Calendar-Template-Building Script, Version 3b1

I've just pushed a major new version of my Photoshop calendar-template-building script, which creates the components of a calendar as a many-layered PhotoShop document, that can then be changed and tweaked, have photos added, etc.

The version history shows lots of new things since the previous version:

  • Can now create calendars in 58 languages.
  • Added ability to display week numbers.
  • Added ability to change annotation font name/size/color/opacity.
  • Added ability to force linebreaks in annotation text.
  • Added import/include/<context> support to annotation file.
  • Annotation filename specifications with “YYYY” auto-convert to the calendar's target year.
  • Can now include the year in an annotation's date, and have that entry be safely ignored for other years.
  • Added annotation data filename to the config dialog.
  • Added tool-tips to the configuration dialog.
  • Added ability to save the current configuration as the local default.
  • Added ability to turn off annotations in the config dialog.
  • Can now leave text layers un-rasterized and un-merged.

Details and downloads are on the script's page.

With so many changes, I'm sure that there are bugs just waiting to be discovered, so I've called it “Version 3b1” (beta 1). Please report any bugs you find.

(UPDATE: I've pushed an update to 3b1; the latest is now Version 3.)

It was a lot of work adding all the new features, but nothing compared to the work required to then document them properly on the script's web page. It's just wiped me out. And then, after finally pushing it, I started to write this page and realized that I needed to build an example to show, I just didn't have much energy left.

So, for this post's example, I just grabbed one of the photos from Anthony's preschool sports day this last weekend, where he and some friends are checking out the star and medal they all received. (It's not a great photo, but I'm lucky to have gotten it, considering that my D200 suffered from dead-battery syndrome most of the day.)

Luckily, it's not yet the end of the month, so the tasty beer I wrote about earlier is still available. I think I will use the rest of the evening to research that important subject a bit more.

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Great work Jeffrey, Have d/loaded and will look at in detail later.

— comment by Geoff Walker on September 28th, 2007 at 4:52am JST (14 years, 11 months ago) comment permalink
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