What am I?” Quiz

The other temple we visited on Tuesday's outing after the spectacular Yoshiminedera (seen here and here) is one known as the "Flower Temple" (hanadera -- 花寺), though its official name is the Shojiji Temple (勝持寺).

In any case, the thing seen above was sitting on the veranda of the main temple building. On the front in faded big characters is 「大原野」(Oharano), the name of the area.

On the side is a date: July 1889.

What is this 125-year-old thing?

As usual with my "What am I?" quizzes, I'll keep all comments from appearing until after I reveal the answer in [...]

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A Black-on-Black “What am I?” Quiz

It never ceases to amaze what one can find while putzing around the mountain fringes of Kyoto. I came across this today, and thought it might have potential as one of my "What am I?" quizzes. What is it?

This one is probably pretty easy, especially if you look at the image metadata.

It brings to mind this quiz from a couple of years ago. I still use this related photo from that quiz's answer post as the login-screen background for my Synology DS1511+ NAS unit; the ultra-industrial feel seems to work nicely as a login screen.

As always, I'll [...]

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A Fork-Like “What am I?” Quiz

I came across these fork-like tools on a craftman's workbench, and thought they'd make a good "What am I?" Quiz. What, exactly, are these fork-like tools used for?


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A Pointy “What am I?” Quiz

Time for another "What am I?" quiz. What, exactly, is in the photo above, and what's it for?

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A Red, Squiggly, Fairly Blotchy “What am I?” Quiz

It's been a couple of months since my last "What am I?" quiz, so here's one. What is the photo of?

As usual, I'll keep guesses private until I post the answer in a day or three...

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