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Ohio-Trip Roundup: Misc Fun Photos

Our trip to visit my folks in Ohio ends tomorrow with a long trip back to Kyoto. I've still much to post from this short two weeks, but here are some random photos to fill out my last night...

We ended up visiting ZipCity four times. I posted about it earlier, and will again I'm sure.

My brother Mike and his wife ran a local 5,000-meter race. Mike came in first overall, which is better than he did earlier in the summer in an 56-mile ultramarathon. Chickee came in third in her age group.

The older kids doing a zipline [...]

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More Summer-Trip Fun: Zipline in the Backyard

More fun at Grandma and Grandpa's in Ohio.... a zipline! アメリカのおじいちゃんとおばあちゃんの裏庭にジップラインを作りました。

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Boatride in Ohio: Two Photos of Each Kid, and One of each Pair

It's been almost five years since a boat ride at Grandma and Grandpa's, so we did it again yesterday along with two of Anthony's cousins.


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Visit to Milwaukee, Day 2

On Day Two of our short trip to visit my friends Ram and Julia, we woke up to a Julia's preparations for breakfast. I normally don't eat breakfast, and when I do I'm a bowl-of-cereal kind of guy, so this was a nice slice of class...

Julia was about to start the eggs, but at our insistence let Anthony do them. In his school's home-ec class, Anthony had come up with a really great way to make scrambled eggs, so he put that to use for everyone.

After breakfast we headed out to the local dog run to give their [...]

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Visit To Milwaukee, Day 1

It's been ages since I've been able to visit my friend and best man at my wedding Ram Kulkarni and his wife Julia, so I took a long weekend to pop over to visit him at his house in suburban Milwaukee. (I had been scheduled to visit last January, but had that canceled by the "arctic freeze".)

Popping over from Ohio involves an hour flight to Chicago, and then a 20-minute flight to Milwaukee...

It was my first time to meet his boys Shiv (8) and Arjun (4), and for Ram and Julia to meet Anthony (11).

The nearest shore [...]

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