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New Lightroom Plugin: People Support

I've finally released a new plugin for Adobe Lightroom that I've been working on for some time, my "People Support" plugin. Once configured, it can tell you the age of people in a photo, and include that data in exports.

It's consumed me for weeks. The idea of calculating and displaying a person's age seems quite straightforward and simple, doesn't it? It's not. Date calculations are surprisingly fraught with complexity, and presentation all the more so when you take into account dealing with all the languages that Lightroom can work in.

English is simple in that we use the same [...]

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The Art and Science (and Complex Frustrations) of Creating my Wigglegrams

This post is about the art and technology of my 3D wigglegrams, but first a bit of context about the location seen above.

This wigglegram was taken during my first visit to Kyoto's Shugakuin Imperial Villa (修学院離宮) two years ago, a photographically-fruitful outing first posted about here, and most recently revisited a month ago here.

During the tour of the grounds, at one point you descend stone steps set in the side of a mountain....

There's a waterfall and a small stream... it's all quite picturesque.

As I described on that first post about the outing, the tour moves along [...]

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Fixing Lightroom Problems Caused by the POODLE Security Vulnerability

A security weakness dubbed "POODLE" has recently been discovered in how internet-connected applications make secure connections, and this is having an increasingly-detrimental impact on Lightroom. Thankfully, it's easy enough to fix for most folks, and this post tells you how.

POODLE manifests itself in that certain kinds of secure connections are no longer quite as secure as they're supposed to be, so until you fix this for your Internet-connected applications, your data may be at risk. But the secondary problem is that, until fixed on your system, your Internet-connected applications like Lightroom may experience seemingly random network errors as more [...]

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That Imperial Bridge, Funkified in Lightroom

When I visited my photo library to continue where I left off in last week's "An Autumn Visit to the Sento Imperial Palace in Kyoto", I came across a highly-overexposed bridge shot similar to the one that I did post.

Though shooting raw affords me generous latitude to recover from exposure mistakes, overexposure at some point washes out color to pure white, from which there is no recovery. It was severely overexposed (not by mistake, actually, but as part of a bracketed-exposure sequence) so I was about to delete it from my photo archive, but first thought to give it [...]

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Lightroom Catalog Maintenance: Clearing Out Edit History For Potential Performance Gains

This post is about trimming down the file size of an Adobe Lightroom catalog. In keeping with the off-season them of my previous post (which was filled with fall-foliage photos), this post is sprinkled with a few photos from Kyoto springs past, chosen more for their mentally-calming effect than for photographic quality, which they generally lack. (Sorry)

In a nutshell, if you have a large Lightroom catalog, and if you don't need the detailed editing history for your photos, you might be able to significantly reduce the size of your Lightroom catalog by flushing that edit-history data, which might generally [...]

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Milestones: Twenty Five Years Since First Coming to Japan, and More

Today is the 25th anniversary of my first arrival in Japan. 来日25周年になりました!

It was June 19th, 1989 that I flew into Tokyo from California after having finished grad school and then lived with my brothers for several months while waiting for my work visa to be approved. I was met at the airport by Krish Kulkarni, whom I had never met, but had no trouble finding because he's the twin brother of my best friend at grad school, Ram Kulkarni (who later went on to be the best man at my wedding, and I at his).

A day or [...]

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The Lazy Photographer: Exposing for Single-Shot HDR (Sort Of)

Photos in yesterday's "Heian Shrine Gate From a New Perspective" were taken during an open house at a new wedding-venue business. The fifth-floor terrace from where I took those photos is off a small cafe where wedding guests can wait for the events to begin.

The cafe was richly lit with shade streaming in from the floor-to-ceiling windows that made up two walls, but it was much darker than the outside, so the wide dynamic range (wide range between shadows and brights) made for a fun challenge.

To create the photo above, I overexposed for the outside and then "slightly" [...]

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Lr5.3RC Fixes That Ugly Publish Bug (I think)

Today Adobe released a release candidate for Lightroom 5.3, which I believe fixes the nasty Lr5 Publish/Selection bug I've written about. If you give 5.3RC a try, let me know whether it seems to be fixed for you as well...

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Possible Workaround for that Nasty Lightroom Publish/Selection Bug

I have an update on the nasty publish/selection bug that been plaguing some Lightroom users of late, in the selection shown in the grid is sometimes wrong.

It seems that the bug exists only when Lightroom is started with a section in the Publish Segmented Grid ("Modified Photos to Re-Publish", etc.) is closed. So, if you ensure that all segments are open, then restart Lightroom and maintain them open, your grid-selection experience should be bug free.

The opened/closed state of each grid section is globally shared among all collections, so opening all four possible sections (New, Modified, Deleted, and Published) [...]

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The Joy of a Fast Photo Proximity Search in Lightroom

I popped up to Kyoto's Shogunzuka Overlook (将軍塚) today for the first time since March, hoping for a nice sunset.

As you can see above, I didn't get it.

However, due to my blog's proximity search feature, we can follow the "nearby photos" link under the photo to see other shots from Shogunzuka that I've posted over the years, including:

I added the proximity-search feature to my blog several years ago, and I use it often in various ways because proximity search can be extremely useful, but my blog proximity search is obviously limited to photos I've actually published on [...]

