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Finally Back on The Road, Exploring Roads Near Hiyoshi Dam

Over the years I've reported on informal tests with satellite-tracking location-logger units ("GPS trackers"), such as "More GPS Cycling Tests" from three years ago, and from six years ago, "Another Informal Location-Logger Test" (itself a followup to "iPhone 4s GPS is Shockingly Good").

When cycling, I try to record my ride on at least three different units, because they tend to fail in the middle of a ride a lot more commonly than one should think, and the data geek in me doesn't want to risk losing data on the ride. I've recorded every one of the 23,827 kilometers I've [...]

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Nghia and Minh in Kyoto, Part 3

I'm very surprised to find that I prepared this article last year but didn't actually post it. It's the final followup to "Minh and Nghia Photoshoot Preview", its Part 2, and wigglegram.

We'd left off while at the Murin'an gardens, so we'll continue with a few more shots from there...

A photoshoot at the Nanzen Temple must include a visit to the old (but still functioning) aquaduct.

After this shot, I bade them farewell, and they continued on with their Kyoto sightseeing.

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The Miniature-Life work of Tatsuya Tanaka

I recently went to an amazing art exhibition at the Takashimaya department store in Kyoto. It's now moved on from Kyoto, currently showing in Yokohama for a couple of weeks. Highly recommended for kids and adults alike. Fumie had brought Anthony earlier in the week, and loved it so much that they'd recommended it to me.

It's a selection of the prolific art by Tatsuya Tanaka, the guy behind the 2,500 works at Miniature Calendar, works which are amazing both for their simplicity (we all could have thought of that), and for their level of wit, which (in my case) [...]

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Cherry-Blossom Portraits with Monet and May

I've remained friends with the family of one of Anthony's preschool classmates, and even though they haven't been in school together for nine years, we still keep in close touch. The other day I did a quick photoshoot of the family's two girls, Monet and May, who should now be about 15 and 13 years old, respectively.

I'm sort of rusty with the camera, so wasn't sure what to expect, but the moment I took the first photo, I knew that the girls would do all the work and I could just press the button; no photographer skill required when [...]

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Short but Lovely Hike on Mt. Daimonji

I recently made the short hike up Mt. Daimonji to the fire pits (which I first blogged about 11 years ago here), with Damien and Chris Rowthorn, the author of the Lonely Planet guides for Japan and Kyoto. Chris often uses Damien's and my photos on his Inside Kyoto site.

The view from where we were, the center of the "大", is lovely, but today it was ridiculously hazy...

The spec of orange just right of center is the main gate of the Heian Shrine. Compare the photo above to those seen on this post, and this one.

There are [...]

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