Google-Earth Locations For Some of the Japan Quake Photos
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As I mentioned yesterday, we're not affected here in Kyoto by the big quakes yesterday, but of course it's big news. There are lots of amazing photos out there... I've found the location for a few so that you can see the “before” images on Google Maps...

Photos at The Big Picture
Google Street View: biggest white building in the center of the top photo, upper-left of the second photo, so you can look around, to see what the town looked like when it still existed.

Photo at The Big Picture
Google Street View: the red building in the lower left

Photo at The Frame
Google Map: triangular building in the foreground

Photo at The Big Picture
Google Street View: area on fire behind houses

Photo at The Big Picture
Google Maps: area in view; camera is to the north, looking south

Photo at The Big Picture
Google Map: Sendai Airport's tarmac

Photo at The Big Picture
Google Map: car staging area
(just a guess on the location, but looks right)

Photo at The Frame
Google Map: Sendai Train Station
And if you've seen the video from the helicopter that I mentioned yesterday, of the tsunami's relentless march over the rural villages and farmland, approaching a road with traffic, you'll have noticed the truck stopped on the edge of a bridge with a man on top watching events unfold. The location of the man and his truck is here, from which then you can see the whole area affected.

UPDATE: Google now has some post-tsunami imagery overlays for Google Earth, here and here.

UPDATE: NYTimes has an interactive before/after photo presentaiton.

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Thank you very much for sharing the aerial maps/photos.
Hope the nuclear plants’ problems will be overcomed soon.

— comment by James Tuazon on March 14th, 2011 at 2:10am JST (13 years ago) comment permalink
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