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Discovering and Cycling Japan’s Biggest Climb

I recently did a bicycle ride that I'd been planning for months: to do Japan's biggest road climb, a single climb going from sea level to Japan's highest paved road at Mt. Norikura, at an elevation of 2,717m (8,914'). As far as I know, it's the biggest possible elevation gain in a single paved-road climb in Japan, and as far as I know, it's never been done, or even known of, until now.

I've ridden that "highest paved road in Japan" road before, as blogged about here, but this time I would start 110km (68mi) away at the ocean (elevation: [...]

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Cycling Mt. Fuji

As I wrote in my previous post, I recently hiked on Mt. Fuji. Today's post is about the next day's bike ride, a 100+ mile odyssey that included two cycling climbs up Mt. Fuji as far as the paved roads would allow, a typhoon, and a dead iPhone. The dead iPhone explains why there are few photos on this post.

Here's the ride at Strava:

There are no roads to Mt. Fuji's peak at 3,776m (12,389'), of course, but three roads go fairly high up. My initial goal of the day was to ride one of them, the same road [...]

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Finally Back on The Road, Exploring Roads Near Hiyoshi Dam

Over the years I've reported on informal tests with satellite-tracking location-logger units ("GPS trackers"), such as "More GPS Cycling Tests" from three years ago, and from six years ago, "Another Informal Location-Logger Test" (itself a followup to "iPhone 4s GPS is Shockingly Good").

When cycling, I try to record my ride on at least three different units, because they tend to fail in the middle of a ride a lot more commonly than one should think, and the data geek in me doesn't want to risk losing data on the ride. I've recorded every one of the 23,827 kilometers I've [...]

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Okinawa Ride Day 1

I'm finally getting around to write about my first ride in Okinawa a month ago, which came after my "ride" to Okinawa. I posted a few photos in a preview post, but I want to keep the full memory of the lovely day, so I'm writing this report.

Here's the ride we did:

There are no big mountains in the south of Okinawa where we were, but there are plenty of short/steep hills, including two that average 12% over 600m, this and this. These short, intense climbs are the kind that, when I'm in good shape, I can do very [...]

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R.I.P. My Beloved 2½-year-old Rose X-Lite

My road bike, a Rose X-Lite CRS 3100 Di2 that I got 2½ years ago, suffered a fatal case of death on a ride the other day, when the derailleur came off the bike, ripping part of the frame with it.

In that moment, the frame was rendered completely useless. A carbon frame is difficult to repair in the best of times, but damage like this, in this location, means the end of the frame. It could never be ridden again.

No real idea why it would suddenly just give way. It could happen, I suppose, if a stick or [...]

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