Fumie on Lost Lake; Mt. Hood in the Background
Fumie on Lost Lake, with Mt.
Hood in the background
Fumie on Lost Lake, with Mt. Hood in the Background

We just got back from a weekend trip to Portland, Oregon. We went for no special reason – we just wanted to give it a try. The trip included a drive out to near Mt. Hood. I took this picture of Fumie while in a rowboat on Lost Lake.

The peak of the mountain is 10 miles (16.2 km) behind her, rising 2,462 meters (one and a half miles) above the lake.

We spent an hour and a half out in the boat, and had a very pleasant time.

The image is geoencoded, so you can follow this link to view a map and satellite photo of where it was taken. (Following the Map Via Encoded GPS Coordinates link on that page results in a better satellite photo than the one embedded below the main info, due, apparently, to Google's data licencing restrictions).

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