Pictures from the Summer: Ohio

This past summer, we all traveled to Ohio for my brother's wedding. I'm finally starting to get around to properly processing the 3,000 pictures from the trip, and have started with those taken at my folks' place.

It's really hard to pick ones to show, because almost all of them fulfill at least one of the litmus tests for a photo to appear on my blog: be a generally pleasing image, assist in telling a story, or show Anthony being cute.

I have an informal 10-pics-per-post limit, so what follows are the 10 I picked. At least I've got them all processed and up on my photo site, so I can link to the others.

These are all from July, 2006.

Building a birdhouse with Grandma, as a gift for Uncle Alan and Aunt Natalie (more pics)

Grandpa prepares sand for play (more pics)

Three backhoes (more pics)

WOW! (more pics)

Hardworking Young Man (more pics)

Grandpa and his grandkids: Grace, Josh, Anthony (more pics)
(too much fill flash on this one, sorry)

Anthony and his married-for-not-quite-yet-a-day Uncle Alan (more pics)

Next to “Anthony's Tree”

Here's a bonus picture (doesn't count against my 10-pics-per-post limit 🙂 from when he planted the tree, two days before his first birthday:

1-year-old Anthony planting his tree (more pics)

Going off-road with the heavy machinery under Mommy's protective watch (more pics)

Running on all cylinders (more pics)

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