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Benefits of Cycling #27: Freeing Yourself from the Coffin of Electronics Our Modern Lives Have Become

Ah, the wide open road, one of the great benefits of cycling, getting away from the stress of the city and immersing oneself in nature, freeing oneself, at least temporarily, from the coffin of electronics that our modern lives have become.

Cycling lets you leave the electronic shackles behind, and connect with nature and friends.

Don't get me wrong.... hiking can be great, as can motorcycling. Both get you away from the rat race, but cycling seems to hit the sweet spot. You can see a larger variety of different scenery than you can on foot, yet you're still "raw" [...]

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Victoria Bampton’s Lightroom-Misunderstandings Article

This picture is from the same snowy outing almost two years ago that produced the three-part "Kyoto At Night During a Heavy Snow" posts (part 1 - part 2 - part 3). This shot mimics the one that leads Part 2, but this one was taken five hours later (at 4:42am) after the snow had long stopped falling.

Anyway, it's just a random photo to accompany a recommendation for users of Adobe Lightroom to read Victoria Bampton's "Lightroom Catalogs – Top 10 Misunderstandings" article. New users may find some misconceptions cleared up, while veterans will find a good resource to [...]

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Bad Experience with Amazon Fire TV, and Unhelpful Amazon Response

We wanted to be able to watch YouTube on the living-room TV, so I bought an Amazon Fire TV. Living in Kyoto, I bought the Japan-market version that they warn can be used only within Japan. Fair enough.

However, in the process of trying to get it set up, I discovered some important restrictions that they fail to disclose:

An Amazon account is required for most things to work. Not a problem for us, obviously, but would be if we were gifting it to someone.

Then, to install the YouTube app on the device, so you can watch YouTube videos [...]

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Adding Your Own Custom Photo-Metadata Fields to Lightroom

Lightroom allows for a variety of metadata for each photo or video... capture date, caption, keywords, etc., and plugins can add further, custom fields, but sometimes what's offered by Lightroom or existing plugins just doesn't fulfill one's own specific needs. Luckily, it's actually fairly easy to make your very own Lightroom plugin to add your own metadata fields. In this post, I'll show you how.

It's fairly quick and simple. It will take far longer to read this post about how to do it than it takes to actually do it.

The kind of fields we can add this way [...]

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Getting Garmin Software (VIRB Edit, etc.) to Work with Your GPX Files

I've recently started futzing with video on my bike rides, having posted a few on "Lovely Bicycle Ride Revisiting Uji Countryside Photographed Five Years Ago" the other day, including this fast descent down some twisty mountains and into the flats.

I had some trouble getting Garmin software (VIRB Edit, Garmin BaseCamp, and Garmin Connect) to work with my GPX files, or as Garmin has lately taken to re-brand in their own silly name, "G-Metrix" data files.

When trying to import GPX files, I'd get a terse, frustrating "Failed to read file" or "... is not a valid GPX file and [...]

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