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Lightroom Plugin Update #2,800

Over the years I've published about 50 plugins for Lightroom, and of the 40ish that are still actively maintained, as of today I've put out a combined total of 2,800 updates.

I provide an RSS feed for updates and so I normally write here only about the release of new plugins, but today I pushed out a new release for my Folder Watch plugin that made me reflect on just how much the plugins grow over time.

Folder Watch originally grew out of a request from a Lightroom friend for better automatic importing, such as one might want when shooting [...]

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New Lightroom Plugin: Smart-Preview Support

I've just published a new plugin for Adobe Lightroom, "Smart-Preview Support", which allows you to be alerted when a Smart Preview is about to be used for export. Exporting with Smart Previews can lead to very low quality output, so this plugin can help save you from doing that unintentionally.

Details and download are on the plugin's home page.

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Oops, I Was Wrong: Lr5.2 Beta Does NOT Fix That Nasty Publish Bug )-:

Sigh, I spoke too quickly with my previous post.... the nasty Lr5 Publish bug is not fixed in the Lr5.2 beta.

UPDATE (Oct 25): Possible workaround discovered: see here.

I tested for this bug during the runup to 5.2 and though it was fixed, so either it became broken again in the final 5.2 beta build that Adobe released to the public, or, more likely, I just didn't test well enough.

In either case, the bug remains at least to some extent, so as per my initial post, those working in Publish with Lightroom 5 are advised [...]
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Lightroom 5.2 (beta) Fixes That Nasty Publish Bug

UPDATE (AUG 1): Yikes, it turns out that I spoke too quickly with this post... the bug is not fixed in the Lr5.2 beta.

Adobe has just released a Lightroom 5.2 beta build, the follow-on from Lightroom 5.0 released a month an a half ago. (There is no "5.1".)

This build fixes the big Publish-selection bug introduced in Lr5.0. Adobe doesn't suggest using a beta build for real work, but FWIW, I deem the risk from the known 5.0 bug much worse for me than the risk of unknown new bugs in the 5.2 beta, so I'm [...]
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New Lightroom Plugin: Export to ipernity

I've finally released the first version of a my "Export to ipernity" Lightroom plugin. It works in Lr5 and Lr4, and supports both Export and Publish.

The folks at ipernity were kind enough to handle the API updates I needed to fit their service into a Lightroom framework... it was so much more pleasant an experience than some others I've had.

The plugin joins 40 others on my Lightroom Goodies page...

Jeffrey's "Export to ipernity" Lightroom Plugin

I've more plugins in the pipeline coming soon, but I suppose I should divert a bit of attention back to my blog, which [...]

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Photo Workflow: Lightroom Sometimes Deletes More Than You Ask, But This Plugin Can Help

I've been busy lately on a couple of new Lightroom plugins. Today I'm releasing "Workflow Delete Options", which helps address a couple of issues with how Lightroom handles delete requests.

In some situations Lightroom silently deletes more than you ask for, and in other cases, less. This plugin lets you be alerted to these situations so you can make an informed decision about what to do.

Details and download link are on the plugin's home page.

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An Update on the Lightroom 5 Publish Grid Bug

UPDATE (AUG 1): I initially thought that the bug discussed in this article was fixed in the Lightroom 5.2 beta release, but the bug still persists. )-:

Lightroom 5 was released the other day, and in my blog post about it, I warned about a potentially insidious Publish-related bug that could cause you to "do stuff" on different photos than it appeared you were working with. Since "do stuff" could mean "delete these images", at worst this means that you could accidentally delete images from your disk without even realizing you'd done it.

The folks on the Lightroom [...]
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Lightroom 5 has been Released, but it comes with an Important Warning

Lightroom 5 has been released... see the announcement at Adobe.

There's a bunch of new stuff.... a good place to start your own investigation is Victoria Bampton's "What's New in Lightroom 5" and "What's New in Lightroom 5.0 Beta" articles. Also, Sean over at Lightroom Blog is keeping a list of tutorial/review links.

The most exciting new things for me are "Smart Previews" (I can work with my entire 130k library of images on my disk-starved laptop), "Upright" perspective correction in Develop, where I can easily correct for my bad habit of not holding the camera level, and the new [...]

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Lightroom 5 Public Beta

Adobe has just released a free public beta for Lightroom 5.

Adobe's Lightroom blog has the announcement where you can see the list of new features, and also a list of resources (essentially other people writing about the release). In particular, Victoria Bampton's What's New post is always a good reference.

(Unfortunately, Adobe mistakenly schedule the release during my cherry-blossom season, so I've had no time to write up anything about it myself.)

The latest versions of my Lightroom plugins should work in Lightrooom 5.. Be sure to upgrade to the latest version of each plugin to work in Lr5

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New Lightroom Plugin: Exporter to Google Drive

I've just released a new plugin for Adobe Lightroom, to publish directly to Google Drive. I got a number of requests after Trey Ratcliff mentioned how Google Drive can allow you to display full-resolution photos in Google Plus (in his article "Google+ Now Allows Full-Rez Photos!"), so I whipped the plugin together.

I don't know whether Trey uses Lightroom, but if he does, he may find this of use, but considering his tendency toward HDR, he probably works more in Photoshop. Anyway, perhaps someone will find this useful.

Here it is:   Jeffrey’s "Export [...]
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