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Jason and Yukikaze at the Kyoto Cyclocross Race

As I mentioned in a recent post, the local cyclocross circuit came to Kyoto last week. In the photo above, Jason Eisenmenger is yelling encouragement(?) to rider Yukikaze Ishiyama.

I'd met Yukikaze earlier in the week when Jason and Joey, during their visit to Kyoto, had paid him a visit at his work while we were out and about.

This is the same race that I wrote about two years ago, in a series of posts starting with "Watching My First Cyclocross Bike Race". I'd intended to blog about it right away, but got overwhelmed by the 1,400 photos I [...]

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Jason and Joey in Kyoto

Wow, what a weird bit of scheduling twists and turns...

Cycling friend and fellow computer geek Jason Eisenmenger, whom I met on this ride last year, had plans to visit me from Okinawa (southern Japan), to do some cycling together here in Kyoto. Then a week before he's to arrive, he asks whether it's okay to bring a friend, who had a sudden week off to visit him from The States. It was fine with me, except I had to tell him that I had my own sudden change of plans and wouldn't be here: Google had invited me to [...]

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My First Ride to Kyoto’s Deep-Mountain Soren-ji Temple

I had quite the photogenic day on Monday, with a local outing in the morning to see a nearby temple's fall foliage, then a ride into the mountains to see by bicycle some of the places seen during the weekend's "First Taste of Kyoto’s Fall-Foliage Season, 2017 Edition" post.

Today's post is about the bicycle ride (view at Strava).

The photo that opens this post is the entrance path to the Koetsu-ji Temple (光悦寺), which I pass on the edge of town just before entering the mountains and making the climb toward Kyomi Pass. We first saw it on my [...]

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Because It’s There: a 400km Ride Around and Around Lake Biwa

In Japanese, bicycling a full loop around Lake Biwa, Japan's largest lake, is called 「ビワ1」("Biwa 1"), and depending on the route you take, is about 180~200km (112~124mi). It's a concept and phrase well known among cyclists, and even promoted by the Shiga Prefectural government, and that of various cities around the lake.

It's a lovely ride to do on a long summer day, with lots to see and enjoy, as I present in the story about the first time I did it 2½ years ago, in "Bicycle Ride Around Japan’s Largest Lake" (and its Part 2).

Part of what [...]

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Joshua’s Eclectic Birthday Ride

We had an eclectic little ride the other day to celebrate Joshua's birthday. Unlike a common ride that makes a big loop through some gorgeous mountains, this ride stayed closer to home, hopping from interesting point to interesting point, at a slow, fun pace.

It was my 16th time to ride with Joshua, since joining him on a NORU bike tour two and a half years ago.

It turns out that one can use this dirt trail to get around having to descent the "Nasty" 21% slope. Personally, I'd rather just descend on the road because neither my bike nor [...]

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