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Stories from our visit to an amazing place for kids to experience the fun parts of the adult world, the KidZania in Kobe, Japan, initially described on this post.

KidZania Visit #3, Part 2

Picking up from yesterday's "KidZania Visit #3, Part 1" about last Friday's visit to KidZania, Anthony and Gen were waiting to start their stint as dentists....

The worker had talked to them a bit, then they did a quick paper-rock-scissors competition to decide something, and the photo above was when Anthony apparently won. From what happened later, I think it was to decide who would be the doctor, and who would be the assistant.

Since Anthony and Gen were a pair, the staff let the little girl perform a procedure by herself while Anthony and Gen waited, so they could [...]

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KidZania Visit #3, Part 1

Anthony's school had a day off last Friday, so I took the opportunity of him having a free school day to bring him to his third visit to KidZania (the amazing kid place that I introduced in this post). Anthony's friend Gen joined us, for his second visit.

I had Gen decide which would be the first event, and after considerate consultation with Anthony, flight training won out over what was apparently a close contest with being a police officer. Anthony was excited by both options, though both had done flight training before: Anthony's prior flight-training experience.

This little girl [...]

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KidZania Visit #2 Wrapup: Construction and Health-Care Aid

In my most recent post about KidZania, Anthony had baked bread at a bakery. After that he did the radio show I posted about in May, just after our visit. Then it was time for a stint as a construction worker....

He'd done this before the first time we came; this was the only job he repeated.

It was getting late, but he was lucky to get one more experience in before KidZania closed for the evening: health-care aid.

And with that his second trip to KidZania was done.

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Night Shift at the Bakery

Picking up the story of our most recent visit to the KidZania in Kobe, Japan, after some appliance repair and a bit of firefighting, it was time to make the doughnuts. Except it wasn't doughnuts on today's menu, it was melon bread (a very sweet bread that looks vaguely like a half of cantaloupe).

All the pictures inside were taken through the shop windows under less than ideal conditions, but what they lack from a technical point of view they make up for it in my totally unbiased mind in cuteness.

I'm sort of fond of mills for some reason, [...]

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Fighting Fires, KidZania Style

After Anthony's stint in Appliance repair at our most recent visit to the most-excellent KidZania in Kobe, Japan, it was time to get busy putting out some fires.

Unlike the joyful high-five at the previous job the one here was mechanical. The girl doing the job was just that, going through the motions to do a job. Too bad... if she had the right attitude, both she and the kids would get so much more out of it.

Still, Anthony enjoyed it almost as much as the job he did next...

Continued here...

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Appliance Repair at KidZania

On our trip to KidZania in Kobe, Japan last month, which included stints working on a train and hosting a radio show, he also took time to learn appliance repair. Already five years ago he was an expert on vacuum cleaners, so it's only natural that's what he worked on here.

Continued here...

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Driving a Train at KidZania

As I mentioned in the previous post, on Friday we went to KidZania, a wonderful place covered in these many posts.

Unlike the first time, which was crammed full of families at absolute capacity, this time was on a school day that Anthony had off, and there were only about half the kids (capacity is 800 kids, and there were about 400, we were told). The breathing room made it much more enjoyable, especially for the parents because you could move easily when you wanted, and sit when you wanted. For the kids, there was a lot less waiting... often, [...]

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Anthony’s Radio Show

(All these photos are through multiple layers of glass from outside the studio, so sorry about the quality.)

Anthony did a solo radio show today for "Funky 802" (FM802, a popular Osaka pop radio station). It was his first time on the radio, and though he started a bit rough, he quickly warmed up to it.

( Either that, or we went to KidZania for the day. )

Continued here...

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KidZania Wrapup: Graphic Design and a Pizza Dinner

This is #8 (and the final post) in a series on our visit to KidZania in Nishinomiya, Japan, where Anthony's day included working at a gas-station, banking, construction, driver's ed, journalism, and pilot training.

Having procured his driver's license earlier, he was still interested in renting a car so he could drive around a bit. Every time he'd tried before, there was a long line, but this time he was able to get in.

However, for reasons I didn't initially understand, he came back to us and said that he wanted to do something else. This was surprising, and it [...]

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Kidzania Flight School

#7 in a series on our visit to KidZania in Nishinomiya, Japan. Anthony's day so far: gas-station attendant, banking, construction, driver's ed, and journalism. Next it was time for a bit of flight training.

Kidzania's flight-training area also had a plane mockup for flight-attendant training, as well as for kids to take part as customers, giving the flight attendants people to train with...

Anthony was interested in pilot training. That area of the "school" had six mock cockpits, so 12 kids could "train" at once...

When it was time for a new group, the kids got flight jackets and the [...]

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Investigative Reporting, KidZania Style

This is #6 in a series on our visit to KidZania in Nishinomiya, Japan, where Anthony's day to this point has consisted of working as a gas-station attendant, getting some banking done, a short stint as construction worker, and enrollment in driver's ed to get a driver's license.

Then it was time for a bit of journalism.

We had no idea what this job involved (nor did Anthony, for that matter), so we were a bit surprised when they came out and took off. We followed as they wound their way through the crowd, and although they were just a [...]

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Driver’s License for a Six-Year Old

This is #5 in a series on our visit to KidZania in Nishinomiya, Japan, where Anthony's day so far has consisted of working as a gas-station attendant, getting some banking done, and a short stint as construction worker.

Anthony stopped by the driving school again, and found that the wait was shorter this time, so he decided to get his license. This, in turn, would allow him to rent a car, which then would allow him his ultimate goal of actually driving one (as seen in the gas-station post). It wouldn't be the first time he's driven (he drove a [...]

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Anthony’s KidZania Job #2: Construction Work

Continuing with the story about our visit to KidZania in Nishinomiya, Japan the other day, where Anthony started his play by working as a gas-station attendant and then got some banking done before searching for his next job.

It turns out that he got lucky, because as he was showing interest in a construction job, the foreman said that a job was about to start and that they had room for one more, so he didn't have to wait at all.

(Unfortunately, the uniform color is that blinding, pure orange that I have such trouble with, as I discussed in [...]

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Getting a Little Banking Done at KidZania

Continuing with the story about our visit to KidZania in Nishinomiya, Japan the other day, where Anthony started his play by working as a gas-station attendant. After working at the gas station, he wanted to be on the opposite end of the experience, as a driver. To drive in KidZania involves renting a car, but to do that you have to have money (which he now did, thanks to his gas-station pay) and a driver license, which he did not have.

To get a driver license, you have to attend driving school (which itself has a cost), but he found [...]

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Anthony’s First “Job” at KidZania

In a previous post I wrote all about KidZania in Kobe, Japan, but didn't mention anything about Anthony's experiences there because I thought I'd save them for a second post. However, being the photo-happy papa I am, this post ended up getting filled after just his first job!

As I mentioned in that previous post, Anthony had one job he really wanted to do, so we went directly there and got in line. Each session lasts about 15 minutes; and he'd have to wait during the first session, and would finally get to "work" during the second.

While waiting, he [...]

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The Wonder of “KidZania”

We took Anthony to KidZania yesterday, in Nishinomiya (near Kobe, about an hour and a half drive south from Kyoto). It's best described as "Vocational School meets Disneyland"... it's a place where kids get to pretend to be all kinds of things. The picture above is from the dental clinic, of course.

KidZania is a two-story indoor area filled with more than 70 different "businesses" where the kids can participate as an employee or customer. They can move from business to business, with each event taking from 15 to 30 minutes, although, like Disneyland, much time is spent waiting your [...]

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