New Lightroom Plugin #30-something-or-other: Creative Commons
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I've just released a new Lightroom Plugin, “Creative Commons”, which allows you to inject license information into exported copies of images that you want to release via a Creative Commons license.


The plugin is avaialble here:      Jeffrey’s “Creative Commons” Lightroom Plugin

That adds to the thirty-something other plugins available on my Lightroom Goodies page.

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Just found your site and love the viewer. It worked for me on images at site yesterday but last night and today it pulls the Exif info. up on the first image and after that no matter how many I try it with it only has a strip stating “javascript%20form=document%20create…%20. It will not pull up the Exif until I close the site and start with another image. Then it’s the same thing again, after the first image Exif it won’t pull anymore up. I love the way you did this and will contribute generously for the program if I can get it to work for me. I’m using it with Firefox.

It sounds like you’re talking about my online metadata viewer. It’s still working on subsequent clicks, but the window/tab with the results doesn’t pop to the foreground if it already exists. I’d like to find a way around that, because it does indeed feel as if it doesn’t work when the click appears to do nothing. But check the original window/tab with the viewer results and you’ll find the latest image data there. —Jeffrey

— comment by Don Richardson on September 28th, 2012 at 3:13am JST (11 years, 2 months ago) comment permalink
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