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Okinawa Ride Day 1

I'm finally getting around to write about my first ride in Okinawa a month ago, which came after my "ride" to Okinawa. I posted a few photos in a preview post, but I want to keep the full memory of the lovely day, so I'm writing this report.

Here's the ride we did:

There are no big mountains in the south of Okinawa where we were, but there are plenty of short/steep hills, including two that average 12% over 600m, this and this. These short, intense climbs are the kind that, when I'm in good shape, I can do very [...]

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Cherry Blossoms are Quite Early in Kyoto This Year

Cherry are blossoming quite a bit early in Kyoto this year. I had a shopping errand to do, so I took the long way to check out a few cherry-blossom spots around town. Unlike a similar outing last year, this year I had only a small little camera with me, so the photos aren't too exciting, but they perhaps give a sense for some of the places. Many were at full bloom already.

Each photo has a map link under it.

I swung by the Kyoto Imperial Palace Park (京都御所公園), which has some nice blossom areas in its northwest, and [...]

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Riding in Okinawa

As I mentioned in "My Ride to Okinawa", I'm in Okinawa for a few days of visiting and riding. It's been a blast, but no time to blog, so for today just a quick note.

And that was just the first day.

Continued here...

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My “Ride” to Okinawa

As I wrote the other day in "Test Ride to Osaka Airport", I planned to ride to the airport for a trip to Okinawa. I'm happy to say that I made it without mishap.

Then it was time to step into a bathroom to transform myself from stinky cyclist, to something minimally-appropriate for flight.

At the security station prior to checkin, where they X-ray checked luggage, the lady manning the station wasn't sure what to do with such a large thing as the bikebag. She asked whether there was only a bike, and I said that there was also my [...]

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Test Ride to Osaka Airport

I haven't done much cycling this winter, so I've become slow and lazy and fat, but I'm hoping to kickstart a recovery by heading next week to warmer climates, to Okinawa (the southernmost prefecture of Japan), to spend a few days riding with Jason Eisenmenger. Jason was up in Kyoto earlier in the month (seen here), but a cold kept me from joining him for any rides.

If I were to bring my bicycle on an international flight, I'd have to get a special built-like-a-tank hard case that the disassembled bike could fit in. It's a huge hassle, but at [...]

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