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Surveying Supertyphoon Jebi’s Damage North of Kyoto, Part 2

Today's post is a continuation of "SUPER FUN!! Cycling in Supertyphoon Jebi" and its followup, "Surveying Supertyphoon Jebi’s Damage North of Kyoto, Part 1".

At the end of the previous post, we'd come across a fallen utility pole, as we had a few times earlier....

The photo above is looking back toward where we'd come from, and in it there's a farmer leaning against a truck in front of his house. He'd told me that the road was not passable even by foot, but I'd dismissed it as an exaggeration. I shouldn't have.

What follows are a bunch of photos [...]

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Surveying Supertyphoon Jebi’s Damage North of Kyoto, Part 1

In my previous post, "SUPER FUN!! Cycling in Supertyphoon Jebi (2018 Typhoon #21)", I wrote about cycling while the biggest typhoon in 25 years approached Kyoto. The next day, with fine summer weather, I set off with Joshua Levine and John Chen to see how some of the mountain roads had fared.

Our concern was well founded, as seen in the incredible devastation by a typhoon a year ago ("2017’s Typhoon #21, Lan, was Quite the Doozy").

We headed out toward Kyomi Pass, on the same road that I'd been on the previous day as the typhoon approached....

This is [...]

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SUPER FUN!! Cycling in Supertyphoon Jebi (2018 Typhoon #21)

Having grown up in Ohio with its summer thunderstorms, I like "dynamic" weather. I enjoy riding my bike in the rain, even if the rain is hard and the wind is blustery, so long as it's warm. If I know it's going to rain, I know I'll get wet and so I'll prepare accordingly, and I'll embrace the rain instead of try to avoid it.

This lack of fear of getting wet is apparently sufficiently rare that it makes me appear to be "crazy" in the eyes of many. Whatever. I enjoy it.

A "supertyphoon" was forecast to pass near [...]

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Discovering and Cycling Japan’s Biggest Climb

I recently did a bicycle ride that I'd been planning for months: to do Japan's biggest road climb, a single climb going from sea level to Japan's highest paved road at Mt. Norikura, at an elevation of 2,717m (8,914'). As far as I know, it's the biggest possible elevation gain in a single paved-road climb in Japan, and as far as I know, it's never been done, or even known of, until now.

I've ridden that "highest paved road in Japan" road before, as blogged about here, but this time I would start 110km (68mi) away at the ocean (elevation: [...]

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Josée Houle’s Milk Ninja

This composition, by Montreal photographer Josée Houle, combines my photo of a wall at Kyoto's Myouhouin Temple (妙法院), which I published on a post in 2012, with photos of a model being splashed with colored milk.

Josée described the process to me:

It sounds really messy, but fun, and the result is certainly interesting and fun.

She posted the photo, along with information about it, on Facebook, and also some behind-the-scenes photos here.

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