New Photoshop Templates for 2011 Calendars
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Calendar page created with Jeffrey's Photoshop Calendar-Template-Building Script

FYI, I've updated my Photoshop Calendar-Template-Building Script page with pre-built calendar Photoshop files for 2011, for those who can't (or don't want to) run the script to build custom calendars. If you can run the script (should work in Photoshop CS2 or later), you can run it to build customized calendar pages that you can then drop your own photos into before printing.

(I built the calendar page show above just for this post... the image has been washed out a bit for the calendar page, but I'd probably wash it out even more for a real calendar, because I tend to want to write on my calendars. The image is from last week's visit to the Kongourinji Temple in Shiga, Japan.)

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