More Pics From Our Portland Trip

Here are a few more pics from our recent Portland trip.

Takeoff from San Jose

Riding in Style at Portland Airport

Being Silly

Checking Out Another's Ride

Dinner Cruise on the Portland Spirit

Butter Piano
Having lined up the butter cubes like piano keys, Anthony proceeds to play them

Mt. Hood, from the Middle of Nowhere

Waiting For a Boat at Lost Lake

Helping Daddy Row

Exploring on the Other Side of the Lake

Throwing Rocks

Anthony Really Enjoyed the Rocks....

....Except When He Fell on his Rear

Ouchy Butt!

Butt Feeling Better, Anthony Plays Under Mommy's Sweet Gaze

Getting Sleepy

Enjoying a Treat After a Long Day

On the way home, checking out the 620' drop of
Multnomah Falls

It's Tall

Mimicking a Waterfall?

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