New Lightroom Plugin: Exporter to Google Drive

I've just released a new plugin for Adobe Lightroom, to publish directly to Google Drive. I got a number of requests after Trey Ratcliff mentioned how Google Drive can allow you to display full-resolution photos in Google Plus (in his article “Google+ Now Allows Full-Rez Photos!”), so I whipped the plugin together.

I don't know whether Trey uses Lightroom, but if he does, he may find this of use, but considering his tendency toward HDR, he probably works more in Photoshop. Anyway, perhaps someone will find this useful.

Here it is:   Jeffrey’s “Export to Google Drive” Lightroom Plugin

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I had a problem with LR 4 and the agrefs file had to be replaced. Unfortunately, several of the Zenfolio folders and pictures which I had loaded and published on the Zenfolio site disappeared on re-launching LR. (this may be because I did not back up LR over the last few days as some folders and pictures remain visible). I downloaded your plug in again to make Zenfolio operative.

The problem is now there are folders and pictures on the website but not in the publish section in LR. Is it possible to re-connect the published folders on the website back to LR? If I make the same folders in the plug in, it will duplicate the folders on the website.



See “associate” and “populate” in the docs —Jeffrey

— comment by David on March 28th, 2013 at 11:00pm JST (11 years, 3 months ago) comment permalink
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