The Effects of Aperture on a Subtle, Tranquil Cluster of Cherry Blossoms

This is a followup to my “Subtle · Pastel · Tranquil” post the other day, where I posed desktop-background versions of this cherry-blossom picture (blossoms at Kyoto's Ryouanji Temple (龍安寺), from a trip last spring covered earlier here and here):

Animatable (7 frames) — slowly sweep mouse from side to side to view different apertures

Apparently I really liked the scene because I took shots at various apertures, and seemed to do an okay job keeping the camera steady (it was all handheld with a Voigtländer 125mm f/2.5 macro), so I went ahead today and put together the animatable display above.

Of course, this is along the lines of what I did a couple of weeks ago for shutter speed in “The Effect of Shutter Speed on the Appearance of Flowing Water”, though this time it's not quite as interesting.

It's also somewhat related to the Wigglegrams I've been doing (such as these) in that it uses the same wiggle-the-mouse presentation technology under the hood.)

Anyway, I'll have use my copious free time to pull out the tripod and do some proper tests on various scenes, perhaps with an even wider (e.g. f/1.4) lens...

(Update: though not created with a tripod, I did make somewhat of a better example here)

Ryouanji cherry-blossom posts are continued here...

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