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An Unforgettable Dinner at AIC Akitsushima Kyoto

Earlier this summer I got the chance to visit -- and eat a fabulous dinner at -- AIC Akitsushima Kyoto (AIC秋津洲京都), and though I didn't get a chance to take any proper pictures, I did snap some as I went. It's a shame, because the entire small property was absolutely stunning, both in design and in execution.

To be frank, I'm not entirely clear about what this place is, but I do know that part of it is a restaurant open to the public (restaurant web site). It's related to a college in Auckland, so in addition to the 8% [...]

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Taran and Kate at the Heian Shrine, Part 3

Today's post is the final installment of the story started in "Taran and Kate at the Heian Shrine". The previous installment ended with our having to wait for a massive crowd to clear. After all three of them 🙂 left, we had the place to ourselves.

It was only as I was walking around to join them that the first heron decided to fly away...

Birds in flight are almost as difficult to photograph as children (a bird's movement is marginally less erratic). I'm focus-challenged in the best of times, but in this case it was compounded by the fact [...]

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The Silliness of Japanese Medicine-Dosage Rules

I'm currently on the recovering end of a very bad cold that stole a week of my life. The photo above (that actually has no dripping in it) is from a photogenic outing last fall, first seen in "Anatomy of a Selfie".

Here's a less-photogenic photo from yesterday, with an actual drip in it (two, if you count the I.V.):

I noticed the cold coming on when I woke up last Tuesday, and it seemed to be mild at first, so I thought it might be like a one-day cold I had a couple of weeks ago, but I still [...]

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Taran and Kate at the Heian Shrine, Part 2

Today's post follows "Taran and Kate at the Heian Shrine", where I posted a few shots (and a wigglegram!) from a photoshoot the other day. Recent MBA-graduates Taran and Kate were looking to have some photos taken while on vacation in Japan, and got put in touch with me. I haven't done much real photography in a long while, except last month's mini session at Kyoto Tea Ceremony Camellia GARDEN, so I wasn't sure what to expect from myself.

We first met to get to know each other a bit over coffee, and I found them to be a fun [...]

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Taran and Kate at the Heian Shrine

I did a little photoshoot today with recent MBA graduates Taran and Kate, doing some traveling before heading into the workforce.

I'm out of practice of late, but they had such nice smiles and an easy-going nature, so it was a breeze. I've a bazillion photos to get through... for the moment, here are a few.

I'll post more later, but for today, I'll end with this wigglegram:

Continued here...

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