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Foliage, mostly from around Kyoto

Fall-Foliage Wigglegram from Kyoto’s Flower Temple

My, how time flies. I took this wigglegram in 2014, which surprises me because it doesn't feel like I've been doing them nearly that long. Last year I posted another wigglegram from the same outing, in "A Couple of Autumn Wigglegrams for My Niece Jena".

I had briefly touched on the outing in "A Quick Peek at Kyoto’s Hanadera Temple", which itself has a wigglegram, so I guess I was in the mood that day.

This temple is wonderful to visit, but it's difficult to get to by public transport. I'm more likely to bicycle by, as it's near the [...]

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Rear Courtyard at the Eigenji Temple

Continuing on from "The Back Entrance to Shiga’s Eigenji Temple" the other day, about a trip last week to the Eigenji Temple (永源寺) about an hour's drive from Kyoto, after entering via the rear gate, you find a closed-off courtyard to one side...

You're not allowed inside, but it's still pretty from the gate.

To give a better sense of the space, here's a wigglegram:

To be continued...

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The Back Entrance to Shiga’s Eigenji Temple

Last week I took a drive out to a new temple that Manseki had recommended as being pretty in autumn. It did not disappoint. (The "Anatomy of a Selfie" that I posted the other day was taken here.)

It turns out that I rode right by this temple during my summer bicycle ride to Nagoya. At that time, it took about 2h 40m to get here from home. This time by car, it took about an hour. I made the drive with Paul, Damien, and a newly-met friend, Adrian Tischler from Australia.

We didn't realize it at the time, [...]

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Group Hanase Climb, and Full Carpet at the Ochiba Shrine

Today we did a simple little "Hanase Support" ride, where a few of us with experience making the climb to Hanase Pass helped out those who have never done it. Lianca and Stephanie made the climb for the first time, being encouraged by Manseki, Antti, and me.

The southern climb to Hanase Pass is Kyoto's premier climb, averaging 8.6% for 5.8 km (3.6 miles) of unrelenting grade. Through sheer ignorance I happened to choose it for my first-ever real bike outing, in the snow and ice of early February last year, when it took 48 minutes to finish. I've climbed [...]

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Anatomy of a Selfie

Continued here...

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