Autumn Visit to the Ryouanji Temple
Momiji (紅葉 — Japanese maple) at Ryouanji, Kyoto
The leaves are out in force even in late November.

Spring and Fall are Kyoto's glorious seasons, and although this season's foilage is said to be weak, it seems that I'm getting loads of great pictures every time I go out (and am going out a lot, since it's so nice and there are so many wonderful places close by).

I'd posted many nice photos when I wrote about our summer trip to Ryouanji. Ryouanji (龍安寺 — the Ryouan Temple) is a small temple tucked in near the mountains in the north-west part of Kyoto, near its more famous tourist-spot brother, Kinkakuji (金閣寺 — the Golden Pavilion).

A week ago when the fall colors were in their peak, we went back and were re-astounded at how beautiful it was. My previous post of a wonderful fall scene at Ryouanji is from that trip, and this time I'll show a few more.

We were also astounded at how uncrowded it still was — compare with the madhouse I described in an earlier post about Nanzenji.

Comparison: Summer and Fall at Ryouanji

Here are a few pairs of photos, from roughly the same vantage points....

The lake view from where you first enter the grounds
The lake at Ryouanji in the fall, Kyoto Japan
Fall (aiming slightly left of center)

Summer (aiming slightly right of center)

Small garden near the famous rock garden
Garden at Ryouanji in the summer, Kyoto Japan
Garden at Ryouanji in the fall, Kyoto Japan

The view from the far side of the lake
The lake at Ryouanji in the fall, Kyoto Japan
The lake at Ryouanji in the summer, Kyoto Japan

Many Beautiful Scenes

Steps leading up to the temple at Ryouanji, Kyoto Japan
It was a bit hazy, so the lighting was weak, but just look at the range of colors above these steps. A small tour group of mostly elderly ladies had just passed us.

At the mini shrine on the
island in the middle of the lake

Fumie and Anthony looking through a gate at some spectacular colors, at Ryouanji, Kyoto Japan

Fumie & Anthony looking through a gateway to some spectacular colors.
(My previous post showed the view through the gate).

Note the pattern in the gravel path leading up to the gate? The criss-cross pattern is made by the gravel having been wetted down. I'd love to see how they did it so perfectly neatly. It's a suburb effect.

Anthony at the gateway

Fumie & Anthony at another type of gate, on the other side of the lake

Above the path leading out

Perhaps I'm easily self-impressed, but there are so many shots I like that I can hardly contain myself. Also, don't miss the summer version as well.

Next up: climbing Mt. Daimonji in eastern Kyoto.

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So Beautiful 🙂
I Like it

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